4.7 million Firefox 3.5 downloads ... and counting!

4.7 million Firefox 3.5 downloads ... and counting!

Summary: It's not been 24 hours yet, and Mozilla's Firefox 3.5 web browser has been downloaded over 4.7 million times.

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It's not been 24 hours yet, and Mozilla's Firefox 3.5 web browser has been downloaded over 4.7 million times.

You can keep an eye on the download stats here.

It doesn't look like Mozilla will beat the world record set back when it released Firefox 3.0, where there were 8 million downloads in 24 hours.

I've been running Firefox 3.5 for a few hours now and have a few thoughts:

  • Page loading times are fast, noticeably faster than IE8.
  • However, firing up the browser is painfully slow, even with no add-ons.
  • Private mode works well, but it's nothing new, and an example of Mozilla playing catch-up.

I'm also getting a lot of reports of random issues, from web pages not being rendered properly, add-ons not working, and crashes. I've not tried replication any of these issues yet so I can't comment.

Nice browser, but it feels evolutionary as opposed to revolutionary.

Topic: Browser

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  • re: 4.7 million Firefox 3.5 downloads... and counting!

    It is an evolution... hince the 3.5 and not 4.0...

    Where was the Chrome download numbers? IE8? Safari? Opera?... We get it, youre a Firefox fanboy... ya dont have to keep reminding us.
    • Fanboy!?

      Hahaha, that's funny. Every day he's accused of being anti-Mac and pro-Microsoft, but Firefox fanboy? Nice.

      Anyway, Safari's numbers were release a week or so ago, bragging about how they hit over a million (even though they were counting force, unwanted "Apple Updates" in the numbers).
    • Firefox is the one that JUST released a new version, NOT IE or Safari. So,

      that is why he is covering the downloads in the first 24 hours after the release. It looks like they are on track to beat the previous record.
  • why report issues if you can't back it up?

    dumb dumb dumb
    • Not so dumb, early adopters want to know, and he clearly stated what he

      knew. He will give us an update when he can verify.
      • And what was that specifically that he "knew"?

        Oh yeah, that there were unsubstantiated reports. I just love hearing unsubstantiated reports offered up as "news". It would be kinda like me claiming that I heard using IE will make your hair fall out or using Open Office causes erectile dysfunction. With absolutely no sustantiation of those claims, they're nothing but empty fluff trying to pass for factual information. I guess that's the state of "journalism" these days though...if you can't provide factual information, give 'em rumor or innuendo. Other than that, the article seems to be well written.
  • So, what's evolution, and what's revolution?

    Metric or emotion?
  • It should be evolutionary.

    Unless the web has undergone a complete rewrite and HTML/Flash/Java/etc has been replaced by something new, shouldn't a browser at release 3.5 always simply be a refinement? :D

  • RE: 4.7 million Firefox 3.5 downloads ... and counting!

    I have been using it since it hit RC stage, and I've actually noticed a much FASTER load time of the browser.
  • Firefox 3.5

    I don't know what the specs are with the computer used in this critique, but using Firefox 3.5 on a Pentium 4 2.0Ghz 2gb Windows XP SP3 results in faster load times than that of IE8.
    Toten Maske
    • Opposite.

      I have a 3.2Ghz with 4 gigs of RAM running XP Home SP3. For all the pages I normally load - Banking Sites, News, E-mail, Youtube, etc - IE8 loads a bit faster (not by much). The difference would be completely undetectable unless you were specifically looking for it.

      I wonder, of the 3.5 million downloads ? how many people are like me and ONLY loaded it to see if it was faster than IE? Download, install, never use..
  • FF3.5 rocks! nt

  • Yet another ZDNET article with a low talkback turnout.

    Seems that anything that smacks of open source or not related to Windows gets a low turnout Adrian.

    Why is that? ;) <a href="http://www.idiotsavant.com/ftp/sounds/bueller.wav">Bueller?</a>

    Anybody. Hello?!
    (tap tap. Is this mic on? Test Test)

    Never mind.

    Dietrich T. Schmitz
    • Actually ...

      ... what's odd is that I get a LOT of email because of such posts ...

      ... talkbacks and so on are never the be all and end all for me ... :)
      Adrian Kingsley-Hughes
      • Just change the title to "IE8 doomed! Artificial respiration won't save it"

        Or how about, "IE8 mega bloatware loses to Firefox!" Or maybe just your classic, "IE8 is broken. Millions switching to Firefox!"

        Freetards are going to have a field day.
        • Yeah ... but ...

          ... will FF 3.5 boost FF user share, or are these mostly upgrades? I'm betting most are upgrades.

          Love IE8 or hate it, it's good enough for most people.
          Adrian Kingsley-Hughes
  • RE: 4.7 million Firefox 3.5 downloads ... and counting!

    Not much to say. Love FF, can't stand Adrian.
    No More Microsoft Software Ever!
  • RE: 4.7 million Firefox 3.5 downloads ... and counting!

    [i][b]Nice browser, but it feels evolutionary as opposed to revolutionary.[/b][/i]

    With a x.5 release, why are you expecting "revolutionary"? [i]Manage your expectations, man![/i] I expected major re-factoring and minor functionality changes, and got exactly that, with significant performance improvements.

    It's a very good point release. "Broken" add-ons are mostly a safety issue, not a technical one. I turned off compatibility checking and my add-ons appear to be working fine... including my indispensible Sage. I've been using them all evening without a hitch.
  • Love the browser, hate the load-up

    Load up is a pain on this browser, it seems to always have that trouble but memory management seems to be better. Once windows uses it's prefetcher it will cut the time in half, but all Mozilla has to worry about is it's start time. Everytime Mozilla releases a new browser, it's always going to be slow. But once things are fixed up, Firefox should be good. Love the browser and it's been deployed on 7,984 business computers. Skip IE8, this is the browser we've been waiting for. I don't know why many IT prefer IE over MFF, but it's worth the switch and less the hassle. Just create your batch file, and tweak some settings in the browser and you're good to go.
  • At least 2 more downloads coming tonight

    I've yet to update the workstations at home... ;)