Cell phone operators join forces to battle Apple

Cell phone operators join forces to battle Apple

Summary: Twenty-four of the world's largest cell phone operators have joined forces in an attempt to counter Apple's dominance in the app market. The announcement was made today at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

TOPICS: Apple, Apps, MWC, Telcos

Twenty-four of the world's largest cell phone operators have joined forces in an attempt to counter Apple's dominance in the app market. The announcement was made today at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The goal of the Wholesale Applications Community is to assist developers in taking their apps to as many handsets as possible, irrespective of the platform. Making up the consortium are big names such as Sprint, Vodafone and China Mobile. Between them, the operators have some 3 billion.

The reason for this consortium - cash. Apps are a lucrative business, and analysts such as Gartner say that spending is set to explode to $6.2 billion this year, with total downloads rising to 4.5 billion, from 2.5 billion last year.

It seems the problems facing developers is a simple (and old) one - too many platforms. The idea behind the consortium is to offer developers ways around this problem.

Will it work?

Well, consortiums like usually form when company feel threatened. Problem is that while companies feel that the consortium looks good on paper, problems develop because each member still wants to have the upper-hand over the competition, and this in-fighting usually weakens, and ultimately neuters, the consortium.

Another problem facing the consortium is that Apple isn't a sitting target and is unlikely to let the consortium out-maneuver it (not only that, but a company like Apple is likely to be much more nimble than a consortium).

That said, this is a good thing for users because it will encourage developers to make more apps available across a variety of platforms.

Topics: Apple, Apps, MWC, Telcos

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  • Too Fractured

    The boat has left the port people. That would be AAPL... BTW.

    This Consortium is standing there on the pier holding themselves wondering what the hell happened. I mean seriously , are investors that naive to believe that a Consortium is the answer?


    Some people you just can't reach.

    Oh!!! in closing... & For the record this "Tinker Toy Company" with it's "Toy Computers and Gadgets" has PROVED Itself time and time AGAIN!!! WITHOUT ANY HELP FROM THE NAYSAYERS & PRESS. Apple Inc. has something that NO OTHER TECH COMPANY HAS IN ITS ARSENAL....

    The control and development of their software and hardware. (RIMM does not have a desktop grade OS. They are a has been handset maker with an EXTREMELY dated mobile OS) This very point of "software/hardware control" that so many in past years scoffed @ Apple... scoffed @ their CLOSED system. Who's laughing now OH MIGHTY Consortium... Go LUCK with THAT!!!! "Fractured Telco City" might be an appropriate name for the Consortium.

    Apple is here to stay. Thank God...

    I am subjected on a daily basis to the Micodog & Dell Hell mentality ALL DAY LONG and its a JOKE!!!! Due to the shortsighted GREEDY self righteous schmucks that run this company. The Consortium is no different. Control, Greed Freaks with NO IDEA of what good technology is all about.
  • RE: Cell phone operators join forces to battle Apple

    they should take on M$ too and that will improve their bottom line too.
    Linux Geek
    • Raging zeelot is raging...

      What does MS(with a pitiful marketshare in smartphones) has to do with Apple's hermetically closed ecosystem...

      Sometimes I wonder if you forgot to update your own Kernel to prevent bugs in your current information processing unit. Remember Kernel version 99.25.2 fixed the problem related to stupidly associating a compagny to an article when said compagny was not actually mentionned in said article.
      • I don't think he knows linux either.

        Ram U
  • Apple can lock itself away; it will be their ultimate demise

  • The Tower of Babble

    Oh, this should be fun to watch! An app store for multiple platforms and LOTS of
    hardware variations. Yep. Let the fun begin!
    • Spot ON!

      Who will pick up the tab?
      Who stands to make the MOST?
      Who stands to lose the MOST?
      The infighting will be fierce. They will destroy themselves from within the ranks.

      This Will B fun to watch...

      Oh yes don't forget today's birth of Windows Phone 7 the Game Changer... If it was not confusing enough already. Good Grief.
    • If they build on HTML5

      that will make things more cross-platform. But of course HTML5 is a moving target...
      Michael Kelly
    • There are at least couple of large online apps stores

      for various platforms, Handango and PocketGear.

      This consortium will definitely not work. It will collapse within a year or
      Ram U
  • not a scary list

    Am?rica M?vil, AT&T, Bharti Airtel, China Mobile, China
    Unicom, Deutsche Telekom, KT, Mobilkom Austria Group,
    MTN Group, NTT DoCoMo, Orange, Orascom Telecom,
    Softbank Mobile, Telecom Italia, Telef?nica, Telenor Group,
    Telia Sonera, SingTel, SK Telecom, Sprint, Verizon Wireless,
    VimpelCom, Vodafone and Wind, as well as Samsung, LG
    and Sony Ericsson.

    Sony on their own could be interesting (like download apps
    for PSP and PS3), but I see Sony as too thinly spread over
    consumer electronics.
  • Nokia and Intel plan new mobile platform


    And EXACTLY HOW is this going to help the matters?

    Intel and Nokia ???? How is this going to help?
  • RE: Cell phone operators join forces to battle Apple

    Surely the author must not have english as his first language.
    Seems like the article was written in a different language and
    poorly translated to english. Very poorly written!
  • RE: Cell phone operators join forces to battle Apple

    Maybe insteaD OF WORRYING ABOUT aPPLE, these companies
    should worry about their customers.
    • well said.

      Ram U
  • Professional writer? Really?

    Your typing skills are always poor and you never seem to reread anything, but what is this:

    "Well, consortiums like usually form when company feel threatened."

    Is this even a sentence? It's kind of sad to see this come from a professional writer.