Mean Dean and what's it mean?

Mean Dean and what's it mean?

Summary: Dean is number 3 on the hurricane hit parade. According to the U.

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Dean is number 3 on the hurricane hit parade. According to the U.S. Hurricane Center, Dean was the third most intense hurricane ever to hit land. That's in more than 150 years of record-keeping.

If you want to track mean Dean, here are the Hurricane Center's maps and projections.

And what's this got to do with Green Tech, you ask? A couple things: hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico help remind us how flimsy is the human grip on the world's oil supply if nature decides to provide a major storm or earthquake in a critical spot. Secondly, the feds still project '07 be a baddie for 'canes, and that's linked to climate change.

Topic: Tech Industry

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  • If it's linked to climate change

    Why was the biggest (acually just lowest pressure) in 1935? Why was last year, also predicted for a bumper crop, a mild one? In fact, it's the end of August of this year and Dean's the first with any impact.

    Why were the 30s the decade with, by far, the most hurricane hits on the US and the biggest? NOAA has the stats back into the 1800s and they're available on their website.

    Related: Why was the Washington Post reporting the melting glaciers and disappearing polar icebergs - in 1922? Wht Wasn't Al Gore's grandaddy running around - ON PRIVATE PLANES - decrying the destruction, in 1922, that was about to befall us?

    I'm still suffering from the effects of the destruction caused by global cooling in the seventies. You remember that? Newsweek had it on its cover.