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IBM Software M&A: The Not-So-Hidden Agenda

The full impact of IBM's recent acquisitions won't be felt for sometime, but there's a quick analysis worth making about Big Blue's appetite for acquiriing enterprise software companies. IBM is an interesting fourth force at the top of the enterprise software market, being the only one of the big Four (SAP, Oracle and Microsoft being the others) that has eschewed a packaged software strategy, sort of.

August 10, 2006 by Joshua Greenbaum


Oracle Swift Boats SAP

Oracle launched its latest spot attack ad this week in its ongoing war with SAP -- and hit a new low in the process. The obviously creativity-challenged Oracle’s ad has a simple message: "CA runs SAP.

June 21, 2006 by Joshua Greenbaum


Looking for the Interface of the Future? Ask Nintendo

It seems that if you're not sick and tired of your enterprise software interface, it's only because you're not using it enough. That's the subtext of endless investments in interface design, new software releases, and countless speeches by industry executives of late, the most recent being a lengthy discourse on software design delivered by SAP's Hasso Plattner at the company's Sapphire user conference last month.

June 8, 2006 by Joshua Greenbaum


SAP: On the Knife Edge, Exactly Where They Want To Be

After two days at SAP's Sapphire user conference, I struggled with finding the big picture amidst a plethora of announcements, strategic and tactical, that have spanned the gamut from acquisition (Frictionless), to ecosystem (a new $125 milliion venture fund), to a new interface (Muse), to updated versions of their ERP, CRM, and other  products. Lots of great little pieces of news, but the meta-story was still lacking.

May 18, 2006 by Joshua Greenbaum



Software scammers take note: your next opportunity is coming in on a wing and a prayer. Avian flu headlines are moving from the health care section of the paper to the business and political pages, and that means that the technology press will be the next to be hit with articles about the meaning of the coming pandemic to IT managers and users, software vendors, and the like.

May 8, 2006 by Joshua Greenbaum

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You Know Your CRM System is Screwed Up When.....

High-touch CRM can bring a lot of benefits to companies that want to reach out to customers with that personal touch, even in otherwise impersonal businesses like high-tech retail. But implementing the system correctly is often harder than it looks, at least to judge by the email I got from  Epson America this morning (May 5, 2006):  Dear Joshua Greenbaum,Your Epson $20.

May 5, 2006 by Joshua Greenbaum


Microsoft Dynamics Lives to Fight Another Competitor -- Microsoft

Covering Microsoft's enterprise software group -- aka Dynamics -- at times looks futile, or at least silly, relative to the rest of the company's lines of business. That's because Dynamics is still the second smallest product group at Microsoft, besting only Mobile at the bottom of the food chain.

April 28, 2006 by Joshua Greenbaum