Do you need a Facebook account to sign up to Spotify?

Do you need a Facebook account to sign up to Spotify?

Summary: No Facebook account, no Spotify account.


Several readers have been hitting me up with this question:

Can you sign up for Spotify without Facebook? I tried signing up but couldn't fina a way to do it without having a Facebook account. Any ideas.

So, do you need a Facebook account to sign up for a Spotify account? Well, here's what I see when I click on the 'Sign Up' button:

So, it seems that you either need a Facebook account, or you need to sign up for a Facebook. If you're not willing to do that, you're stuffed.

The requirement to have a Facebook account has been confirmed by a Spotify representative here.

I'veheard a lot of voodoo from a few people who claim that they can see alternative ways to create new accounts on Spotify that don't involve Facebook but I've tried them all (using a number of different connections and proxies) and I ALWAYS end up on the Facebook logon screen as shown above.

If a reader can find a reliable, repeatable way to create a Spotify account without having a Facebook account, let me know!

Note: If you have an existing Spotify account you can continue to sign in using your existing Spotify credentials.

Would you be willing to sign up to Facebook in order to have an account elsewhere?

Topic: Social Enterprise

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  • RE: Do you need a Facebook account to sign up to Spotify?

    Absolutely not.

    I would (and have) create a dummy facebook account perhaps depending on how badly I wanted to use the service.

    Which brings me to another point - I cannot, CANNOT get over the amount of bozos out there who actually use their real facebook account and real names when posting comments on certain sites that use facebook for commenting. The stuff they say!!! Under their real names!! Linked right to their facebook account!! Is it just me or is privacy truly dead already and no one really cares?
  • RE: Do you need a Facebook account to sign up to Spotify?

    I am getting sick of needing a FB account for everything. I will never sign up for that BS site, so these companies need to open up a new way for users to sign up for their services without having a FB account.
  • RE: Do you need a Facebook account to sign up to Spotify?

    I signed up for an invite before spotify launched in the US. I got my invite and signed up that way. I would not have signed up if they had requires a Facebook account as it seems a breach of privacy.
  • RE: Do you need a Facebook account to sign up to Spotify?

    Yes and another website is Here even to do a search you need a FB account. Next time I will make a bogus account.
  • RE: Do you need a Facebook account to sign up to Spotify?

    Frankly, I don't care how neat, cool, or desireable Spotify is, I flat refuse to use ANYTHING that requires me to setup a FaceBook account, not even under a bogus/fake name/email address.

    Frankly, I wish that Spotify would wither on the vine and die due to this idiotic requirement - but there are tons of idiots out there who will comply with this moronic requirement and probably keep them alive

  • What's a "Facebook account?"

  • Is Spotify really a FB company in hiding?

    Here is a post I tried to add to the Spotify site ... Just to post something required me to sign in to yet another website/service ... I don't even remember the name because I was getting so frustrated by that point in time ... anyway I just need to vent


    I have to agree with most of the posts here ... I heard Spotify was a great! service and I wanted to sign up ... but when I tried to subscribe and found it was tethered to a FB account which I very rarely use (I really don't have much use for FB as a social thing, I talk to my friends) ... the need to opt in by default really SUCKED ...

    Why is this Spotify? ... I question as to whether or not you are actually a FB owned and operated company in disguise ... or ... just trying to ride their coattails hoping for the revenue and alienating so many ...

    You have a great product so I have heard ... if you ARE your own independent company why not offer the option for an individual subscription ... FB lemmings will most certainly sign up and all the others posting here would do the same as well if given the option ... something hinky going on in my opinion!! ... co-branding is all well and fine and a good thing to do when it is an advantage to both entities ... but it seems to me FB is the only winner in this ...

    FB why not just buy them out ... and make Spotify a sole FB feature?

    I guess I will have to go back to listening to the music I have ... I must say I also won't sign up for iTunes ... it sucks as well ... I tried it ... again ... "do it our way or no way" ... if I BUY music I want to actually own it, play it when, where, and how I want ... sorry I guess I'm just old school

    OK enough ranting for now ... I'm going to listen to some comfortable vinyl and CD sounds ... hahaha ... I'm not really that old :-) ... I do have digital music

  • RE: Do you need a Facebook account to sign up to Spotify?

    At this time, there are almost 1,000 people on the Spotify customer service discussion thread (link was posted by the author above) who are very upset about this. The number keeps growing every day.
    No Facebook Required
  • Spotify Alternatives

    I agree with the others who do not wish to use Facebook to register for a spotify account. Not even prepared to use a spoof FB account with a disposable email address. It puts too many eggs in one basket for my liking.

    I've been looking at alternatives like Pandora but because I'm in the UK, I can't use that, or many of the other major ones like Slacker or Looks like the best alternative is actually MySpace which has got a lot better as an online music service since it was bought out.
    Myke Black