Apple Store 24-hour sale

Apple Store 24-hour sale

Summary: Big discounts available at the Apple Store - for 24 hours only!

TOPICS: Mobility, Apple, Hardware

Far from it to be my place to suggest that you spend more money with Apple, if you are looking to pick up some Apple products over the Holidays today might be a good time to visit the Apple Store because there are some big discounts to be found.  But hurry, the discounts are only available for 24 hours!

Here are some of the highlights:

  • MacBooks/iMacs - Save up to $101
  • iPod nano/shuffle - Save $11
  • iPod classic - Save up to $31
  • Apple Bluetooth headset - Save $21

Loads of accessories are discounted too.

Have fun ... and if you pick up something in the sales, let us know what you've got coming!

Topics: Mobility, Apple, Hardware

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  • Surely you jest...

    [i]" might be a good time to visit the Apple Store because there are [b]some big discounts[/b] to be found"

    Here are some of the highlights:
    iPod nano/shuffle - [b]Save $11[/b][/i]

    Are you serious?
    • It sure beats what the other company is doing .

      Whoops , I forgot , Microsoft doesn't sales , Microsoft is in the business of ripping people off .
      • Apple does not refer to it as "ripping people off"

        Apple prefers to think of it as "tithing" :)
  • Think about this when you walk into an Apple store

    Ask yourself what happened that that really nice guy who ran the Apple reseller store before Apple's own store popped up a couple blocks away. Ask yourself why Apple's store is still there but that nice guy's store is gone.

    [url=] Apple chokes the oxygen out of Apple resellers [/url]

    [i]A number of Macintosh dealers are suing Apple Computer, charging the computer maker with a host of business wrongs ranging from overbilling to poaching customers to stocking its own stores with new gear unavailable to resellers.
    Macadam, which is seeking millions of dollars in damages, charges that Apple has contacted the store's customers, telling them that Macadam was not really an authorized dealer and urging them to deal directly with Apple. The suit also charges Apple with engaging in "predatory practices" by offering those customers discounts that were not available to Macadam.
    he is concerned that Apple's stores sometimes have new products he can't get his hands on[/i]

    Cute little cuddly Apple wouldn't do anything like that, would they?

    snicker, smirk :)
    • Hey, you weren't the first poster! You must be suicidal by now.

      I can't imagine how long you spend sitting in front of your screen, fingers poised to
      pounce on the first character of a new article posting, so that you can once again give
      us an object lesson in infantilism capped by your typical, almost unfailing, "snicker
      smirk" sophomoric attempt at humor. And then, not to be first! The horror! Your
      mother must be really, really annoyed at your tantrum by now, and if you don't stop
      whimpering, she may cut off your internet access for the rest of the day.
  • Spent just a little

    I'm replacing an old Airport with the newest one on sale, mainly
    because the wife is moaning about how slow the internet is. I'm
    also moving from DSL to cable as that is going to speed things up a

    Overall the sale is a pretty good one and I have no doubt that APple
    is going to do very well with it.