More on coverage of NOAA global warming warnings

More on coverage of NOAA global warming warnings

Summary: Here's MSNBC's report. It emphasizes the pending water woes of the nation.

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Here's MSNBC's report. It emphasizes the pending water woes of the nation. It points out the need for water to produce energy, citing hydro and nuclear plants. They overlook the immense water needs of ethanol plants plus the water used to grow the crops in the first place. One co-author of the report says humans still have time to act..or not. Here's a British press report, written to preview today's NOAA report. NON-BELIEVERS Expect doubt of global warming to be upheld by Senator Imhofe. Well, maybe it is warmer but it isn't our fault, so what's the worry? And there are organizations dedicated still to debunking global warming as alarism. Like the Heartland Institute which is working hard to expose all the falsehood in global warming research. They seem to be losing the battle for the public's opinion, recent surveys show about 3/4 of American adults believe the government should deal with global warming. Could it be people have noticed the demolition of New Orleans by weather, the droughts in California and southeast, the death of cross-country skiing in Minnesota, the flooding of Cedar Rapids and a host of other weather "extremes?"

Topic: Government

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  • and a host of other weather ?extremes??

    I have noticed how freakin cold it's been in New England all of this month. Is that caused by "Global Warming" too? Your article fails to note that avg temps have not increased for some time but plateaued and are now dropping. The coming 20-30-XX? years will see lower temps not higher due to the drop in output of the Sun, which in the opinion of many scientists, is what caused the rise in temps in the first place.

    Storms, like Katrina, are not caused by Global warming. They are caused by natural fluctuations in both the ocean temps (la nina) and atmospheric conditions. That is why the entire Global Warming cabal decided to change the tag line from Global Warming to Climate change. Let's face it, who can argue with a term like Climate Change. Are you denying the Climate Changes? It changes every 15 minutes up here.

    Have fun.
    • Yes

      Global warming does not mean that it is warmer everywhere. We have had a very cold spring and extended snow this year. That hasn't happened for 20 years.

      Do you not see the contradiction in your second paragraph? Ocean temps are climbing thus storms become more extreme.

      Where is your data on the average temps?
      • "Climate Change"

        Here's one:

        And here's one that tries to dispute it:

        The first speaks pretty well for itself but the second tries to disprove the plateau and dropping trend by throwing out data to mask the plateau. Not Kosher in my book.

        Either way you look at it, it's cold now, it's colder than it was, and the Sun is at a historic low period for sunspots. I'll try to find a link to that one for you.

        Have fun and bundle up.
        • This is interesting ... Sun Spots

          I searched for sunspot activity and all of the late '90's early 2000 data when the sun spot activity was at it's peak came up as first results. If you add 2009 to your search only then does the most recent activity news come up showing how inactive the sun is now, link below. Interesting that it would come up that way.

        • Here's one for you

          Climate Experts Warn That Short-Term Snapshots Of Temperature Data Can Be Misleading: Focus Instead On The Bigger Picture

  • RE: More on coverage of NOAA global warming warnings

    I truly believe that we will look back on this Global Warming hoax in 20 years the way we look back at the the Global Ice Age prognostications of the 1970s. Some of this garbage is from the same so called scientists. Excuse me I have to go start my Armada and let it get warmed up.