Picarro adds analyzer for sniffing out nitrous oxide

Picarro adds analyzer for sniffing out nitrous oxide

Summary: The greenhouse gas is linked to fertilizer usage and could have a bigger impact than carbon dioxide on global warming trends over time, according to scientists.

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Green technology company Picarro, which makes a series of modules that help detect carbon dioxide emissions and other greenhouse gases, has developed a new analyzer for detecting nitrous oxide concentrations and isotomopers.

The atmospheric rise in these substances has been linked to increased use of fertilizers, according to Picarro. The new technology is targeted at scientists and organizations focused on better managing land, water and fertilizer use.

Since 1750, data has shown that nitrous oxide levels have risen to 320 parts per billion, a 20 percent increase over the past 260 years.

The reason that is worrying is because nitrous oxide can have a more intense impact on global warming trends, and as the world's population grows the use of fertilizers will need to be regulated closely, according to Picarro.

The greentech company also sells technology for measuring carbon dioxide, methane and water vapor.

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Topic: Emerging Tech

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  • So, now fertilizing our fields to increase crop yields

    is going to destroy the planet. No surprises here. Dig deep enough and you will always find the real problem environmentalists have: Too many people.