If you MUST print, at least save some ink

If you MUST print, at least save some ink

Summary: One of the things that I struggle with every single day is my nasty habit of printing the press releases that I want to consider for blog posts. At least once a week, I scatter them all over my desk and let stream of consciousness take over to see what sticks.


One of the things that I struggle with every single day is my nasty habit of printing the press releases that I want to consider for blog posts. At least once a week, I scatter them all over my desk and let stream of consciousness take over to see what sticks. I KNOW that I shouldn't print and at least I opt for double-sided, but that still doesn't help much when it comes to the ink that I am using.

Enter PretonSaver, an ink-saving application that works with your printer to reduce the amount of toner or ink that is actually used when you print.

Preton's founder and CEO, Ori Eizenberg, says his software uses a pixel optimizer to take some of the dots out of the equation. That is, it analyzes the images and text that you're planning to print and then uses the least ink possible to produce that page. It considers all the elements separately, by the way, in order to save the most possible ink while ensuring decent quality for what you ARE printing.

Preton says that the software can help double the yield of your toner or ink cartridge, which means you can save money on them AND ditch fewer of them. I would HOPE that your disposal plan is focused on recycling. In any case, some Preton customers have saved $150,000 to $200,000 per month in consumables using the software, after recouping their initial investment, according to Eizenberg. A typical return on investment (ROI) is seen in six to eight months, he estimates.

One organization that plans to use the software in a broader way after a recent pilot is the Environmental Protection Agency for the State of Illinois. Hal Waggoner, acting CIO for the agency, says he looked at the software as part of a broader mandate to reduce the number of printers that his team is managing. That's because in addition to saving ink, the enterprise version can keep tabs on who is printing and how much. When Waggoner started using the software, he discovered the State of Illinois EPA office fiscal team was using an unusually large amount of paper. After further investigation, he was able to change that workflow by installing second monitors for the team along with Adobe Acrobat so the proofreading that was being done by printing could be turned into an electronic process.

Waggoner reports that printed documents created with Preton don't compromise on quality, at least to the naked eye. "If it is reducing some of the toner that is going on the page and I can't tell the difference, that is pretty cool," he says.

Preton works independently of the printer hardware that you have installed BUT for the time being, it only works with Windows.

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  • Sheesh, girl, get rid of this unnecessary guilt.

    Your life will be happier. Trust me. Printing will not destroy the planet. Driving your car will not destroy the planet. Using incandescent light bulbs will not destroy the planet. The planet is far too vast for your activities to affect it globally in the least degree. However, being duped by environmentalism will destroy your freedom and happiness.
    • "no raindrop believes it is responcible for the flood"


      1 person alone won't make a difference, but working together, there can be significant change.

      And what you're saying is basically "we're all going to hell in a handbasket, so you might as well get comfy inside."
    • RE: If you MUST print, at least save some ink

      @frgough Everything you say I agree 100 percent. Would you believe, in Wisconsin, WE energies is considering burning wood instead of coal!! All thats going to do is raise prices on everything from houses to paper.. NOT HAPPY
  • RE: If you MUST print, at least save some ink

    I tried to put this link in earlier but it didn't go. Another way to save ink is to choose an ink efficient font.


    Does anyone have a handle on the gallons/pounds of ink actually used?
    • RE: If you MUST print, at least save some ink

  • The Mac solution doesn't need software...

    ... it just needs that Helvetica Neue Light or Ultra Light, or any other light or ultra light weight font. Not only do you get the modern look, but you use probably 25% to 50% of the ink you'd use with regular Helvetica, Arial, Times, or whatnot.

    Then again, if you have that font in Windows and the option for light or ultra light weights in whatever program you're using, then you don't need that PretonSaver program.
  • RE: If you MUST print, at least save some ink

    You just need multiple widescreen monitors to read multiple things at once. That must be better for the environment, right?
  • Save as PDF

    Or just save everything as PDF. This saves both ink and paper.

    On a Mac, this is built right in the Print dialogue box for everything...If you can print it, you can save it as PDF.

    For Windows, you can use a FREE util that makes ALL flavours of Windows work in a similar way, e.g. CutePDFWriter

  • Some points to think about

    Folks, I represent the US agent for PretonSaver and would like to respond to some of the comments here. First, it would absolutely be better if people printed less, however, many people and organizations still print vast quantities of output and most of it ends in the recycling bin (we hope) by the end of that same day. Others print because they are required to keep a paper trail and have signatures on file. Clearly, spending as little as possible on these types of output in is in everybody's interest, with the possible exception of the toner makers.

    Second, it is possible to save ink and or toner by changing font selection, but please keep in mind that PretonSaver will save on top of that, will not force you to use a 'swiss cheese' font (which is effective 11pt output or smaller) and will save on printed images as well as text.

    Third, PretonSaver also provides customization and management features that can help you save on paper (for example, by forcing duplex printing), chargeback of printing costs, limiting printing from certain applications and many more.
  • Set your printer default options to "draft"

    If you set the printer default to draft, it will use much less ink and print faster.

    You still have the option to print high quality for individual documents.
  • Preton does much better than draft mode

    I've been using Preton for months now and it definitely saves more ink than draft mode. Draft mode reduces ink usage by about 20%. With Preton, you can select to reduce ink usage by 30% and still get good quality prints. If you are OK with draftmode quality text, you can reduce ink usage by 70%. I don't know if that effects the global climate change, but it lets me buy 50% fewer ink cartridges which improves the environment of my wallet, a lot!
    Frank Gordon
  • RE: If you MUST print, at least save some ink

    Select and copy text, paste into blank text document, print text document in draft mode.
    No ink wasted on graphics.

    Side benefit: all releases appear in same font, general appearance thus limiting any "visual appeal" that may inflience your selection.
  • RE: If you MUST print, at least save some ink

    Interesting Concept, however, the price is a bit steep, and I stay away from those companies that want to milk you every year or try to make you think you are getting a deal if you buy "Lifetime." Too Pricey for home users.

  • RE: If you MUST print, at least save some ink

    Hooray for this software! If it can really double the production of any toner or ink cartridge then this will make any <a href="http://www.tonerzone.com/">printer ink cheap</a> and affordable..