AT&T unveils "buy one, get one free" Windows Phone 7 deal

AT&T unveils "buy one, get one free" Windows Phone 7 deal

Summary: Thinking about buying a Windows Phone 7 handset? AT&T has an offer that might interest you:


Thinking about buying a Windows Phone 7 handset? AT&T has an offer that might interest you:

AT&T just sweetened the pot a bit for the holiday shopping season with the announcement of a buy one get one free deal for the HTC Surround, LG Quantum and Samsung Focus. To take advantage of this offer head down to your local AT&T retail store, sign up for a two-year contract and you and a friend will have a couple of the coolest phones of the season.

Also thrown in is an AT&T "Entertainment Pack" consisting of free download of the Xbox LIVE puzzle game ilomilo, 30 days of Zune Pass service plus 10 free song downloads and 30 days of AT&T U-verse.

More details here.

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  • Coolest? Really?

    Pagan jim
    James Quinn
    • RE: AT&T unveils

      @James Quinn

      Yes, really. I've used an iPhone and an Android phone and they aren't even close to what you can do from both a business (Sharepoint and Office integration) and consumer perspectives (Zune Pass, XBOX Live integration etc..)

      Add to that a buy one get one free deal, yeah, I'd say this is the coolest phone on the market today by far!

      • RE: AT&T unveils

        "Add to that a buy one get one free deal, yeah, I'd say this is the coolest phone on the market today by far!"

        I would rather say "cheapest" smart phone that you can get today by far.

        I wish I could get such a deal when I was buying 5 EVO 4G from Sprint... :-(

        As for the consumer, it is better to say YMMV since to me Zune Pass and XBOX Live integration give nothing.
        Solid Water
      • and they are also not flying off shelves as fast as would be liked..

        @omdguy .. hence the buy one get one free deal.. remember with iPhones you got the line up for hours, visit the store a million times for months to see if they finally got a shipment.. since iPhones sold increase 100% year over year... deal..

        everyone knows what it means when they start giving away phones for free.. BAD SALES.. lets pad the numbers..
      • RE: AT&T unveils


        Ugliest UI, yes. Coolest, no way. Could care less about $hitpoint and Office integration.

        It's hardly the coolest at anything an particular.
      • RE: AT&T unveils


        I'd rather get an an Apple iPhone or some Android phone rather than give Microsoft another chance, although competition is good for the consumer.
      • RE: AT&T unveils


        Ummm, yes. That [b]must[/b] be what it means. Although it's funny since Verizon has been running BOGO specials on Droid X, Droid 2 and Droid Incredible over the last several months, all of which were selling very well. But by your logic (funny given the name) that means that the Droid brand isn't selling and is "failing".

        Or perhaps it's motivated by the carrier to get more people on board with a 2 year contract. And usually those type of offers are on phones that people want. As for the iPhone, the first gen sold as many as it did, although not the lines you proclaim, because there are a legion of people who will buy anything Apple says will be awesome. The first gen iPhone wasn't very good. Remember, apps weren't added until iOS 2. That's when it became a platform instead of just a phone and it blew up.

        It also wasn't released less than two months before Christmas. Most sane people would wait for the specials to come rather than line up to be the first suckers to buy a new, untested device. Overall the feedback has been very, very good. You can deny that all you want, but that's the case. I don't know because I don't own one, I have a Droid 2 and love it. I will consider WP when my contract is up in almost 2 years.
      • RE: AT&T unveils

      • RE: AT&T unveils


        <i>"As for the iPhone, the first gen sold as many as it did, although not the lines you proclaim, because there are a legion of people who will buy anything Apple says will be awesome."</i>

        Better yet known as brand satisfaction. Apple developed such a fanbase from years of releasing products that tops user satisfaction ratings. The original iPhone was no exception. We see it continuing with the iPad which enjoys a 95% satisfactory rating. These legions of fans and early adopters who lined up for the original iPhone knew exactly what they were getting. They were buying into a device that would go on to change the entire smart phone market. So yes, not only did Apple say it was awesome, it really was.

        Remember all the BlackBerry clones out at the time? And the early competitors trying to clone the iPhone? Couldn't hold a candle to this iPhone you claim was not very good. There were things the original iPhone did that Google is still trying to get right with Android now, like the overall UI responsiveness for instance, or simple things like pinch to zoom. I've noticed when you pinch to zoom on Google maps on Android, it annoyingly continues to zoom in or zoom out more than what you've specify. Microsoft nailed the responsiveness with WP7 but are missing just way too much features.
      • RE: AT&amp;T unveils

        Don't get discouraged by the comments from the Apple/Google fanboys. I bet they havn't even tried it. I know a fanboy who bought a WP7 just to bash it (he knew he had a 30 day return policy). He kept spreading all the bad stuff about WP7 until everyone stopped caring about his opinion :). Finally, he returned the phone.

        I got Samsung Focus and I love it to the core. Its a wonderful gadget, light as a feather (lighter than iPhone), bigger screen, easily fits hands, lovely screen, great performance, few apps but all good ones. It is different, if you carry somewhere, it is noticable, not like iphone, which is owned by almost everyone.
      • RE: AT&amp;T unveils

        @omdguy Coolest on the market how? The os is behind the times compared to what is out now. Therefore it's definitely not the coolest stuff out now.
      • That's not what he meant

        @omdguy Coolest doesn't work in IT. It works for teens, but not for people who need something that actually works. The 'cool' factor isn't a way to evaluate the capabilities of a device.
      • RE: AT&amp;T unveils


        Hey, if I could get the kind of loyalty out of customers that Apple can I would do it in a heartbeat. I'm certainly not saying that as a negative for Apple. But you have to agree that iOS1 was not a very good OS and wasn't even close to what the iPhone was with 2, let alone where it's at today. All I was pointing out was Microsoft had a successful launch by normal product standards, and so far it's selling reasonably well. Would I call it a resounding success? Maybe not, I'm sure it could have been better. But a combination of poor launch time and customers that won't blindly buy anything you sell means it will take time to catch on.

        And I certainly agree with you that Android isn't nearly as polished as iOS. I accept the trade offs because they work better for what I want out of the device. But I now see why Microsoft chose to wait on multi-tasking and why Apple did as well originally, and now allow it but tightly controlled. It is a constant fight on Android to keep processes under control and your phone running well. I have to use a combination of auto-kill and manual killing processes with a widget nearly every time I go to use the device. It's a double edged sword.

        I think Microsoft has a good product now. The question is will they keep up over the next two years as contracts run out and people replace their smart phones. Remember, for the most part, the cell phone market is dictated more by the contracts and less by the release of new hardware, Apple being the only real exception.
      • RE: AT&amp;T unveils

        @omdguy Doesn't Pingguo China... a.k.a "apple".... own the copyrights to the word "cool"?
        Feldwebel Wolfenstool
      • RE: AT&amp;T unveils

        @LiquidLearner BOGO deals this soon do not mean that it was a guaranteed failure but sensible logic does clearly indicate that sales have not been what were expected. The fact that Verizon is doing the same thing with the Droid lineup doesn't change anything. They may be selling well but the only reason to give away a phone (or any other product) is to boost sales due to the fact they are not as expected. Sure, they get an additional phone on a two year contract with the BOGO deals but if the phones were selling as expected they would get them on contract without giving them away. This in no way means that the OS is sub par (haven't used it to make that determination myself) it just means they need to boost the current sales volume.

      Why are Windows Phone 7 now discounted, to clear out stock, so soon after launch?

      The same thing happened with the Kin phone, which went on sale, only to be heavily discounted shortly after.
      • Based on that logic that makes the iPhone a flop too

        @gyepera <br>The first gen iPhone price dropped by $200 within 1 month of launch. <br><br>The iPhone 3G dropped the price by another $200 and AT&T waived the ETF for existing subscribers.<br><br>Android is a flop as well then with all the BOGO deals that are in place at the moment too.
      • RE: AT&amp;T unveils

        @gyepera <br>I'm also surprised that Microsoft/AT&T are already giving the phones away at such an early stage. If the phones were popular and selling well they wouldn't need to, they would definitely be selling them if the demand was there. <br><br>Maybe that's why MS is so quiet about WP7 sales. MS has been shouting from the rooftops about how good the Kinect sales are, but are suspiciously quiet about WP7.<br><br>@Stark_Industries:<br>Yes, but the WP7 has only just been released, why are they being given away already? You would have thought there would have been a built up demand for the phones and they wouldn't need to give them away at a loss so soon.
      • And Verizon and have had a two for one sale on Android phones.

        gyepera, so what's your point?
        Oh that's right, we're not supposed to remind people of that, just your one-sided view of eveything MS related.

        Nice try; Thanks for playing!
        John Zern
      • Nickkuk, could it be that

        iPhone was released in June, Android in July, I beleive. To help spur along sales, Verizon and others had two for one sales around the holidays, like they've done many years.

        Personally, the real metric will be when it's launched on Verizon, the same thing as Android in the begining.
        John Zern