Apple's Find My Friends app goes live

Apple's Find My Friends app goes live

Summary: iOS 5 devices only need apply.


Apple's Find My Friends app for iOS 5 devices has gone live.

Here's a link to the App Store.

Here's the blurb:

Find My Friends allows you to easily location your friends and family from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Install this free app on your iOS 5 device and sign in with the Apple ID you use with iCloud. Adding a friend is easy - just send a request to see their location. Once your friend accepts using the Find My Friends app, you will then be able to see that friend's location on a map. You can also choose to share your location for a limited period of time with a group of friends. Use Find My Friends to keep track of your traveling companions when you're on a vacation. Or to see if the kids are home from school. Or to find the friends you're meeting for dinner.

You will need an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch running iOS 5 to make use of this.

Here are some pics:

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  • RE: Apple's Find My Friends app goes live

    Is it integrated within the platform like Windows Phone 7 does? I don't think so, but I hold my opinion until I load iOS5 on my phone or see my iPhone 4S in hands.
    Ram U
  • RE: Apple's Find My Friends app goes live

    Whatever happened to calling up your buddies and asking "Yo, dawg! What's your 20?"
    The one and only, Cylon Centurion
    • RE: Apple's Find My Friends app goes live

      @Cylon Centurion Not sure, I would just call but you would have never caught me saying that phrase :-)
  • RE: Apple's Find My Friends app goes live

    Typical Apple UI... Looks awful!

    Brought to you by Toy Story Woody with his box of Crayola crayons.
  • Oh, that's just awful.

    Talk about "UI effects for the sake of UI effects!" Simulated leather, [b]with stitching[/b]?
  • RE: Apple's Find My Friends app goes live

    Full disclosure: I am the Community Manager for Life360

    Think about the daily micro-communications you have with friends and family everyday like "Are you on your way?" or "Where are you at now?" When people use Life360's family safety app on Android in particular, we're seeing constant location check-ins between parents and kids and husbands and wives. As iPhone owners explore everything that iOS5 offers, it will be interesting to see how they use the Find My Friends app.

    • RE: Apple's Find My Friends app goes live

      @KyleLife360 To each their own. While I have nothing to hide from my wife I certainly wouldn't want her to be tracking me.

      Actually, I can think of a couple of times I wanted to hide where I was but not for the wrong reasons. Makes it difficult to shop for a present when she is texting or calling to find out why you are at the jewelry store :-(
  • "Only find my hip friends" app goes live

    Doesn't seem that useful unless you move in circles where everyone uses iOS5.
    • RE: Apple's Find My Friends app goes live

      @daengbo I have people in my circle that don't have iOS devices but only care about those that do ;-)