Guess where they're building an electric car?

Guess where they're building an electric car?

Summary: If you guessed Detroit, you're in need of drug therapy. China, of course.



If you guessed Detroit, you're in need of drug therapy. China, of course. Cheap labor, of course.

Miles Automotive Group joins the race to get a consumer sedan onto the market. The company says it'll sell its car for about $30K, and it will have a highway range of 120 miles between re-charges. The picture is from Miles Automotive.

Miles, Tesla Motors, Think, Zap and Phoenix all claim they'll have battery-powered vehicles on the road this year or soon thereafter. On their website Miles says they have three models availoable now. Uh, available TO ORDER. Cnn also points out ther may be some hesitancy in America to drive a Chinese-bult car, "Even if U.S. consumers flock to electric cars out of environmental concern, Rubin may still have to convince them to put their bodies inside a Chinese vehicle, especially in light of all the news lately of recalled Chinese goods. ' You certainly wouldn't feed one to your pet.

For a good round-up of the electric car marketing race, check out Michael Kanellos's piece.

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  • The shame , the shame .

    Great , now we have electric cars being built in China . I wouldn't be surprised in the mere future if everything was made in China , including our children .
    • Don't sweat it

      Electric cars suck. This thing will be a miserable failure like all other electric cars because of the physics of electrochemistry. It is simply impossible to make a chemical battery that comes even close to the energy density of gasoline.
      • Also @ 120 miles for a recharge....

        We will need a portable charging truck, for the cars that the battery dies on in the middle of the road :)
        • IF you are

          dumb enough to run your vehicle to the point of zero charge then maybe you shouldn't drive. Another thing, IF you pay just a little attention, you will notice when you need to charge up. Also by letting your vehicle sit for a few minutes you can still gain enough power to move the vehicle for quite some distance.

          With gas, when you are out, you are out. With electricity, when is seems like it's out... you can still make up to a mile or more before you really are... maybe if you do a little research and not listen to oil boy up there, you can come away informed! ]:)
          Linux User 147560
          • I have done research...

            I see people run out of gas all the time(even with working fuel gages) So what makes people who own electric vehicles brighter !!!!

            Yeah ok so you get an extra mile out of your battery, but if your more than mile from a charging station, you are still out of luck.

            Also when you start running out of gas you can tell (From Experience ) and you can usually get an extra mile out of it, but then again if you are more than a mile away you are still out of luck

            maybe if you do a little research and not listen to oil boy up there, you can come away informed
      • Wrong again!

        You really do work for the oil company don't you! I have posted several links to several legit sites that pretty much kick sand in your lame argument... want another slapping? ]:)
        Linux User 147560
        • Whose wrong again ????