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Adrian Kingsley-Hughes is an internationally published technology author who has devoted over a decade to helping users get the most from technology.

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What's really broken with Windows Update - Trust

On Friday I posted briefly about yet another potential problem with Windows Update (my ZDNet blogging colleague Mary Jo Foley covered the issue in greater detail here and here). Initial investigations of PCs at the PC Doc HQ have turned up no leads but I have discovered some else that's broken about Microsoft Windows Update mechanism - trust.

October 14, 2007 by


Why Windows users don't switch to Mac

Over on Apple Matters I came across an interesting post by Steven Leigh which considers 8 reasons why Windows users don't switch to Mac. Leigh is a recent Mac switcher and he has an interesting insight into the issues surrounding making a switch, but I think that there are several areas where he misses the mark.

October 9, 2007 by


To RAID 0 or not to RAID 0?

When I blogged about building our quad-core PCs, many of the questions that I got related to RAID 0. Many people wanted to know if I was going to be utilizing a RAID 0 array to improve performance while others wanted to know why I hadn't chosen to make use of a RAID 0 array in the first place.

October 4, 2007 by