Kerry-Boxer bill gets out of the (first) box

Kerry-Boxer bill gets out of the (first) box

Summary: Kerry-Boxer bill passes committee with zero Republican support, or even presence.

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The Kerry-Boxer bill got out of the first Senate committee to consider it, but it did so over the trampled bodies of Republicans who oppose it and boycotted the committee session.

There are other energy and greenhouse gas proposal swirling through the Senate, and those will be meshed with the Kerry-Boxer bill. I blogged earlier about the tri-partite effort to negotiate some energy legislation that could get enough votes to pass the Senate.

Even though the House passed a different energy bill last spring, today the Speaker of the House said the Senate bill can be meshed with the House's earlier version.

Topic: Tech Industry

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  • Mesh

    It's called reconciliation. When Differing House and Senate bills are passed and a single bill must be decided on.

    Thankfully many Americans are waking up and the majority now oppose destructive and foolish "cap and trade" legislation. Many House Democrats in 'swing' districts are wishing they didn't vote for the House version and are hoping it fails and becomes a dim memory before the 2010 elections.

    This legislation would be a disaster for the US. It's about power, money, and unlimited control over the daily lives of Americans. It's NOT about the environment.

    Your enviro-religion is based on a stack of obvious lies Harry. A little objectivity and critical thinking would serve you well.
    Tim Patterson
  • Another day...

    Another train wreck of enviro-ignorance and puffery from Harry. Happy Friday!
  • RE: Kerry-Boxer bill gets out of the (first) box

    Cap our economy, and trade away our future. No thanks.