Another day, another stupid Microsoft 'PC vs. Mac' comparison

Another day, another stupid Microsoft 'PC vs. Mac' comparison

Summary: It seems like not a week goes by anymore when Microsoft doesn't feel it necessary to post up yet another lame Microsoft 'PC vs. Mac' comparison website.


It seems like not a week goes by anymore when Microsoft doesn't feel it necessary to post up yet another lame Microsoft 'PC vs. Mac' comparison website.

Here's the latest.

I don't want to get all caught up in the while 'PC vs. Mac' fanboy thing, and I hate to be harsh on Microsoft's continued attempts to score points against Apple, but it's getting ridiculous.

The first problem is that I'm not sure who Microsoft is talking to here. The link to this site came to me via Microsoft's Windows Twitter account. This has over 210,000 followers but I'm not sure how many people who'd follow a Microsoft Twitter feed would need help deciding between a PC and a Mac in the first place.

Audience aside, I'm really not sure as to the point of these comparisons. Sure, the desired outcome is that people buy a PC rather than a Mac, but each time I come across one of these comparison lists, I'm struck as to not only how lame some of the points are, but also how many own goals Microsoft seems to score.

Let's take this latest 'PC vs. Mac' comparison. It starts out quite strong by explaining how 'PCs are ready for fun' and how when you buy a PC you can get all sorts of cool stuff like Blu-ray, TV tuners and so on. This is a valid point, but what you actually get with a Windows PC ultimately depends on what the OEMs want to sell you. It's also a fair point that PCs can connect to Xbox 360 games consoles while Macs can't, but there's no mention as to why this might be on interest to people (again, is this comparison educating the masses or preaching to the tech informed?).

But after this the comparison starts to fall apart. Once you get to the 'Simplicity' reasons, you realize that whoever wrote this is scraping the bottom of the barrel already. "Working smoothly,' 'working simpler' and 'working hands on' really don't say or mean much to me, and the whole idea that 'PCs are familiar' doesn't really say anything. It's a lame way of conjuring up the scary notion that Macs might be too complicated for people.

The the comparison loses all credibility with the 'Working hard' tab which informs us that 'PCs are ready for work and school.' Yeah, whatever.

There's three more tabs of stuff that really doesn't tell us anything of any importance. There's even the obligatory 'PCs are available in a full spectrum of colors across a wide range of price points. Macs are only available in white or silver.' garbage. I mean, seriously, color. I really don't think that someone who bases their computer purchasing decisions on color is ever going to find that website in the first place.

Please, can we leave selling PCs to the OEMs, and go back to selling Windows as a product.

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  • RE: Another day, another stupid Microsoft 'PC vs. Mac' comparison

    One word: reassurance. Microsoft is doing this to reassure that their customers continue to purchase Microsoft products. Its what you need for a business to succeed, having trust in your company by your customers. How is it that you didn't get that? Oh I know, you wanted to whine and cry because someone isn't putting Apple in a good light. Tough, suck it up, its going to happen a lot more often.
    • RE: Another day, another stupid Microsoft 'PC vs. Mac' comparison

      @LoverockDavidson Add to that, those that like MS and the products they serve up, might possibly re-tweet the link.

      haha, or some blogger who's sick and tired of MS will publish it.
      • The point that MS shedding bad light to itself, rather than Apple

        @bigsibling: Also, I found the conclusion of the article funny:

        <i>"Please, can we leave selling PCs to the OEMs, and go back to selling Windows as a product."</i>

        Are you kidding?

        <b>It is like asking this site's "Microsoft Report" actually do the Microsoft Report.</b>
      • RE: Another day, another stupid Microsoft 'PC vs. Mac' comparison

        AHK gets angry every time Apple is confronted.

        He definitively needs his paycheck
    • RE: Another day, another stupid Microsoft 'PC vs. Mac' comparison

      I live in Hollywood. Gigantic billboards for movies or tv series - some of which outlast the movies and series - appear. Somebody spends a lot of money, and really, how impactful was that billboard about "The Mentalist" even located on the corner of Fairfax and Beverly. Where folks have a few seconds of viewing, if they get stuck at the light going north or west. It must be worth a couple of hundred unique impressions a day. Divide that into a few million viewers and... have we broken the rounding error barrier, yet?

      Oh, it's also kitty-corner from CBS's Television City where there are network offices and studios.

      "See? See? We must love you. We are promoting you in all the places you'll see. Wait. Did we say the last bit out loud?"

      Remember, the ones who are Windows' real customers, i.e., they send the bulk of the checks to Redmond, Washington, are the OEMs. These ads are for them.

      Spending the dough to share the love. It'd be a Hallmark TV Special, if those hadn't been canceled.
    • &quot;How is it that you didn't get that?&quot;


      Beautiful LD. Here you are presenting your grade 8 level analysis and try to ridicule Adrian.

      You really are priceless. If your ignorance and naivete were not so utterly pathetic, it would be funny.
      • Grade 8?

        Is that like, age 8?
  • RE: Another day, another stupid Microsoft 'PC vs. Mac' comparison

    I've never really understood these either. It all depends on what software you want to run - that is applications. Fantastic though Mac OS X and Windows 7 are, it has to be applications that decide (isn't that what we do with our computers?)

    Now there are plenty of people who even given this have a choice, and familiarity with one or the other is probably the deciding factor, or if one or the other is particularly popular in your sphere (be that geographic, or by industry, or amongst customers/suppliers).

    Or pure preference. If you're buying a computer as a "money making machine" price differences are pretty irrelevant.

    For a gamer, it has to be a PC (though most of the time I think you need your bumps read - gaming on a computer is flippin' expensive, but I guess if you've got the money who am I to criticise?)

    But surely, it is the applications you need that decide - isn't it?!
    • But the issue here is that he's complaining that MS is doing this

      @jeremychappell <br><b>on Microsoft's own website!</b>.

      Imagine that - MS putting together a list of features and things beyond what you see on Dell's or Hp's sites, and doing it on their own website. I can see why that would tick him off, get's me pretty upset.

      Maybe he would do better if he just didn't go back to MS's website, just stick with Apple's ads on</b>
      Will Pharaoh
      • So it appears that the anonymous flagger has struck yet again

        @Will Pharaoh
        I see nothing insulting or out of context with Mr. Pharaoh's post, just an observation.

        Though I assume I will be flagged myself, if fo no other reason then the fact that i questioned someone else's flagging action.
        Tim Cook
      • Don't worry Spock, we have a good idea who it is

        @Mister Spock
        and have "spoken" to ZDNet about it.
        Will Pharaoh
      • RE: Another day, another stupid Microsoft 'PC vs. Mac' comparison

        @Will Pharaoh
        Imagine that, Microsoft lying about a competing product. This only says one thing. Microsoft is seeing real world reductions in sales of its products. Most of the points made can be turned around and are more true. Microsoft changes things for the sake of change, and that doesn?t always equate to making things simpler. The ribbon interface is one example. You have to relearn in interface to be equally as productive, simply because Microsoft said so.
      • RE: Another day, another stupid Microsoft 'PC vs. Mac' comparison

        @Rick_k people were asking for features that were already in Office so they created the Ribbon to try to put more of them in front of their customers.
    • RE: Another day, another stupid Microsoft 'PC vs. Mac' comparison

      @Mister Spock

      My advice to you concerning a flagged post is to almost treat them as being akin to a badge of honor. The original intent behind flagging a post, IMO, is becoming lost.
      • RE: Another day, another stupid Microsoft 'PC vs. Mac' comparison

        Flagging posts should only be done under certain circumstances. I have seen many of my posts flagged simply because there are those that do not want opinions, other than their own, on this site. When I point out an inaccuracy in someone else?s post it should not be flagged. But there are some on here, that feel the need to censor posts that do not position Microsoft in its best light.
    • Gaming on the PC is NOT expensive


      I'm not really sure where this misconception keeps coming from. Most PCs, even low end PCs, have a PCIe slot. A $100 graphics card will power most games, and do so with graphics that are better than a 360 or PC. Not to mention the games are cheaper. You need a computer either way typically, so the initial purchase shouldn't be counted into "gaming". Sure, if you want to run everything completely maxxed out you can spend some money. But my PC cost just over $1000 to put together recently and can run absolutely anything out today at max settings at 1080p and get 60+ fps doing it.

      Plus it does everything I need from a computer as well. The portion I spend completely on gaming was around $350, but that's because I wanted a great graphics card.
  • While you may well not

    " want to get all caught up in the while ?PC vs. Mac? fanboy thing" (assuming you meant 'whole) I am willing to bet you will welcome the hits and posts by them.
    • RE: Another day, another stupid Microsoft 'PC vs. Mac' comparison

      @noagenda That's exactly what I was thinking, Sure they don't want to get caught up in all that! They just want to be in the audience watching it take place and the hits stacking up so they can show their customers.
  • Oh, AKH?

    As opposed to Apple's PC vs Mac ads where blatantly false and misleading statements were made? Immune to virii? Everything 'just works'? <br><br>You seem to have problems with: Working smoothly, working simpler and working hands on ...<br><br>Would you rather they use words like "Magical" and "Seamless" over, and over, and over again?<br><br>And, school and work? Seriously. you know darn well breadth and depth MS carries in both of those markets; and you know why as well.<br><br>That picture you linked to? Kudos to the photographer for getting all the Mac users together in room at the same time.
    • RE: Another day, another stupid Microsoft 'PC vs. Mac' comparison

      you forgot revolutionary