AMD's mobile roadmap leaked

AMD's mobile roadmap leaked

Summary: AMD has a lot of mobile goodness in the pipeline.

TOPICS: Processors

Slides claiming to be from a leaked AMD roadmap are making the rounds, and, assumuing that they are genuine, they give us an interesting insight into what's coming from AMD over the next few quarters in the mobile sector.

Check out all the leaked slides here.

Note: These documents appear genuine to me and tally with what I've been hearing from supply chain contacts.

I think that the most interesting information is that AMD's Trinity APU (Accelerated Processing Unit), the follow-on to the Llano line, will hit full production come January of next year.

There's also tasty information related to mobile chipsets, showing that USB 3.0 will be pretty much standard across the board except on ultra-low-power systems:

If you're in the market for a Llano-powered notebook ... well, you might want to hold off buying for a few months if possible.

Topic: Processors

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  • The parts with integrated FCH look interesting

    This looks like AMD's take on single-die SoC.

    Trinity does look nice but I'm looking at best performance in the smallest possible PC form-factor because that's where computing is heading. Kabini looks like it's the chip to watch out for.
  • RE: AMD's mobile roadmap leaked

    Lets see if they release on time. Are these new APU's based on bulldozer?
    • RE: AMD's mobile roadmap leaked


      According to:

      The Trinity CPU core is based on Piledriver, the follow-on to Bulldozer.

      The embedded video in this website shows an interesting performance difference between the Intel APU and the AMD APU.