AT&T stores "almost out of iPhones"

AT&T stores "almost out of iPhones"

Summary: The word on the street is that AT&T stores are almost out of iPhones.

TOPICS: iPhone, Mobility, AT&T

The word on the street is that AT&T stores are almost out of iPhones.  If you're looking to get your hands on an iPhone this weekend you'd better be fast or you should swing by an Apple store instead on AT&T stores.

I'm interested in hearing from anyone picking up an iPhone today.  Did you get one from an Apple store or an AT&T store?  Has anyone been to a store and told that all the iPhones are gone?

Topics: iPhone, Mobility, AT&T

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  • apple store

    i waited in line for 30 minutes (the store served about 20 people during this time) on the 29th at an at&t store when a guy walked by with an iphone. he said he had just walked into the apple store in soho (manhattan) and was in and out very quickly. i jumped in a cab with another guy who was waiting, went to the apple store and was literally in and out in 5 minutes. today i went back to the store with my girlfriend and she bought a phone in about the same amount of time. the apple store has this down to a science.
    • dude

      this a zdnet forum...
      you are supposed to say nobody was inline at all and that Apple employees were idiots and that they sold out after a few minutes

      Come on, man!
      • oops!

        guess i didn't go with the flow!
        • dude

          this a zdnet forum...
          You are supposed to find some way to blame something on Microsoft and then to say that Apple is better. Sheesh! :)
          • Or vice versa!!!! ;) (nt)

          • Can I try?

            The AT&T store is probably using Windoze for their POS solution...