Apple's Back to the Mac" Event

Apple's Back to the Mac" Event

Summary: Here we go ... live analysis of Apple's "Back to the Mac" event!

TOPICS: Apple, Hardware

Here we go ... live analysis of Apple's "Back to the Mac" event!

Topics: Apple, Hardware

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  • RE: Apple's Back to the Mac

  • Apple is high

    Developers will continue to hate Apple
    • Riiiiight...

      @infomaniacal And bozos will continue to cling to fantasies.
    • Which is why...

      A gazillion people (exaggeration) have opted to develop for iOS and it's not really plateaued yet.

      Well, on the bright side, at least you are capable of spelling developer.
  • RE: Apple's Back to the Mac

    I find it slightly humorous that people with no experience running a billion dollar technology company, or a $400 a day snack shop can offer an analysis on Apple.
    • RE: Apple's Back to the Mac

      @mrgoodall - It's no different than a person that has never held a political office offering an analysis of the President or Congress. In your opinion should they also refrain from analyzing them too? OR... Do we continue to have the right to exercise our right to speak our peace - relevant, knowledgeable or not! It's a wonderful day to be an American. Don't just be free - live free!
  • The end of boxed software = Apple developer tax for all

    And ironically, the 1984 commercial comes full circle. Apple has the say over what is approved or not, and they get a cut. This company is like the hot chick that is an unbelievable control freak. Ultimately you're much better off without her, but the media and a lot of other people can't get their heads out of their pants.
    • Or...

      An App Store is a genius way to get your wares as a "startup" out there and popular (valued as having a use) without having to be or be part of a "software development organization."
      • The first time is "free"


        Be prepared for a life of addiction.

        Think about it, though--this effectively rules out any Apple competitor. If Apple chooses to compete in your category (think Adobe), it gets not only 100% of the revenue from its own product, but 30% of your revenue, too. How do you compete with that?
      • RE: Apple's Back to the Mac

        @blu_vg Adobe makes a nice profit off of its Mac apps, without an app store to siphon off any revenue. Although, having a unified update method is an attractive lure for App Store apps. It makes keeping all of your apps updated that much easier. Right now, every time I launch an Adobe product, I get the Adobe Updater starting up, and half the time it can't even install the updates it downloads. Same thing with MS Office and about a dozen other apps I use, some of which get used very seldom (but when I do launch them, I want them to work without incessantly running updates. Having a software update that checks for updates quietly in the background and updates them seamlessly once a week would let me get down to spending my time on productive work, and not on housekeeping tasks.
      • RE: Apple's Back to the Mac


        Of course Adobe makes their money without the app store--the thing was just announced. But if OS X goes the way of iOS, eventually the only method of getting apps would be... through Apple. And folks are getting in line to see it happen, apparently. If Microsoft pulled this, they would be ripped to shreds by the media, bloggers, the government, etc. Sure, a global update mechanism would be fabulous (in the Windows world as well--and some of that is in the works), but that problem can most certainly be solved without Apple taking a 30% cut of every software sale made for the platform.