Apple "saddened and upset" at Foxconn suicides

Apple "saddened and upset" at Foxconn suicides

Summary: Apple has released a statement in which is says that it is "saddened and upset" at the recent spate of suicides at the Foxconn manufacturing plant.


Apple has released a statement in which is says that it is "saddened and upset" at the recent spate of suicides at the Foxconn manufacturing plant.

In the statement Apple said that it was "in direct contact with Foxconn senior management" and believe that Foxconn is taking the "matter very seriously."

Apple added that it is deploying a team to independently evaluate the steps that Foxconn are taking to address these suicides, and that it continue its ongoing inspections of the facilities where iPhones, iPads and iPod touch devices are made.

Terry Gou, chairman of Foxconn's paret company Hon Hai, has also been eager to head off criticism:

I'm very concerned about this. I can't sleep every night ... From a scientific point of view, I'm not confident we can stop every case. But, as a responsible employer, we have to take up the responsibility of preventing as many as we can."

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  • At this rate, Foxconn will start to take on the US at suicides.

    It is sad when people think the easiest way out of their problems is to not have any problems.
  • I'm sure the widows are relieved

    I mean, as long as Apple is saddened at the suicides, that will make everything okay, right?

    Apple is a disgusting company and all of you (and me) who have supported Apple in the past and continue to support Apple in the present and into the future have the blood of those workers on your hands. Shame. Shame on all of us. I, for one, will never buy another Apple product because of this.
    • I guess you hate the US and France and ...

      Because they have suicides as well. At a substantially higher rate.

      Queue the double standards.
    • shame

      and shame over hp, dell, sony, logitech, nokia too? because foxconn also produces for them and many others.
      banned from zdnet
      • RE: Apple

        @banned from zdnet
        I agree taht those companies should be looked at carefully, but Apple's Foxconn facilities are different because they are so locked down due to Apple's corporate culture of secrecy and fear of industrial espionage. Almost all these suicides are happening there, not in the other tech factories.

        If it can be shown that Apple's official policies are contributing to the problems there. Apple is probably liable. I thnk that's likely.

        Consumers in developed countries should be more careful about supporting _any_ of these companies, though, if they are violating basic human rights.
    • RE: Apple


      You and every other poster who uses this as an opportunity to bash Apple (or HP, or Dell) and promote your platform of choice are classless and disgusting.

      This is a tragedy that is at the infancy of its investigation not an I'm a Mac; I'm a PC commercial.

      I really thought death would have been even off-limits for your trolling.
  • apple no mercy

    I think the same, Apple is greedy and pushy. Many times in the past we consumers had been pushed to purchase a new version of equipment (example first version of IPod did not work with PC) so instead of upgrading the software consumers where pushed too buy a new I pod version. Similar thing happen with Iphone, apple knew that a new Iphone is on the way. But why not selling the old and new Iphone within months..<br><br>Those employees in China are probably pushed so hard by Apple and local authorities to meet the deadline so we can have our 3rd Iphone, that the only way out is suicide...
    • RE: Apple

      maybe dell pushed them hard too for producing the new streak, or new hp laptops or the new nokia n8? foxconn produces for all of them. where is your outrage now?
      banned from zdnet
      • RE: Apple

        @banned from zdnet
        erm, where's your supporting information to say these companies have the same issue?
  • 14th and 15th jumps from foxconn's shenzhen factory building C4

    2010 05 27 time zone is 8(beijing) local time:14:43
    here is a link to a microblog site webpage snapshot taken about several hours ago :
    the originally blog post was deleted by's censor, local sites like QQ.COM,'s censors blocked the post of such breaking news amid the fear of spreading such mood:
    please let others know it, 14th and 15th jumps from foxconn's shenzhen factory building:
  • Undercover Report From Foxconn's Hell Factory

    12 jumped , 10 dead, 2 seriously injured in 5 months, not including hidden incidents. I think we can imagine the story behind your iphone or ipad. how many people is dead or under high pressure and inhumanity to make you a device. Corporates have neither bodies to be punished nor souls to be damned. Extension reading Undercover Report From Foxconn's Hell Factory (extracted & translated from Chinese Newspaper)
    • suicide rate

      @spikecr <br>as sad as any suicide is, that rate is much lower than the averrage chinese rate and the rate in the us and many european countries. but who cares as long there is a chance for a phony outrage about apple.<br><br>by the way foxconn produces for hp, dell, nokia, sony and many others too. can you imagine the story behind the dell streak, nokia n8 and ps3, too?
      banned from zdnet
  • Apple will cry...

    all the way to the bank.

    If you compare all the companies that contracted Foxconn, Apple is by far have the most gained out of the profit margin. And thanks to this, Today, Apple finally reached the top of all tech companies.

    Thanks for your crocodile tears, Steve.
  • RE: Apple

    In the continuing effort to blur the distinction between a corporation and a real, organic person. Exactly how does a corporation become "saddened and upset"? A corporation is a legal fiction, it does not exist in reality. Where are the old corporations buried? Show me.