HP steps up refurbishment, renewal efforts in Europe

HP steps up refurbishment, renewal efforts in Europe

Summary: New Scotland facility will help European businesses keep from turning old IT hardware into electronic waste.


Hewlett-Packard's leasing division, HP Financial Services, has stepped up its IT recovery and refurbishment efforts in Europe with a new "technology renewal center" in Erskine, Scotland.

Its agenda: to work with enterprise customers ready to get rid of leased equipment in a bid to keep the stuff out of landfills. In effect, commercial and public sector clients are now better equipped to stick HP with the responsibility for figuring out whether IT equipment has a second life or for finding the best disposal strategy that will keep hardware from turning into electronic waste.

"HP has full responsibility for the equipment that we take out of service," said Paul Sadler, service delivery manager for the education department for the States of Guernsey Government, in a statement. "Without HP's help, we would have to pay to store our decommissioned equipment."

HP Financial Services already handles more than 2.3 million "legacy" pieces of IT equipment annually. The new Scotland facility will expand the company's services capabilities in Europe.

IBM moved earlier this year to expand its own capacity for doing pretty much the same thing, opening a center in China specifically focused on server refurbishment. You can expect more of the same, as companies around the globe seek to shore up their sustainability strategy.

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