Apple suffers 'Vista envy'

Apple suffers 'Vista envy'

Summary: It seems pretty clear from the coverage of the World Wide Developer Conference that Apple is suffering from "Vista envy"? Why? Because Apple couldn't stop making comparisons between OS X 10.4 (Tiger) and Windows Vista.

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It seems pretty clear from the coverage of the World Wide Developer Conference that Apple is suffering from "Vista envy"?  Why?  Because Apple couldn't stop making comparisons between OS X 10.4 (Tiger) and Windows Vista.

It's hard to make a name for your product without having something else to push against, but Apple took this to new heights.  Let's take a look at some of the banner taglines:

"Hasta la vista, Vista."

"Redmond has a cat, too.  A copycat."

"Introducing Vista 2.0"

Bit of fun or taking things too far?  The main selling point of OS X is that it's not made by MicrosoftI don't know, to me it comes across as unprofessional.  I've never seen anyone at a Microsoft conference bash an Apple product, ever.  But my guess is that how companies are judged depends a lot on their market share, and when Apple has an install base of some 14 million systems compared to Windows which is installed on about 700 million, people will cut them some slack.  If Microsoft were to do a similar thing, I'd be slamming them hard for it too.

Another point that's worth making is that the next version of Windows will be called "Windows Vista", not "Vista", which is a trademark that doesn't belong to Microsoft.  I wonder if they see this as a joke (given that they considered legal action against Microsoft when they trademarked "Windows Vista", maybe they won't).  In their desperation to lash out, it seems that no one was bothering to check facts (unless Apple felt on safer legal ground choosing not to attack "Windows Vista" outright).

There were also a lot of factually incorrect statements made at the conference.  For example, the claim that Microsoft copied Apple's desktop search technology is a real long shot.  After all, Microsoft demonstrated desktop search technology back in 2003, and on top of that Google had a working product out well before Apple did.  Bertrand Serlot also displayed the wrong Windows logo at the conference and added this factually incorrect commentary:

"This is their logo. You may think I took a Windows logo and added a nice Aqua bubble on top, but no, that's the logo, but underneath it's still Windows"

Nope.  That's not the Windows logo.  It looks nothing like it.

And if copying features is so bad, what about Apple's latest inclusion Time Machine.  This feature is almost identical to Previous Versions, a feature that shipped with Windows 2003 Server?

I'm drawing my own conclusions from the conference, which is that the main selling point of OS X is that it's not made by Microsoft.  Apple is in an uncomfortable position of being squeezed by Microsoft on one side and Linux on the other.  Their attack on Windows Vista shows that they are worried they are going to be squeezed even harder during the coming year.

Topic: Windows

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  • Let the fan boy attack !

    since my macbook has been in the repair center waiting for logic board replacement for over a month now, i've to say some bad things to the steveniess dun i?

    Yes spotlight is merely google desktop with additional category feature (creativity huh?)

    Yes this Time Machines is merely a system rollback that's available in major MS server lines...

    The only reason that Mac OS X is stable is becoz its closed architecture, man they only hv less than 20 configurations of Mac hardware everyyear, while PCs you can have virtually millions of config...

    com'on... fanboys come bite me...

    bt i really doubt if theres any mac users like me reading zdnet lol
  • One thing to envy ...

    ... a new version. Apple seems stuck in a loop of releasing paid for service packs. Heck, if you can charge for them though, why not ...
    Adrian Kingsley-Hughes
    • If MS was releasing this ...

      .. and tried to charge for it, they'd be strung up.

      Do we know how much Apple will charge for the upgrade though?
      • If it's like previous versions

        I'll be getting the family pack with an education discount and
        update the 5 Macs in the family for about $30 each. How does that
        compare to doing the same thing when Vista comes out?
        • RE: If it's like previous versions

          Uh, you better get a higher limit on your credit card to do the Vista
          upgrade. :-)

          Not to mention OS X is a full version DVD and not just an upgrade
          that requires a previous version to install.
          • Half the story? Wont Vista have a...

            full version DVD? You make it sound as though only those with a previous version of Windows will be able to get Vista. What if I purchase a computer with Vista installed? If the HD crashes, I guess I would have to buy a previous version of Windows to reinstall Vista on the new HD.

            According to your post.
            John Zern
          • No, But.....

            After you reinstall Vista, it will fail WGA and when you call Redmond, they will tell you to go buy a new copy of Vista and delete the old one and install the new one.
    • Nice Lie

      [i]Apple seems stuck in a loop of releasing paid for service packs.
      Heck, if you can charge for them though, why not[/i]

      How about getting some facts to back that up? Oh, you can't? So
      you just spread your master's F.U.D. The boys in Redmond must
      really like you today. You spread lies like they were butter.
      • I'm spreading FUD

        If Leopard is new, why is it again a 10.x release? I think you need to take a look beyond your the FUD you're spreading.
        Adrian Kingsley-Hughes
        • Apple publicly stated

          That they wanted to hang on to the X moniker. And no, OS XVI
          wouldn't be the same. Each upgrade has had a new kernel and
          other enhancements. While windows 2k is NT5 and xp is NT 5.1.
          Apple didn't charge for the service packs 10.4.1 through 10.4.7. So
          your statement is indeed a lie, or an uninformed opinion. So which
          is it? A outright lie, or you have no clue as to what you're talking
          • So what ...

            If Apple didn't charge for service packs 10.4.1 through 10.4.7. Read what I wrote - I didn't say anything like "all service packs". You're gonna have to put your hand in your pocket for the next one. Fact. No lie there.
            Adrian Kingsley-Hughes
          • So you're freely admitting...

            That you're spreading lies? OK that's a little unexpected. I figured
            you'd jump on the change to say you were misinformed
            (uninformed). But you chose to say you were spreading lies.
          • No response?

            Guess you just got pwned......
          • I've responded to you ...

            Near the bottom of the thread ... look for your name. The system wouldn't let me post any more here.
            Adrian Kingsley-Hughes
        • let me get this right...

          your objection to leopard is the way Apple numbers their OS releases?
        • More FUD again

          If you are refering to APPLE's method of versioning , I see nothing wrong with it , it's been in place for over a decade . There are updates and upgrades with APPLE products . I recall updating Mac OS 7.5.1 to Mac OS 7.5.3 , and then updating to Mac OS 7.5.5
          I also recall doing an upgrade from Mac OS 7.5.5 to Mac OS 7.6.1 If you notice , the Mac OS version is still in it's 7 state . It was like going from Mac OS 8 to Mac OS 8.6 <---that was an upgrade , but in the middle there were plenty of updates .

          "In a world without walls and fences , who needs windows and gates."
      • You mean he spreads lies like

        an Apple user. He makes a good point. a perfect example is politics: If you can't say anything posative about yourself, then talk negative about your opponent. This holds true across alot of things.

        Including operating systems.
        John Zern
    • Oh really?

      How many new programs usually come with each service pack?

      Can you tell me which Windows Service Pack came with the equivalents of the following:
      Smart Folders
      Quartz Extreme
      System Wide Address Book

      Just to name a few. I don't see anything like these being added with service packs by MS.
      tic swayback
      • No, but

        But Microsoft do make a whole raft of new stuff available for download. On top of that, Microsoft does actually sell software too ;-)

        My point is this, OS X releases are getting to be more and more a few new apps wrapped around the same core. Safari, iChat, Mail ... Come on, most of that is just beans.
        Adrian Kingsley-Hughes
        • RE: No, but

          "On top of that, Microsoft does actually sell software too "

          Thank you, I have been maintaining for years that Windows is NOT
          software. :-) I am glad someone else agrees with me. ;-)