Parking garage operator plans nationwide electric vehicle charger rollout

Parking garage operator plans nationwide electric vehicle charger rollout

Summary: Car Charging Group will install ChargePoint Network technology from Coulomb Technologies at more than 2,200 Central Parking and USA Parking System locations.

TOPICS: Networking

One of the best-known public parking garage operators in the United States, Central Parking and its affiliate USA Parking System, are teaming up with Car Charging Group to offer electric vehicle chargers at more than 2,220 locations.

The deal will give Central Parking the right to buy up to 5 percent of Car Charging Group's common stock.

Under the arrangement, Miami-based Car Charging Group will install ChargePoint Network infrastructure through Coulomb Technologies at a planned 2,200 locations in the garage operator's public parking network, locations that collectively offer 1.1 million parking spots. Central Parking doesn't have to put up any money for the installations; that is being paid for by Car Charging Group. The garage is looking at the chargers as a possible additional source of revenue. It will receive a percent of the charging services that electric vehicle owners use when parked in an enabled Central Parking location.

Said Brian Golomb, director of sales for Car Charging Group:

"There are close to 17,000 parking garages in the U.S., and they will play one of the most vital roles in the development of a national [electric vehicle] charging infrastructure. By partnering with two of the most important companies in this sector -- companies that understand the benefits of electric vehicles -- we will move much quicker in the rollout of this nationwide infrastructure."

Topic: Networking

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  • RE: Parking garage operator plans nationwide electric vehicle charger rollout

    I dunno about that exact make and model, but I did see some electric chargers at the Mall of America. They're starting to pop up in some areas.

    Didn't see anybody using them, though :/.
    • Most likely Tesla plugs.

      @CobraA1 My local mall has a Tesla store and there is an area of the parking lot reserved with chargers.

      That means nothing ..... because only one vehicle is plugged at any time. The one belonging to the store owner.

      In the end, ask yourself ... who is going to pay for the electricity? Because if the chargers are free, everybody will pay to subsidize the electric vehicles.
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