Cracking the iPad 2 lock screen

Cracking the iPad 2 lock screen

Summary: All you need is a Smart Cover.

TOPICS: iPad, Mobility

What do you need to break into a locked iPad 2? Believe it or not, all you need is an official Apple Smart Cover.

Here's how to do it:

  • Someone's busy using their iPad 2 (getting a massive score on Angry Birds)
  • They lock the iPad 2 and leave it unattended (OK, idiot move) ... they have it passcoded so they don't worry about people getting into it
  • Bad guy comes along
  • This trick requires a Smart Cover, so if the iPad 2 isn't fitted with one, the bad guy will need one
  • Fit the Smart Cover, the press the sleep/wake button at the top until the 'Power off" message appears then close the Smart Cover then open it and then click on 'Cancel.'
  • They're into the iPad 2 and playing Angry Birds!

Here's Cesare Garlati of BringYourOwnIT demonstrating the hack:

There's a limitation ... you can't hit the Home button, because as soon as you do the device locks, so effectively you only have access to the last application running. But still, if that's the email client or an important document, it's a serious bug.

Topics: iPad, Mobility

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  • RE: Cracking the iPad 2 lock screen

    Considering that you can use an app like iExplorer to browse every file on the iPad (locked or not) as though it were a USB drive, it's a bit much to call this a serious bug. A smart cover lock bug is the least of your worries if you leave your thing iThing unattended but if you want to strain at the proverbial knat while swallowing the camel, you can easily disable the smart cover lock in the settings menu.
    • RE: Cracking the iPad 2 lock screen

      @markbyrn This has been my complaint regarding this system as well... They have Encryption on an Application Level but as soon as it hits a Windows box the iPad will give away the house!

      Yes we have one at home but will not use it for more than entertainment because of this issue!
    • For iExplorere thing you have to check 'Encryption'

      @markbyrn: This will be the remedy.

      But it is bad if anything besides DCIM folder can be accessed via outside software.
  • Well

    Does it matter to the average user? with iCloud you can remotely find your iPad, send a message or a beep, wipe it etc... the average user does not care, techies on the other hand, OMG Apple is horrible!!!
    • RE: Cracking the iPad 2 lock screen

      @Hasam1991 You're assuming that the bad guy actually steals it. He might just take/do what he wants while you're away for a few minutes, for example.
      • RE: Cracking the iPad 2 lock screen

        @Mike (not Cox) Only in the App you have left running. If you are in your contacts then it could be an issue. Angry Birds, not so much.
  • RE: Cracking the iPad 2 lock screen

    Curious if you can use the multi-touch gesture in IOS 5 to access the menu or task list without touching the button.
    • Doesn't look like it

      I tried all the 4 finger gestures and none of them worked. They all seem to be recognized as 2 finger gestures.
      • RE: Cracking the iPad 2 lock screen

        @toddybottom I knew you had one and were just being an Ass.
      • RE: Cracking the iPad 2 lock screen

        @toddybottom So wait - you have an iPad? You bought an iPad? Really?

        Pardon my surprise here but weren't YOU the one bemoaning the "sick market" as far as Apple having some sort of lockdown on the Tablet, smartphone, portable MP3 player, and high end computer markets? Weren't YOU the one who claimed that Apple has some sort of monopoly in those markets as well?

        So hypocritical much?
    • RE: Cracking the iPad 2 lock screen

      @rsherkin Once you get into the device yes you should be able to push up with 4 fingers to get to the task list... I don't own a smart cover so I cannot test the theory but these gestures are built into iOS 5 on the iPad.
  • RE: Cracking the iPad 2 lock screen

    Lawl security at its finest
    • RE: Cracking the iPad 2 lock screen

      @Jimster480 Of course, this requires physical access to the device, and can be defeated by a remote wipe. So there is a short window where the thief can access the data on the device. But that's true for every mobile device- physical access to the hardware always makes it easier to get at the data.
  • No biggie

    You can only access the current program.

    So in industries like healthcare, you can only access medical records. And executives will only provide all their emails or confidential information to whoever spends the 10 seconds it takes to do it.

    Don't worry, it's a feature. And you're holding it wrong. Plus it doesn't get viruses, so it's really secure.
    • RE: Cracking the iPad 2 lock screen

      @crazydanr@... According to the Article you can access everything as long as you don't press the home button...
  • RE: Cracking the iPad 2 lock screen
  • RE: Cracking the iPad 2 lock screen

    What happens if the last place the person was at WAS the home page? Do you have access to everything, or does it lock as soon as you try to open an app?
    • RE: Cracking the iPad 2 lock screen

      @Aerowind Locks when you open the app. Also I think this only works on iOS5.
    • Home screen

      @Aerowind From the home screen all icons are disabled. If you're running Exchange they only get the active email. Subjects don't even show up. You can reply and have access to the addressbook.
  • RE: Cracking the iPad 2 lock screen

    I hope they aren't using the recently released Mint application when they lock the screen. All your bank data just got into the wrong hands.