Could this be the Android handset that derails the iPhone juggernaut?

Could this be the Android handset that derails the iPhone juggernaut?

Summary: Engadget have photos of what it claims to be a PlayStation Phone ...


Engadget have photos of what it claims to be a PlayStation Phone. Could this be the Android handset that derails the iPhone juggernaut?

Here's the spec:

  • Android 3.0 (Gingerbread)
  • 1GHz Qualcomm MSM8655
  • 512MB of RAM
  • 1GB of ROM
  • Screen in the range of 3.7 to 4.1 inches
  • MicroSD card slot (not Memory Stick)
  • Built-in Sony keypad

So what makes this handset a PlayStation handset? A custom Sony Marketplace app.

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It'll be interesting to see what kind of disruptive effect this handset will have on the ecosystem. It has the potential to go either way (that is, do very well, or do very badly).

What do you think?

Topics: Mobility, Hardware, iPhone

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  • RE: Could this be the Android handset that derails the iPhone juggernaut?

    Don't care for PSP before won't care now
  • A resounding - No. [NT]

    • Sony has Gone Downhill Since Sir Howard Stringer Became CEO!

      @JT82 When they fired Ken Kutaragi (forced retirement) after destroying his plans for PS3, then I knew it was over for Sony!

      Sir Stringnutz took away everything good about Sony. Their R&D which was the best in the World became 2nd or 3rd rate. They had been highest rated for customer satisfaction and that promptly went down the tubes. Their CEO could balance books, but couldn't actually use their products or even a toaster by himself.

      Finally this PSP Phone has been in the works for 4years. If Sony Ericson had been treated properly by Sony's CEO, PSP phone would have come out in 2007 and would have challenged even iPhone rise. But now Sony has become simply an also ran Tech company! even if they did bring this out, how could anyone trust them? They sabotaged their own Console Platform (PS3) with killing firmware upgrade to kill features it had been sold on when Kutaragi ruled Sony and had brought them out of a financial crisis by taking chances and not being purely profit driven. Now they Suck!
  • Why do all Android devices looks so cheap?

    This thing looks like a "high-tech" 70s gadget -- there's no way it can complete with the iPhone.
    • RE: Could this be the Android handset that derails the iPhone juggernaut?

      That has nothing to do with "Android." That's the handset maker's fault.
  • Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    derail the iPhone with THAT?

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha haHa ha ha ha ha ha ha
    ... eee Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha....

    even the best selling Droids some with $100 million launch campaigns and/or BOGO deals by carriers like Verizon couldn't do it. None even sells a quarter of the iPhone and THIS will?

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha haHa ha ha ha ha ha ha
    • What's with you and the 100 million dollar launch campaign?

      hangup, Davewrite? It appears Verizon already made that back in plan sales, so why is that such a bother to you?
      John Zern
      • 100 million is one fifth of Apple's TOTAl ad budget of 2009

        @John Zern <br><br>which includes iPhones, Macs, iPods, itunes, software , apple stores etc.<br>LOL!!!<br><br>"bother me?" hardly.. but it does give me vast amusement to quote it whenever phandroids tout android 'success'. <br><br>100 m for the small number of droid phones they sold...<br>you DO know that not all the contract revenue is pure profit right? After you minus all the expense keeping the network up then you get your profit but all the 100 million is ALL expense, it's gone? Last quarter Verizon had a net profit of only 881 m so 100 m is a big hunk of change, no? 881m for EVERY phone they sell, droids, Blackberries, flip phones etc. all the contracts PLUS all their landline business! and you're implying 100 m is not important? whooooaaaa (881 is also LESS than the 1 billion plus last year. HA! I thought this RUNWAY Droid SUCCESS which according to Phandroids is rolling over iPhone would ADD big bucks to their profits.. ?) ... <br><br>fact is they are not trying any more 100 m campaigns shows how far they fell from target: they thought with 100 m they would have sold iPhone numbers but fell FAR short.<br>I think they struggled to sell 1 million phones (no one really knows because for some reason -- embarrassment? -- they didn't give sale numbers) for the launch : that's 100 bucks ad expense per phone!! In any case for a much smaller amount Apple sold tons more iPhones. <br><br>lol.
    • RE: Could this be the Android handset that derails the iPhone juggernaut?

      @Davewrite " "bother me?" hardly.. but it does give me vast amusement to quote it whenever phandroids tout android 'success'. "

      Actually, I believe they'd say that at a 33% total smartphone marketshare, with Apple at 21%.

      Or more to the point, Android marketshare in a very linear growth rate, with iOS having flattened completely, essentially stuck at an apparent 21% glass ceiling.

      Granted, I think you can blame Apple for some of it, with the negative PR from all the engineering faults of the iPhone 4, and when they release the iPhone 5 I'm certain not only will all those faults be corrected, but they will make sure there's additional candy built in to ensure they have the perception of being the top device again.

      But until that happens (or Verizon carrier), the gap is widening every single day, with Android continuing growth over Apple's single-device strategy.

      And that absolutely is success. If you were Google, that's exactly your goal. Mission accomplished, and look how far we've come since 1.5 and 1.6... 3.0 is around the corner.
      I'm sure Apple isn't resting on it's laurels, but note the news on the white iPhone 9 (...again) - my bet is they are already investing in iPhone 5, focusing on that event horizon rather than playing defense. No one said they weren't smart.

      But if you can't see both sides, then your words (and especially typed-out laughter) paint quite a moronic picture. You might take lessons from Apple's PR machine, rather than simply blindly embracing it.
      • where did you get the 33%

        @geolemon <br><br>NPD stats from spring? That's sales and not markeshare.<br>And spring was before iP4.
        Electronista on NPD stats:
        "Google's ability to hold on to the American smartphone market isn't as certain. The spring quarter only saw a few days of iPhone 4 sales and didn't reflect the sustained extra demand during the summer."
        >or 33% from Ad mob markeshare stats. ADmob belongs to google and is only based on feedback from its ads. Obviously there would be fewer admob ads on iOs as Apple has it's own ad network plus there are plenty of independent firms.<br><br>Comscore latest up to apr - July (also not fully counting iP4 launched in June) puts the number at 24% iPhone and 17% android in U.S. for marketshare. <br><br>Note also in U.S iPhone is only one carrier.<br><br>If Android is better and on ALL carriers in US with MANY Models plus massive BOGO droid deals shouldn't Android be outselling iPhone SEVERAL Times over instead of a few percent (if at all?)<br><br>also as Apple stated in its latest financial's Q&A session NO KNOWS for sure what the stats are -- apple thinks iOS activations are higher than Android -- as Droid OEMS usually do not release sales figures -- it's all guesswork.<br><br>When Apple gets on Verizon watch droid fade back.<br>As I've stated before iPhone made 65% of At&T smartphone sales , the legions of droids, blackerriers, WinMO, Palm etc made up the rest.<br><br>And as I've stated elsewhere Apple iPhone already makes 38-48% of worldwide phone profits.<br>You say my type out laughter is moronic but you are so dumb you didn't even understand what the laughter is for: it's for the idea that a Playstation phone would dethrone the iPhone. If you take that SERIOUSLY and not laughing at it .. dude YOU are the moron.<br><br>as for not seeing both sides of the story: I own BOTH google and Apple shares.. I think I know both companies and their stats more than most on these talkbacks.
      • RE: Could this be the Android handset that derails the iPhone juggernaut?


        Re: Android market share. Yeah, people love the Google spyphones. They will never learn, until they are burned.
    • What a Moronic iCrAppleholic you are!

      @Davewrite Samsung Galaxy alone sold 5million in it's first 45days Worldwide, before going on sale on all of it's targeted over 200 carriers and in 168 countries that it is now. They expect to sell 25 million smartphones of the 50million total sales the year. Over 20 Million will be Galaxy Series phones sold in just 6months. Extrapolate those Smartphone numbers out? Yes..... even if they sold only 50 million smartphones, with the addition of Galaxy line they have entered the realm of iPhone with astounding speed and veracity!

      Consider that Samsung makes most of the most expensive parts that go into most every phone as a bonus. As well as they've now quit contributing to the growth of Nokia (putting Symbian on phones) and you have Nokia as their only competitor to break. They've already punished CrApple with less parts for their 900,000 under projection sales of iPad! haha....

      Now since this chart for Android, they've gone on sale with Verizon and Sprint. Verizon is selling Galaxy at bucket load prices. It's selling like crazy in China since Sept. on all Top Three carriers there and their market is the fastest growing in the World. Also now on Top 3 in India as well. There they are selling the first dual mode smartphones in the World that can be used on either CDMA2000 or GSM. Ah.... gee.... why didn't CrApple think of that? Too Cheap and Samsung makes their own radio chips under related licenses! lol.... Can CrApple do that? No... they rely on Samsung! :D

      Gee if that's just America, and the entire World is bigger and more populated with potential buyers, along with being even more prone to buying Android phones, who's the loser going to be by year's end? ;)

      btw... oh yeah CrApple had one good quarter of 14 million upgrades.... gee I'm so impressed!
      • RE: Could this be the Android handset that derails the iPhone juggernaut?

        @i2fun@... exactly. And HTC alone sells more phones than apple does. The only reason that apple sells so many iPhone is because re their only phone. HTC sells more phones across its whole range of phones, but it actually has a selection. Unlike apple.
  • RE: Could this be the Android handset that derails the iPhone juggernaut?

    It's probably more of a competitor to the Nintendo DS. Especially with all those emulators on the Android Market.
  • RE: Could this be the Android handset that derails the iPhone juggernaut?

    To Davewrite:<br>Together all the handsets DO outsell the canUhearmenowiPhone. The thing that's getting larger in your rear view mirror is Android market share. By Q1 2011 all you'll be seeing is its dust while it passes the iCrap. Enjoy...
    • LOL! when iphone gets on Verizon watch droid bite the dust

      @larryvand <br><br>IPhone was 65% of AT&T's smartphone sales last quarter in spite of the fact they carry NUMEROUS Droids, Blackberries, Palm, WinMo etc.<br>think about it.<br><br> <br><br> Iphone ALREADY takes 38 -48% of the TOTAL worldwide (smart AND dumb) phone profits (Cannacord and Asymco numbers), shows that iPhone is just eating up the high end. <br><br>And if you count iOS vs Android, iOS is holding it's own in sales, still has much bigger marketshare and app share gap has grown BIGGER.<br><br>As phone profits drop and competition heats up among the droid makers quality is going to drop and they'll have to load more and more crapware to make up the difference. Initially droid sales for individual models were ok as I mentioned they gambled on 100 m ad campaigns -- they EXPECTED with 100 m campaigns to get iPhone results but failed so I don't think they are going to try anymore.<br><br>But if they win I own Google stock anyways. Didn't buy anymore since they announced Android though... <br><br> REAR VIEW MIRROR?? HA!<br>When they announced Android in 2007 Google was LARGER than Apple, today after two plus years of Droid... Apple is about 100 Billion bigger than Google in market cap (281 vs 196 b)-- what's this about 'rear view mirror again'?
      • RE: Could this be the Android handset that derails the iPhone juggernaut?

        @Davewrite <br><br>Get a grip. AT&T and Apple are in bed together. That is why Apple is doing well because AT&T totally caters to them. <br><br>Apple is evil. They are closed source and closed hardware. How much more evil can a company be? I would never use a product that I can't see what's under the hood.

        At least with Android you have a choice of hardware. With Apple you have 1 design.
    • @AirborneDude LOL, are you SERIOUS?

      @AirborneDude<br><br>aT&T are in bed together. and the droid makers are not in bed with carriers? "Apple is Evil" an 'google is Good', Are you DELUDED?<br><br>Do some research and read the latest articles on how carrier and OEMs are loading crapware (some you can't even remove), limiting the phones to their own private app stores etc. for Droid phones. It's Apple who is fighting carriers against crap ware etc on iPhones. Google caved in. <br><br>just from ZDnet (google and read the articles) <br>"How Verizon meddling ruined a perfectly good Android phone"<br>"Google starts to pay price for Android failures"<br><br>toms guide:<br>"Joe Hewitt, a developer now at Facebook, helped open source projects like Mozilla's Firefox. He has ample experience with open source projects, and he doesn't feel that Android is as open as people say it is."<br><br>Jon Hewitt the developer for mozilla:<br><br>"It's clear to me that the only reason Android has enjoyed so much success is that Google has given the carriers pretty much everything they could ask for, and the carriers have responded with the ton of marketing dollars and subsidies that Google needed in order for Android to have any shot to compete with the iPhone. While I can criticize Google for compromising Android in an effort to please the carriers, I have to admit that if they hadn't done this, Android would very likely be irrelevant today."<br><br>and your <br>"Apple is evil"<br>I'm not saying Google is MORE evil but you think it's innocent?<br><br>are you ignorant?<br>did you know Google streetview cars have been caught collecting private data from houses and has been charged in several countries?<br><br>PC world:<br>"Don't be evil" has gone all 1984 on us. Or so it seems after Google revealed Friday that its Street View cars, in addition to snapping photos of the world's roadways, have also been collecting sensitive personal information from unencrypted wireless networks"<br><br>CBS:<br>"Australia's government has accused Google of deliberately harvesting personal data from wireless networks in the country as it gathered images and information for its much-criticized "Street View" application. "<br><br>France joins Google investigation:<br>"The French data protection agency CNIL said it was examining private data collected for Street View, including emails and possibly banking details, to decide if the firm should face criminal charges or other sanctions." <br><br>GET It? they were stealing private info for their own users. Cars that should be PHOTOGRAPHING were sucking private info from HOUSES! (imagine if apple did that!)<br><br>Did you Google has been sued by various artists, writer and photography groups for illegally using their works to sell ads and has lost?<br><br>ONE example:<br>Bloomberg<br>"Photographers and illustrators sued Google Inc., alleging the companys plan to make digital copies of millions of books will infringe copyrights on images theyve created.<br><br>The groups that filed the complaint today seek class- action, or group status, to sue Google, the worlds most popular Internet search engine, on behalf of visual artists and individuals."<br><br>Google innocent like you think.<br>GWAD you guys are NAIVE...<br>-----<br>I don't want to write such long posts but I have to as you guys seem really blur....

      Google's 'Do No Evil' is a MARKETING line dudes... they KNOW you guys are so naive and their ad boys (Google is practically ALL advertising) are laughing at you as you chumps swallow it... hook, line, sinker and fishing rod.
    • RE: Could this be the Android handset that derails the iPhone juggernaut?


      In short - this Phone is in no way going to compete with the iPhone - it is exactly the opposite of an iPhone.

      It will sell, and it deserves to sell to the small target market it is designed for. I don't use the term small to be derogatory - it is designed for a niche market and that is what it should get.

      But android users miss the whole point of why the iPhone sells. And no it isn't hype - it's that the iPhone is not a techno toy.

      Android is the whole Windows Feeedom train Wreck. Yes they are selling Windows way more than Macs, but if you had to start from scratch launching Windows and OS X into a market with no prior experience, but with the new market expectations of functionality over praying to the computer to make it work - then Windows would bite the dust.

      Now I expect Android to take 30% of the market, and I expect Windows 7 phones to take eventually 30%. So that may leave Apple around 20-25% at which it will be making a lot of people very, very happy.

      20-25% of the market of one hardware manufacturer with effectively 2 handsets is massive.

      With Android splitting revenue between Samsung, Motorola, HTC and a few others - well who would you rather be? HTC or Apple?

      What is amazing is that in the US you are still talking about the Smartphone market - in Australia Apple has 21% of the whole mobile phone market - and the users are not those who went out to buy a smartphone.

      I cannot walk through the local suburban shops without seeing iPhones everywhere - and the users are just your average person.

      Or more interesting - iPhone is now the term for a phone with internet access here.

      Nobody talks about smartphones in politics or anywhere else in this country, everyone talks about iPhones.

      The term smartphone is actually stupid - a phone is not smart, and for that matter it is not an android.

      In both cases these terms are overstatements of the phone's ability or function. It is a bit of a stretch to imply that a phone is smart, and look up the word 'android' to see why that is just plain ridiculous hyperbole for marketing reasons.

      iPhone is clearly just a phone for 'I', the user which makes sense.

      iCrap is appropriate larryvand - it is what you are doing.

      Living in a wishful fantasy land where you want your team to win over the team you despise because you do not understand others. This unknown other induces fear and some jealousy.
  • Everything beats the Iphone anyway

    The Iphone is a market gimmick, And the flock rush forth and by in huge masses.
    A good decent phone is not a popular one that people will purchase due to hype, rather than factual basis.

    The Apple Iphone is not a good phone - Clear and simple, However the retina display is nice, The screen is tiny and unsuitable.

    The playstation phone is clearly a fake.