AMD delivers Catalyst 10.2 drivers

AMD delivers Catalyst 10.2 drivers

Summary: Another month, and another set of Catalyst drivers from AMD for its ATI GPUs.


Another month, and another set of Catalyst drivers from AMD for its ATI GPUs.

AMD has today announced several new ATI Catalyst graphics driver features designed to enable higher performance, industry-leading stability and an even more intuitive computing experience for ATI Radeon graphics customers. Today's 10.2 release is part of a two stage roll out that will complete with 10.3 which is scheduled for release in March. 

"As the first and, to date, only company to provide DirectX 11 technology and ATI Eyefinity multi-display technology, AMD continues to demonstrate our commitment to innovation in graphics," said Ben Bar-Haim, corporate vice-president, Software, AMD. "Our monthly ATI Catalyst driver updates further illustrate that commitment as we focus on continually enabling greater performance, even more rock solid stability, and intuitive, innovative features."

"The visual experience delivered by today’s personal computers is made possible as much by the driver software layer as it is  by the tremendous feature set and performance of the latest graphics cards," said Jon Peddie, founder, Jon Peddie Research. "The AMD Graphics Division has internalized this and has created a centre of excellence around driver updates, bringing customers monthly improvements and features in addition to added stability and performance."

Key features of ATI Catalyst graphics drivers, version 10.2:

  • Better game performance, sooner: Game profiles help optimize performance so that gamers get an amazing experience.  AMD is focusing its efforts to provide access to game profiles when a new game launches – often on the day of launch - and AMD plans to post a separate executable file on that users can install to get access to the latest application profiles for improved performance.
  • More powerful panoramic gaming with ATI CrossFireX technology: Fans of ATI CrossFireX multi-GPU technology can now take advantage of the additional graphics horsepower to help increase game performance or image quality settings when using ATI Eyefinity multi-display technology.

That's for this month. Here's what AMD has in store for us next month with version 10.3:

  • Monthly updates for the mobile crowd: Starting in March, AMD plans to issue stability, performance and feature enhancements in monthly ATI Catalyst driver updates for Windows 7 and Windows Vista-based notebooks that feature ATI Mobility Radeon HD 2000, HD 3000, HD 4000 and HD 5000 series premium graphics processors. AMD is working closely with most major notebook manufacturers to ensure broad support for this initiative.
  • ATI Eyefinity technology, made better: To further enhance the immersive visual experience of ATI Eyefinity technology, users will now have access to an easy-to-use wizard that will allow them to adjust their display layout to compensate for monitor bezels. In addition, users will be able to adjust the brightness, color and contrast for each individual monitor for greater customization and calibration of each screen in their ATI Eyefinity set-up.
  • Enabling the 3D ecosystem: AMD is enabling third-party middleware vendors to bring more 3D stereoscopic gaming options to consumers by allowing for independent left and right images at 120 Hz.

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  • What's with their on-again/off-again relationship with notebook OEM's??!

    They used to offer generic drivers, then cut and run. Now they're back at it again? What gives?

    Seriously, AMD and NVIDIA. Most notebook makers are just using MXM reference designs for discrete graphics, and the GPU's [b]ARE NOT[/b] customized at all, despite your claims. Get with the program. People are buying notebooks more and more, and it's no wonder people don't care for PC gaming and 3D when notebook video driver support is in the toilet. OEM's release 1, maybe 2 driver updates over the lifetime of a notebook - that's it!

    ...and GPU makers wonder why Intel sells more notebook chipsets with integrated graphics. At least with Intel, [b]any[/b] Intel notebook owner can go right to Intel's website and download the latest GMA driver.

    Note to AMD: Where is the DX11 love for integrated GPU's? You have this roadmap with, what?, DX10.1 GPU's all the way up to and including Liano in 2011??! I can expect this of NVIDIA, but not you guys. Bring us some DX11 support in integrated graphics, because that's where your future lies.
    • Blame the OEM's

      Don't blame AMD/nVidia on their back and forth support. Its typically due to the OEM's. And those cards they put in are often changed enough to prevent the OEM drivers from working.

      As for the Intel comment, the intel integrated graphics are significantly cheaper then discrete GPU's.

      And I don't see integrated graphics having the horse power required for DX11. DX11 isnt as simple as software support. The card needs hardware support for it as well. And currently ATI's integrated offerings are not for gaming in any way.
  • RE: AMD delivers Catalyst 10.2 drivers

    no 10.2 on the web site, what's up?
    • errrr

      Maybe a few days. You in a major rush?
      Gis Bun
  • RE: AMD delivers Catalyst 10.2 drivers

    Shame they still cant do a decent implementation of OpenGL though
    Gareth Swaffield