LED lighting smackdown: Philips snags LED lightbulb prize, Cree spotlights prototype

LED lighting smackdown: Philips snags LED lightbulb prize, Cree spotlights prototype

Summary: Despite waning support from the federal government for lightbulb efficiency standards, innovation in the LED replacement lighting segment continues.

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Apparently, some of the major innovators working on LED replacement options for incandescent lightbulbs didn't get the memo about the government's shift in support for lightbulb energy-efficiency regulations.

First off, it turns out that Philips has emerged as the winner of the Department of Energy's "L Prize" specifications for what the government wanted to see in a 60-watt incandescent lightbulb replacement. The L Prize competition was started in 2008 to encourage makers to invest in creating 60-watt replacements, because this particular format represents approximately half of the domestic lighting market.

The Philips bulb submitted into the competition operates at just 10 watts. The 17-watt edition of the Philips LED line just shipped at Home Depot in July at a price of just under $40.

Another lighting technology innovator, Cree, is trumpeting the fact that it has released a "concept" LED light bulb that outperforms the L Prize specifications for a separate competition for a 21st century lighting technology. (There are multiple L Prize contests going on.) The company says that independent testing shows that the new concept lamp, delivers more than 1,300 lumens at 152 lumens per watt. For those of you who aren't mathematically inclined, that means it delivers those performance at 8.7 watts, slightly below the goals set by the L Prize.

The video below explores the Cree accomplishment in more detail:

Said Neal Hunter, co-founder of Cree:

"Not long ago, fixture efficiency of 100 lumens per watt was impossible, but Cree is shipping fixtures at 110 [lumens per watt] today. We calculate that if fully deployed, LED lighting at 150 [lumens per watt] could bring a 16.5 percent reduction in the nation's electric-energy consumption, returning it to 1987 levels. By pushing the limits of what is possible in LED lighting, Cree continues to design products that help reduce global demands for energy."

So, here's the thing: I love the fact that this category is creating such fierce competition, because it is a good thing for all of us. I especially love the fact that there doesn't seem to be a slowdown in creativity in the market segment, despite the waning support from the federal government in regulations that encourage the United States to be more energy-efficient.

Topic: Government

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  • RE: LED lighting smackdown: Philips snags LED lightbulb prize, Cree spotlights prototype

    This market is going to be big. LED bulbs just have to prove the will last long enough for consumers to reap the payback costs. CFLs were expensive when they came out, but have fallen considerably. Less difference between CFLs and LEDs are far as performance, but there is a signficant cost difference. Let's hope an American company actually gets smart and starts building LED replacements for incandescents in the U.S. (so the jobs and money stay here). There have to been enough people looking for work, that producing these bulbs in the U.S. can make a go of it.
  • RE: LED lighting smackdown: Philips snags LED lightbulb prize, Cree spotlights prototype

    Can the Cree LED lights dim? No? Then I better stick with incandescent light bulbs, because switching to CFLs are not enough to dim the light down to 1% which my incandescent light bulbs excel at creating such a nice looking low-level light for my bedroom. Plus, my lights get smoothly turned on and off -- not instant on/off, but smooth.
    Grayson Peddie
    • RE: LED lighting smackdown: Philips snags LED lightbulb prize, Cree spotlights prototype

      Hi Grayson: Yes, our LED lighting fixtures are dimmable. In fact, our CR6 LED Downlight, which is a popular residential recessed lighting fixture, is dimmable to 5 percent. You can read more about Cree product dimming here: http://www.creeledlighting.com/Resources/Dimming_Compatibility.aspx Thanks!
      Ginny Skalski
      Cree, Inc.
      Ginny Skalski
      • RE: LED lighting smackdown: Philips snags LED lightbulb prize, Cree spotlights prototype

        @Ginny Skalski Well, I have torchiere floor lamps and when it comes to home automation in my apartment, I use plug-in lamp modules.

        The ones you've provided in the link are all well and good, but I currently use Type A incandescent light bulbs that shine in all different directions and not just upward or downward. Here's an example of what I'm talking about:

        Grayson Peddie
      • RE: LED lighting smackdown: Philips snags LED lightbulb prize, Cree spotlights prototype

        @Grayson Just looked at the links you posted. Cree does not manufacture LED A-lamps at this time, so we don't have a product that would work in your lamps. But there are some good LED bulbs on the market that dim. So don't give up on LED lights yet!
        Ginny Skalski
  • RE: LED lighting smackdown: Philips snags LED lightbulb prize, Cree spotlights prototype

    Would like a 100 watt equivalent and or a three way unit. I need bright lighting for reading
  • New Great Bulbs become Cheaper, People Buy: So why ban the Simple Bulbs?

    They also say "the LED bulbs will come down in price" (as indeed have CFLs, even discounting subsidies)

    so why ban simple incandescent alternatives in that case, which of course have advantages too?
    Presumably people will soon WANT to buy all these wonderful new bulbs then - without coercion?


    1. People prefer new bulbs = why ban old bulbs, little savings, and still have advantages in some situations for some people
    (compare radio tubes and transistors, tubes were bought less anyway, but are still useful in some situations - any guitarists out there ?!)

    2. People still prefer old bulbs = rather odd to ban them then, as well!
    (and it is a ban, halogen type incandescents will be banned too before 2020 on the Energy Act 45 lumen per Watt specification, and anyway have different light quality as well as much greater expense for marginal savings)

    Unfortunately the supposed switchover savings are not there anyway, either for society (less than 1% US energy usage, 1-2% grid electricity) or for consumers, based on DOE 's own statistics - http://ceolas.net/#li171x
    There are as seen much more relevant ways to save energy (in electricity generation, grid distribution, real consumption waste).
  • RE: LED lighting smackdown: Philips snags LED lightbulb prize, Cree spotlights prototype

    But Philips LED light bulbs compared on price show how much they are over charging people.
    Philips EnduraLED 10W light produces 450 Lumens (not for sale)
    Philips EnduraLED 12.5 Watt 800 Lumens sells for $39.99
    LED Light For Home has 9 Watt 900 Lumens for only $9.95
    ledlightforhome.com offers affordable LED light bulbs, so you will actually pocket the energy savings and not just hand them over to Philips. If they're not affordable, people won't switch. It's that simple.
  • RE: LED lighting smackdown: Philips snags LED lightbulb prize, Cree spotlights prototype

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  • RE: LED lighting smackdown: Philips snags LED lightbulb prize, Cree spotlights prototype

    In Hawai'i, my current electric rate is $0.40 per KWH. I went LED after my first months bill of $450.00. Yes, the bulbs are expensive, however with all things the same [same family, same habits] my bill is $68.24 for this month. I recouped the cost of all the LED bulbs via savings in my second and third bills. Scoff all you want, but we have not as a family of three had a bill over $100.00 since the first month*.

    Rob in Hawai'i

    *Electric usage includes: Electric domestic hot water, electric range/oven, microwave, refrigerator, two plasma TV's, and AC that is rarely used except for a few weeks in August/September.
  • Philips Led Lamp

    We are very excited about this! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lampu-Led-Philips/1412255929026548
    • LED lighting smackdown

      Led light are the best source of light and that's why the marketing competition is increasing day by day by the competitor of led light's company. led light is so efficient in consumption of energy so try to buy a quality type gadget for save the energy.