Coolest CES 2011 announcement so far - AR.Drone 2.0

Coolest CES 2011 announcement so far - AR.Drone 2.0

Summary: A cool toy becomes even cooler!


I gotta be honest with you, CES (Consumer Electronics Show) doesn't jazz me that much. It's not because I don't like cool stuff (I do) but it's because a lot fo the cool stuff shown off there has a vaporware feel to it. I'm waiting for this stuff to appear on the shelves.

Except for this ...

This is cool. This is AR.Drone 2.0, a revamped version of the ultra-cool AR. Drone wireless personal UAV that you can control from your iOS device. I own an AR.Drone and let me tell you that it's a lot of fun, but the revamped AR.Drone 2.0 brings with it a whole raft of new and exciting features.

For starters, the new Drone features a 720p front-facing camera so that you can capture your flights in HD. There's also a whole raft of new sensors, including an on-board magnetometer so that it can always tell where the pilot is in relation to its flightpath, and a new air pressure sensor that allows it to be more stable when hovering.

AR.Drone 2.0 is currently expected to be released Q2 2012, with a retail price of $299.

I can't wait!

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  • RE: Coolest CES 2011 announcement so far - AR.Drone 2.0

    So wait you're telling me 'Droid' does not have a 'Drone' app but Apple does?


    (Also what are the dimensions of this thing? Will it fit in a standard size backpack?)
    • RE: Coolest CES 2011 announcement so far - AR.Drone 2.0

      Actually, my son controls his with his Android phone. Of course, you didn't know it (and there is no irony on this).
  • RE: Coolest CES 2011 announcement so far - AR.Drone 2.0

    You meant CES 2012, I presume?
    • RE: Coolest CES 2011 announcement so far - AR.Drone 2.0

      @ggraysonlvlv : It's so "last year"..... LOL
    • RE: Coolest CES 2011 announcement so far - AR.Drone 2.0

      No surprise. I doubt that any ZD bloggers ever proof what they write. Check this out from the first paragraph:

      "because a lot fo the cool stuff shown"

      Apparently, even using a spelling checker is too much trouble.
  • Wow!

    Plant a wireless transceiver and data capture app's in it and Google can use it for "Street View" (...and "other things").<br><br> ;)
  • A

    Equip it with a remote paint sprayer to cover surveillance camera lenses.<br>Recon for guard placement and personnel movements.<br>Remote delivery of toxins, bioagents, or even ordinary riot control agents like tear gas or puke gas.<br>Or even delivery of an explosive.<br>Use one or more of these to deliver a handful of nuts and bolts into the engine intake of a jet on take off.<br><br>I notice that it comes with a detachable rotor guard; and I wonder if the weight of the guard offsets the improved efficiency of turning them into ducted rotors?<br><br>I guess it depends on the payload capacity of the machine, the wifi range on it, and what it takes to boost that range?<br><br>Dollars to doughnuts somebody already knows.