A quick look at the Cray CX1

A quick look at the Cray CX1

Summary: So, what does $90,000+ buy you? Let's take a look at the options available to you when you configure your Cray CX1 system.

TOPICS: Storage, Hardware

Let's take a look at the options available to you when you configure your Cray CX1 system.

First off, form factor.

You can get your Cray CX1 on either a rackmount rail kit (standard) or deskside rolling tray (extra - add $520). You can also add a set of two single phase hot swap power modules for $2,078.

Next up, blades (or nodes).

You can choose from a wide range of nodes, and customize each to suit:

  • Compute Node (Single Socket) CN4800 - Starting Price: $2,774.00
  • Compute Node (Dual Socket) CN5400 - Starting Price: $5,886.00
  • Storage Node (4 Hard Drive) CS5404 - Starting Price: $7,357.00
  • Storage Node (8 Hard Drive) CS5408 - Starting Price: $8,652.00
  • Visualization Node CV5401 - Starting Price: $8,106.00

With all the hard decisions made, you can choose from a whole list of options - power cords, whether you want to save $240 and not get the Logitech MX5500 cordless keyboard and mouse set (a bit of kit that oddly enough has a recommended selling price of only $170 ...), what monitor you want, what OS, whether you want a road case or not, warranties and so on.

Here's a system I threw together quickly ...

The bottom line? A mere $99,563 ...

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Topics: Storage, Hardware

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  • Yeah, but does it have enough

    juice to run Crysis maxed out?

    Well, with the bugs in that game, I guess it doesn't matter, eh?
    • Hehehe

      ... I was going to ask the same thing!

      It'll be Crysis Warhead pretty soon now ... :)
      Adrian Kingsley-Hughes
  • Nice!

    They offer Red Hat on it too.
  • Where are Cray fanboys telling us Cray is cheaper than Dell?

    [i]Cray is cheaper than Dell if you configure a Dell to be the same so that proves that Cray is the more cost effective home computer.[/i]

    Sound like a ridiculous argument? Yeah, it is. No one would be stupid enough to make that argument. Or not. :)
    • I find Cray fanboys ...

      ... scarier than any others ... simply because if I get sucked in, it's gonna be expensive!
      Adrian Kingsley-Hughes

    I've been told a Cray can perform an infinite loop in less than four hours.
    • Oh yeah?

      We'll I heard a Cray can solve the halting problem in
      O(n) time!
  • RE: A quick look at the Cray CX1

    ummmmmmmmmmmm --> don't we have to douse it in liquid nitrogen to keep it cool so it doesn't melt itself? Oh wait that was the old Cray. :) For that kind of money, I'd like mine to be fire engine red with OLED indicator panels that tell me how many teraflops I'm running. Then I might consider purchasing it right after I pick up my Buggati Veryon. muahahaha!

    In reality my 2000 Jetta needs tires and I can't even afford them right now.....
  • RE: A quick look at the Cray CX1

    How long before the price drops to $2000? Maybe I can persuade my wife I need to spend $3000? She complains
    I keep buying desktops rather than laptops, but I
    think waiting for a laptop one of these will be too
    long. Anyway might be good to play Doom 6 on once the
    price drops.
  • RE: A quick look at the Cray CX1

    Finally Microsoft brings out a supercomputer that can handle the bloated Vista Ultimate
    • Sounds like a plan...

      But can you find drivers for it?
  • The Ultimate LAN Party

    Typical Counter Strike Map. 100 players on each side. KEWL!
  • Borrow one, Adrian,

    and give us a look at the performance parametres !...

  • Run Vista at a Decent Rate!

    This thing runs Vista better than anything I've seen yet!

  • Server 2008 HPC & 64-Core Limitation

    Windows HPC has that 64-core limitation, though. I really don't see it seeing a much sales in the super computing industry, aside from a smattering of sponsored novelty clusters.

    The number of cores on CPUs is increasing fast. Intel just released their 6-core chips (with 8- and 12-cores in the pipe), making Windows HPC already obsolete in the large-scale super computing scene.

    Plus, Windows always crashes whenever it gets taxed with a full load, as evident with London's stock market and personal experience. Even if Redmond modified it to utilize 256 cores, you'd never get your server running at optimum speeds -- it'll just bluescreen.
  • $100k?

    What a joke!
  • RE: A quick look at the Cray CX1

    Adrian they must be paying you well,what with all the financial problems,or do you do deals for the mob?