More small scale electric transport

More small scale electric transport

Summary: A2B, courtesy Ultra Motors.This is the A2B, as in "gets you from A to B.


elecbike.jpg A2B, courtesy Ultra Motors.

This is the A2B, as in "gets you from A to B." It's Ultra Motors' electric bike aimed at the harried, gas-attacked urban commuter.

There are other electric bikesd around, of course. Here's Ultra's own pitch for why theirs is the better mouse-trap for commuters seeking gasoline-free transport: "It is powered by a proprietary motor that is highly efficient, producing more “torque” or force to enable riders to accelerate faster and climb hills more easily than other electric bikes. The lithium-ion batteries stored inside the frame provide more energy per pound than any other power source, and recharge just like a laptop computer. Ideal for city roads, the A2B has full suspension like a mountain bike, an upright, relaxed sitting position, and an oversized seat for extra comfort."

Ultra Motors is based in London and its U.S. headquarters are in San Francisco. The bikes are manufactured in Taiwan, based on German engineering. They go twenty miles at 20 MPH on a single charge. Here's the spec page for the A2B. Not on the page: price. A spokesman tells me they will cost around $2500. The A2B will be available through dealerships next month. Not to be sold via the Internet.

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  • A gas-powered scooter

    goes twice as fast, has 5 times the range and costs $2000 less. If
    you're crunched by gas bills, get one of those instead. At $4 a
    gallon, you'll be able to buy 500 gallons with the money you save.
    Enough to drive your scooter once around the planet.
    • Gas powered scooter

      Good point. I had a relative tell me they sold their truck and bought a new, small car. They said they just couldn't afford the gas. I did some quick math for them to show them they weren't even going to recoup the sales tax on the new car for 2 years! People lose all common sense when things get a little out of whack. Like the one's who would buy a $2,500 electric bike with a 20 mile range.
  • Hmmmmmm.... Wellllll......

    Might be popular with the college crowd.

    But for adults, there's things like rain, and heat, and um, oh yeah, snow and ah, safety.

    If I were just starting out in the business world, I'm pretty sure this bike would be a ticket to failure.
  • RE: More small scale electric transport

    Price too high. If you want early adopters, sell it on as an impulse buy. Story should include weight, as in lug up and down BART stairs. Generally, looks like a marketing dud.
  • RE: More small scale electric transport

    Also, most city streets have speed limits of 30 m.p.h. or higher. How will drivers react being stuck behind this bike?
    And don't most bikeways forbid "motorized vehicles"? Seems to limit your options.