Archos G9 Android tablets - Serious competition for the iPad

Archos G9 Android tablets - Serious competition for the iPad

Summary: When it comes to Android tablets, most come up pretty short when compared to Apple's iPad. But Archos has unveiled a new tablet that takes Android tablets to a whole new level and offers up real competition in terms of hardware for the iPad.


When it comes to Android tablets, most come up pretty short when compared to Apple's iPad. But Archos has unveiled a new tablet that takes Android tablets to a whole new level and offers up real competition in terms of hardware for the iPad.

Introducing the Archos G9.

Check out the Archos G9 photo gallery!

Here's what we know:

  • Two flavors - the Archos 80 G9, which comes with an 8-inch 1,024 by 768 pixel display, and the Archos 101 G9 which sports a 10.1-inch 1,280 by 800 pixel display.
  • Dual-core OMAP 4 (ARM Cortex A9) processors humming along at 1.5GHz.
  • Android 3.1 'Honeycomb' OS.
  • HDMI output with 1080p media playback.
  • Storage comes in the form of a 250GB 7mm super-slim hard drive from Seagate. This is a real advantage for the media hog since the drive offers 250GB of storage for the same price as 32GB of flash memory. There's also an option for 16GB of flash memory and microSD support for those who feel a 250GB drive is overkill.
  • WiFi support, optional 3G WWAN dongle.
  • Adobe Flash support.
  • Apps available from the Android Market.

Finally someone gets the pricing right.OK, price ... and this is another strong point. The Archos 80 G9 will retail for $279 while the Archos 101 G9 comes with a $349 price tag. Now that's what I'm talking about. Finally someone gets the pricing right. Optional G9 3G WWAN stick available for $49.

Availability is scheduled for the end of September.

This looks like a very nice bit of kit. If you're in the market for a tablet you might want to hold out making a purchase until this hits the scene, especially if you want lots of storage.

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  • Question: Is it stock Android 3.1 or have Archos customised it?

    Any word on that? :)

    At the price point I'd be more than tempted!
    • Yeah, it would be nice to try them out.

      Required key features. External USB support for USB/BT enabled devices like: HD, Monitors, Keyboards, Pointing devices.

      Hope quality doesn't suffer.
      • Pointing device??? on a tablet.. really??

        @Uralbas LMMFAO.. All these wired options are simply idiotic... Get with the program guys.. it's 2011.. it's called wireless.. 20 foot HDMI from your sofa to your TV.. NICE.. LMAO.. iPad does all this stuff wirelessly.. again, it's 2011.. what's with the flintstone tech?
      • RE: Archos G9 Android tablets - Serious competition for the iPad


        No, the iPad does not do "all this stuff wirelessly." The iPad can stream to an Apple TV box that will cost you an extra $100 (a lot when compared to the $10 I spent on an HDMI cable.)

        What if you want to take your content with you? Are you going to bring your Apple TV box along to plug in so you can go wireless?

        Try this scenario: I take my Archos and my HDMI cable to a friends house loaded with 250GB worth of movies. I plug the Archos into the TV, sit down on the couch, pull out my Android phone, launch the "Archos Remote" app (available free in the Android Market) and proceed to control my content "wirelessly."

        I'm sorry, what was it that the iPad did better? Oh that's right, the scrolling is really smooth.
        Droid Eye
      • You seriously want a mechanical drive in a tablet..

        @Droid Eye... Seriously?? a slow as molasses, battery sucking, fragile mech HDD?

        First of all the iPad has the HDMI wired + remote app also as an option..

        Secondly, yes I would and do bring the appleTV with me.. it's tiny.. and in your scenario you're going to need to bring an HDMI cable and power cord (because of that battery draining HDD) just like with the appleTV.. and I get to utilize the nice big screen of the tablet rather than a tiny screen of a phone.. in you scenario the nice big screen an easier to use tablet apps are not used at all .. What a waste.

        I take all my Apple products with me wherever I go. You never know when you need to edit a movie so my Mac Pro comes with me whenever I go anywhere. I've gone camping where I haven't had room for both my sleeping bag and my iMac so I took the iMac. I have a separate bag where I can carry my 5 iPods, iPad, and AppleTV and all their chargers, cases, heartrate monitors, etc. Apple is the best and I think it is really important that I'm always ready for a demonstration. I also like making Windows weenies feel really bad. YEAH!!!
      • RE: Archos G9 Android tablets - Serious competition for the iPad

        Really, apple is that with it? So much so that ipad 1 didn't even have an hdmi port nor is it capable of outputing in HD. Yeah thats awesome.

        You should also realize that archos have been making tablets since before there was even an iphone. And interesting that when itouch/iphone came out it had archos' feature set. I guess apple is just good at copying someone again.
      • RE: Archos G9 Android tablets - Serious competition for the iPad

        @doctorSpoc So carrying around an extra device (100$) AND an HDMI cable is better than just carrying around an HDMI cable (commodity product that costs 10$)? It's not like the iPad comes with an Apple TV.

        I also don't want to have to crawl around behind my home theater system to remove something that should be permanent (like my media center PC) just to bring it somewhere...
      • RE: Archos G9 Android tablets - Serious competition for the iPad


        1. My "battery sucking" hdd Archos 70 gets about 7 hours of video playback, more than enough to keep from needing a power cord for a movie or two at a friends house. Not to mention both my laptops have "molasses slow fragile mech" hdds as well and yet I have no problem rendering video on any of the three devices.

        2. Everything on the Archos is displayed on the TV into which it is plugged, therefore in my scenario, the nice big TV display and easy to use apps are all used (and they were doing it before iPad, for the record.) As far as my comment about the Archos Remote app on a phone, I was speaking from a convenience standpoint for using the tablet like a DVR with a remote. In that instance, I have never felt that I needed a DVR remote any larger than my phone, let alone the size of an iPad.

        So, I carry my phone (which I do anyway,) my Archos (which I do anyway) and an HDMI cable while you're carrying your phone, another device about the size of your phone (that cost you an extra $100,) your tablet, an HDMI cable and a power cord to do the same thing I'm doing.

        Yeah, I can see how you feel the iSetup is, wait, what was it again?
        Droid Eye
      • RE: Archos G9 Android tablets - Serious competition for the iPad

        @Droid Eye

        The HDD in your laptop is NOT like the one in this tablet. Look it up. Get it straight.

        You can make your point without stretching the truth, I'm sure.
    • RE: Archos G9 Android tablets - Serious competition for the iPad

      You are right at this price point they might have a Pad that could pull users away from iPad. My only concerns are Android 3.1 is still pretty unpolished and no matter how good the hardware is the OS can kill the experience.

      My other concern is how the HD will hold up to a Pad's usage. All the moving twisting and bumping could cut the drives life significantly.

      I look forward to a full review and real world usage reports..
      • RE: Archos G9 Android tablets - Serious competition for the iPad


        At that price-point, if Android can just be polished a bit, I think that this will be the first REAL contender to the iPad. Good job Arcos, but I'm also still holding my breath for the reviews.
      • RE: Archos G9 Android tablets - Serious competition for the iPad

        I've had the Archos 70 with 250GB HD for 6 months and love it. I got the 7" tablet because it is small enough to fit in my back pocket while I'm out walking and want to listen to music, and it's light enough to hold if I want to read a book or watch a movie while walking. I walk at least an hour a day every day and all the accessing of the HD while bouncing along has not caused any problems.

        Will it last two years or even one year under these conditions? Who cares? Before a year of use is up, I'll be wanting whatever the latest and greatest is, and for under $340, it's worth it.

        I suspect that a 10" model will normally be used while sitting, so it should last even longer.
      • RE: Archos G9 Android tablets - Serious competition for the iPad

        The BS about honeycomb not being polished enough is just that. I have a Xoom and honeycomb is fast and slick enough as it is now. ios is now five years old and you can count on one hand the improvements made on it. Honeycomb is much more versatile than ios has ever thought of being.
      • No honeycomb isnt as good as iOS

        @chethammer Sorry but its not as smooth as iOS. But I could actually live with that. It's the fact that Xoom was released early and we are still waiting for 4G and sd card support. Im not crazy about apple products but in this case they do have a much better product. Google needs to get with it and improve this platform quickly.
      • @Kabcock & @Macconvert .. valid points

        .. but this is exactly the competition that was needed in the mobile-computing space.

        I really do like the look and *price* .. finally a touch-pad tablet competitor with a clue on how to compete ..

        The Archos G9 is certainly something i'd recommend.

        Apple, it's "game on".

      • RE: Archos G9 Android tablets - Serious competition for the iPad

        @Kabcock I hope they do this right so that there is some actual competition out there because we all win with competition. I do have a hard time believing that it will be a high quality product at that price though. Price if very important but quality is king as well. We have an Archos here at the office that I have spent some time with an in comparison to the iPad 1 I bought my wife for Christmas I would spend the extra for the quality any day.
    • RE: Archos G9 Android tablets - Serious competition for the iPad

      @DevJonny It's nice to see these releases from Archos, they were the hit of the 2011 CES show in Vegas. They are the one's keeping companies like Samsung & Motorola honest in regards to pricing. Finally we'll start seeing true first generation tablets in 3rd quarter, one's that actually work well with dual core processors and app's designed for the larger 10" screens.
    • Not just the price, but the features too

      @DevJonny <br>I have been a proud owner of a Iconia a500 16gb for about a month now. I bought it after getting and returning an iPad2, Asus Transformer, and Archos 101 Internet Tablet (not in that order, but you get the point). While the A500 has been great, its biggest failing is in video playback. It struggles to render anything at 720p even though it has a screen capable of it. Archos has me all excited. It has built in SMB sharing!!!! And knowing Archos, it will play back anything under the sun! To me, that means that I don't have to re-encode my 3+ TB of movies and video. Definetly getting this when it comes out.
      BTW try to play anything out of the norm on an iPad. Not happening. Also, try to access network shares on an iPad. I don't understand why a device that is by definition a network device can't converse with other network computers on known sharing protocols on the network is beyond me. NO I don't want to install another piece of software on my PC or MAC to re-share what is already shared.
  • Wide-screen tablets bite.

    They're fine for watching video, but lousy for anything else.