Apple Tablet: McGraw-Hill leaks info on Cupertino's worst kept secret

Apple Tablet: McGraw-Hill leaks info on Cupertino's worst kept secret

Summary: McGraw-Hill Chairman and CEO Terry McGraw has prematurely let the cat out of the bag that Apple is to announce a tablet tomorrow. More than that, he leaked some important information about the device.


Special Report: Apple Tablet

McGraw-Hill Chairman and CEO Terry McGraw has prematurely let the cat out of the bag that Apple is to announce a tablet tomorrow. More than that, he leaked some important information about the device.

During a live taping on CNBC on Tuesday, McGraw had the following to say:

Yeah, very exciting. Yes, they'll make their announcement tomorrow on this one. We have worked with Apple for quite a while, and the tablet is going to be based on the iPhone operating system, and so it will be transferable.

So what you are going to be able to do now is, we have a consortium of e-books. And we have 95 percent of all our materials that are in e-book format on that one. So now, with the tablet, you're going to open up the higher-education market, the professional market. The tablet is going to be just really terrific.


Lots of questions remain, but this leak has already told us a lot, and in some way it steals a lot of Apple's thunder tomorrow because we can start to join the dots:

  • It's an ebook/newspaper/magazine reader (Kindle killer?)
  • Apple's likely to expand the iTunes store to sell electronic books/magazines/newspapers/textbooks
  • iPhone OS means that the device should be compatible with some/most/all apps in the App Store
  • Core to this device will be an Apple stronghold - education
  • Price is likely not to be as premium as once guessed at (I'm going with $599 right now)

I wonder where this leaves the relationship between McGraw-Hill and Apple. Apple is a super-secretive organization and is likely to be very, very displeased that a partner has displayed such indiscretion.

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  • another apple innovation...not

    super hype arround a no news product.
    Linux Geek
    • Go back to your room in the cellar until your mom calls you for breakfast

      Apple is a true innovator. It will take a few years for the open-source types to infringe on their ideas.
      • Isn't it Apple who is using.....

        Unix? Yeah true innovation. You will probably also say they invented the mouse too. Cool design is design innovation, which is what Apple is. Nothing technologically advanced about any Apple products.
        • I hope

          you were able to convince yourself.
        • Yes Unix

          Unix, along with its many variants is, and continues to be, an
          innovative OS. Claiming otherwise just highlights your ignorance.
          Sure, Apple did not invent the mouse, but they are responsible for the
          VAST majority of user interface conventions you Windows apologists
          take for granted. Want to bring up Xerox P.A.R.C.? Please, be my
          guest. You will only cement your status as misinformed. I actually
          used the XEROX machine at the heart of this mythos, the Alto, and
          while it was an amazing machine at the time, the idea that Jobs stole
          the UI from it wholesale could not be farther from the truth. Please
          explain to me, for instance how you entered simple, or even complex,
          commands into the OS. What great UI did the seers at XEROX invent
          that Apple stole? Why, none. The Alto used a command line.
          Perhaps just as importantly, unlike Microsoft Apple PAID XDEROX to
          use the technology, and hired many of the original developers to
          continue and enhance and expand their ideas at Apple.
      • Apple an innovator? Wrong, they're an iterator

        Apple is not an innovator, they are an iterator. They take seperate devices and combine them into one device, that's iteration. Innovation is coming up with a totally new device and new idea, Apple has never done this.
        • Wrong

          There is a plethora of examples of innovative products from Apple, but
          your bias and myopia are too severe to acknowledge. Nor, is it clear, do
          you know very much about Apple's past or present product line, let alone
          secret projects, patents, prototypes, etc.. Not that you have much
          standing in terms of your ability to make informed comments on the
          subject. Case in point, your complete crash and burn below.
        • OK

          time to put a lid on the Kool-aid barrel. Someone is going to injure
    • yeah!

      This is nothing compared to the mock up that Ballmer had at CES. The
      one that HP was thinking about possibly making, someday, maybe. That
      tablet was much lighter, an empty plastic case is really light. And talk
      about battery life! The hard copy photo that was glued inside uses very
      little battery power.
  • RE: Apple Tablet: McGraw-Hill leaks info on Cupertino's worst kept secret

    Interesting cost guess, Adrian. That $599.00 price equals the starting
    price point of the Apple Mini.

    Now ... I'm going to ask a favor since you have a policy of not responding
    to posts but in a future blog, could you offer an opinion based on this
    question: Which is the better "Bang for the Buck ... the Apple Mac Mini or
    the Apple Tablet?"

    I have already gone with the 99.999999999% probability that Steve Jobs
    will announce this new Apple product tomorrow.
    • Apple Mini and this Tablet serves different markets.....

      One although small in size is meant for desktop computing, and is much more powerful while the other is somewhat like an iPhone/kindle mobile thingy.
  • many apps for iphone are written for the screen resolution.

    many apps for iphone are written for the screen resolution. Its likely most apps will not work on the tablet properly.

    Plus, a tablet with limited function will only fit a small market. People now buying $200 real computers that are capable of real desktop softwares.
    • What will probably happen . . .

      is that an iPhone/touch app will open at it's normal size, and be much like a gadget in vista/7 . . . .
      • err... not really likely

        that would imply an updated OS with widget like feature and maybe full scale multitasking.

        I dont see that happen, and looks like apple is trying to ask developers to revise the apps.
        • no it wouldn't...

          all it needs is to be able to run the iPhone app in a window.. which is
          already available for development.
        • That may be, but until . . .

          that happens, they'll need a way for you to use the Apps you already own on it as is . . .

          You know how whiny it is around here when FIREFOX breaks a couple of extensions, can you imagine how bad it would be if the iTablet broke a lot of apps?
    • Amazon Kindle....

      Look to the Kindle's success as an example that not everyone falls into the same "I must buy this cheapo PC for all my needs" category.
    • 200 dollar real computers? Really?

      I have yet to see such a creature, and anything remotely close to that is a netbook, which would turn belly up if you tried anything beyond looking at the web.

      As for resolution, it won't matter, API's can be modified to scale.

      The real issue is do people really want to buy yet one more device, and do they really want to be tied to yet another expensive data plan?
  • RE: Planned Leak...for sure

    As a marketing pro, I can tell you that this was likely a planned leak, orchestrated between McGraw and Apple.

    Why? Simple. Jobs knew that people were building enormous expectations from the tablet (OSX, 3G included, etc)that just weren't part of the package. Rather than disappointing the crowd tommorrow, he "softened" the blow by re-setting our expectations of the device...very smart.
    • That was my first reaction too. (nt)

      Henry Miller