BFG Tech winding down, "lifetime warranty" no longer being honored

BFG Tech winding down, "lifetime warranty" no longer being honored

Summary: BFG Tech, once a primary partner of NVIDIA, is now denying RMA requests on dead graphics cards that were previously under "lifetime warranty" as the business is being wound down.

TOPICS: Hardware

BFG Tech, once a primary partner of NVIDIA, is now denying RMA requests on dead graphics cards and power supplies that were previously under "lifetime warranty" as the business is being wound down.

Here's the letter being sent to customers who had sent in dead hardware, along with their unrepaired hardware:

BFG Technologies Inc. is in the process of winding down and liquidating its business. Unfortunately, our major supplier would not support our business. As a result, we are returning your graphics card without being able to repair it. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Shame really, BFG Tech made some really good stuff.

Topic: Hardware

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  • Class action coming in 3...2...

    • RE: BFG Tech winding down,

      @superbus not if they are going out of business...
    • RE: BFG Tech winding down,

      @superbus Wow ... they're going out of business due to no fault of their own ... the "Let's sue them" mentality seems a little callus don't you think?

    • Can't sue something that will no longer exist.

      • RE: BFG Tech winding down,

        @JM1981 ... sure you can. Let's see how far you get with a judgment against air! Assuming you can find an attorney to take the case with no potential of getting paid.
        Freddy McGriff
  • Customer pwned

    Winding down? 'Let down' is more like it.
    • RE: BFG Tech winding down,

      It seems that a lifetime warranty is the the shorter of your lifetime or theirs (the vendor).
  • RE: BFG Tech winding down,

    i agree, they made good stuff. the ONE time i did have a problem i was absolutely stunned when i called up (didn't know they had a lifetime warranty, even) to see if they could do anything for a vid card that had gone awry, and was walked through a complete no-questions-asked replacement including their willingness to cross ship me a new one. great stuff. sad to see them go.
    • Sorry Too

      I have a GeForce 220 video card. It worked well, but lately burned out. I didn't try to pursue the warranty, and stumbled upon this news. Hard times. I'm really sorry to see BFG go.
  • Wadded up.

    The fact that the letter was wadded up, then retrieved from the trash for scanning kind of says it all.
  • Life time warranty and "made good stuff"??

    This is why Barbasol no longer sends a case of shaving cream to the person that complains their can wouldn't give the full yield because the compressed gas charge wasn't enough ...

    you say good stuff.... perhaps if they made GREAT! stuff ... they wouldn't have needed to milk people and provide the "lifetime warranty", nor gone out of business providing support above and beyond the technology they made!

    Honestly ... I can see 5 year, 10 year, warranties.. but **ONLY** if you build something to last 6 years, and 11 years respectively. Yeah... we've all suspected the 5 year 100,000 mile warranties are just long enough to keep 90% of the cars on the road past that time and then fall apart like a gelatinous goo ... but really ... can you blame them?

    The business model in these united states has been built upon consumptionism. We don't hold onto something till well past its supposed useful life and then do the hand-me-downs, we use it, possibly abuse it, and then throw it away for the NEXT greatest thing to come along since sliced pixels on rye.

    So what!, that innovation actually gets fueled by consumption, so what!, that we really have very few needs for this next gen crap; other than to play the next first person shoot-um-up that Joe Somebody says is to die for... or because some geek in the back of the basement of the building NEXT TO the science building found a way to make the GPU add its clock cycles to the cracking of the wep key of the kid down the hall...

    The real issue, is that we've never needed more than a decently designed very modest system, and even now we sell people on "Netbook" computers because of the use fits the design (ie. web/email) conceptually. People will work those things till the lettering comes off the keys, because they want the cheapest piece of hardware they can get, to do the most they can for ever AND a day ... just because they don't want to spend three times that amount now; for hardware that CAN do what they *NEED* it to do.. *now* and for their relatively short lived futures.

    Yes its a shame ... the company will be closing, they DID make some good stuff, much of which will for-ever, out live the warranty, but because of technological feature creep ... not because the chip fried, or the caps busted ... (I've) got an old Nvidia based card from them that had an electrolytic cap popped and it still worked, how the hell I don't know but I bought a replacement ... not a warranty swap cause it was a 6600 series and we're now rolling back to the triple digits (Newegg special deal from 1pm thru 11pm eastern, OCZ 850 Watt power supply and a GeForce 240, 512 meg for 99 bucks.... go figure) .... but just simply because the next newest fad comes along.. only then do we really need that new video card ... and so we attempt to retask the old in a way that is underwhelming and more befitting of that cards ability.. while we shoot horn rimmed gorgons with laser pistols of tomorrow-morrow land, for that half hour or hour every day ... while the other 99% of the time the card sits there drawing BEZIERS or QIX lines on the screen ....
  • RE: BFG Tech winding down,

    I'm running their Eco-Intelligence 9800 GT as a PhysX card. I hope it lasts after reading this.
    • RE: BFG Tech winding down,


      Maybe you should have a separate PC for reading news on that may upset your gaming system.

      These gaming systems are very sensitive emotionally. Too much AI these days.

  • BFG winding down, but not perhaps done

    Anyone who builds or upgrades systems is familiar with the name, having reached for one of their graphics cards at one point or another. After serving as a Nvidia club manufacturer for a decade, sad to see them throwing in the GPU towel.

    It has yet to be determined, however, if they will continue to provide power supplies, along with notebook and PC gaming systems. Some months back the talk was that they were consolidating toward that end point. To my knowledge, that still stands.
    • RE: BFG Tech winding down,

      @klumper The letter said they were liquidating their business, so it does not appear BFG Tech will be around anymore. Shame too. I liked them and purchased only BFG Tech cards for quite some time.
      • "Winding down and liquidating its business"


        I agree it sounds all-encompassing at first glance, but that clearly was not the intent only months back. I'm still not sure if this points to the GPU side of things or the whole caboodle. I guess only time will tell.
  • Will I be a lucky one?

    This makes me nervous, I've been waiting on my GTX295 RMA for over a month now. I just checked the status and it was shipped out last Thursday, due to arrive tomorrow. The box is 2 lbs so I'm getting something, hopefully it's not the dead card and $550 goes down the tubes.
    • Lucky duck odds


      You may be one very lucky guy if it does. If so, count yer blessings. ;)


      One very unlucky guy when yer DOA RMA returns. If so, try not to damage yer keyboard with tears from yer next post. :(


      I'll give you 35/65 on the former occurring FTW. :p
      • RE: BFG Tech winding down,

        @klumper<br><br>I quess my luck has run out, I got the same dead card back today. There wasn't even a letter nor packing material for that matter, just the card in the original antistatic bag flopping around in the box. This is truly a sad day.
      • Bummer

        @madasczik<br><br>Sorry to hear that. I had a feeling your timing was too close for comfort. <br><br>If it's any consolation, just about everyone gets caught short on componentry warranties at some point or another. All the more so if you tool around or upgrade parts regularly.<br><br>It's becoming more and more of a <i>no deposit, no return</i> world my friend. FWIW, I've been in that situation before too. It sucks.