Apple to hold press conference about iPhone 4

Apple to hold press conference about iPhone 4

Summary: Apple has announced that it is holding a press conference at 10 a.m. Pacific time on Friday to talk to journalists about the iPhone 4. But what does Apple have to say?


Apple is to hold a press conference about the iPhone 4 ... let's hope they hold it the right way!

The press conference at set for 10 a.m. Pacific time on Friday. But what does Apple have to say?

First off, it's a move that came as a bit of a surprise yesterday. While we've all been expecting some response from Apple because everything's been quiet since the letter to iPhone 4 owners issued earlier this month, a press conference as opposed to communication directly with customers via PR channels shows just how much of a mess "Antennagate" has become.

So, what's Apple going to talk about? Well, your guess is a good as mine, so here are a few possibilities for you to choose from:

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I think that a full recall is highly unlikely, given strong sales. Grabbing back all the handsets and giving customers modified ones would be a highly costly manoeuver, especially given that this isn't a safety issue, and that it's hard to get a picture of just how many people are affected by this (and how many of those are affected badly enough to be motivated to want to return the handset).

One thing is for sure, this has dragged on for too long now, and Apple needs to act decisively to bring this to an end. If it doesn't, the "Antennagate" could fester and turn the handset into Apple's own Vista nightmare.

Tune in Firday for coverage as it happens.

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  • More than one of the items listed...

    There will likely be an announcement of the 4.01 update and it will likely have the fixed antenna bar update. They will likely also say the iPhone 4 issues are overblown. And of course, they will likely add the "We're looking into it" blurb.

    A full on recall? Yeah.. That ain't happening. Another blogger ran some numbers the other day and they figured a full blown recall would cost Apple like 1.75 BILLION USD to do it.. Yes, that's BILLION with a B.

    The rubber baby buggy bumpers - I don't see them doing it. If they can sucker people into paying $30 for one, why ever would they give it away free? That would likely mean they'd have to dip into their wallets and refund the money they collected for the ones they already sold. Granted, it's cheaper than a full recall...
  • Apple, give your customers a complete answer.

    The CR report was not definitive in the manner that they confused the issue further by throwing Apple a bone or a life line with the following observation: "In every other respect, the iPhone is by far the best smartphone available."

    Now, that might be true if they were more specific and said that the media player attached to the phone was the best one available. All tech reviewers talk about the Iphone as a unit forgetting that Apple has not yet put out a good phone to go with the player. In my opinion, they put out a mediocre telephone as part of the Iphone.Considering that most reviewers are enamored of the 'regimented pseudo-deco aesthetics' of Apple products and considering that this many times blinds them to other matters in Apple product line makes it understandable.

    Don't be surprised if you see Apple take advantage of this opening in order to continue to avoid addressing the issue. Its culture of arrogance and superiority is unmatched by any other corporate entity.
  • RE: Apple to hold press conference about iPhone 4

    The 4.0.1 announcement followed by a lesson on how to read signal bars correctly.

    This will be topped up with the announcement that sales are far exceeding all expectations and all back-orders will be filled in the next 3 months.

    We will then be treated to a lecture on how all phones drop calls and its not an iPhone issue but a carrier issue.
  • RE: Apple to hold press conference about iPhone 4

    Or, none of the above? How about this:

    They're only announcing this press conference today because Droid X launched today, and they're trying to steal some headlines.
  • Apple has a great opportunity here

    Give out free bumpers to everyone. I think the fact that Apple started selling these bumpers at the same time they released the iPhone 4 with a problem that could be fixed by bumpers is highly suspicious and I'm not even close to the only one who feels this way. Give the bumpers out for free, it isn't like you aren't making 100%+ profits on each iPhone anyway and it isn't like the bumpers cost a few cents each for you to make.
  • I don't think they can downplay it any more...

    The media will immediately jump on that at this point. They tried downplaying it and that blew up on them. They should:
    1) Clearly state the problem, and how it can affect users
    2) I am guessing they have a definitive hardware fix in the pipeline so offer and "extended exchange" policy. Something short of a "full recall", people associate full recalls with really bad things like cars and batteries exploding.
    3) Offer free bumpers and refund costs for all bumpers already sold.
  • RE: Apple to hold press conference about iPhone 4

    I figure Apple may actually deny the issues such as Antennaegate and the Blutooth issues. Anything they do could cause their stock to drop further. Any recall or giving a free bumper case will cause a drop in stock prices. The iOS update has nothing to do with the Antennaegate. Add 30 days to the return policy is useless. Won't accomplish anything.
    Gis Bun
  • Palmetto Has The Answer

    You can count on that.