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Adrian Kingsley-Hughes is an internationally published technology author who has devoted over a decade to helping users get the most from technology.

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Tech regrets

Since the week is coming to a close I thought that it would be interesting to reminisce about tech regrets. Maybe something you bought, something you didn't buy, something you upgraded or just something that you wish you had.

March 2, 2007 by


Goodbye MacBook Pro Experience, hello Linux Experience!

My MacBook Pro Experience series of posts that I've run over the past six weeks or so have, in my mind been a total success. One of the things that made it a success in my mind is the amount of feedback I have received. Buried within that feedback were numerous requests that I do the same thing, but this time for Linux. Sounds like a good idea to me, so let's get the ball rolling!

February 27, 2007 by