DST - Happy or headaches?

DST - Happy or headaches?

Summary: [Updated: Mar 12, 2007 @ 2.25 pm]  NIST is keeping an eye on DST-related issues.

TOPICS: Microsoft

[Updated: Mar 12, 2007 @ 2.25 pm]  NIST is keeping an eye on DST-related issues.  Here are a few issues:

So, how has the early DST change left you feeling - are you happy or have you come to work today and you're facing a load of headaches you could do without on a Monday morning?

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Topic: Microsoft

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  • Votes %?

    Happy: 100%
    Not-Happy: 50%
    Total votes: 2

    How does that work? Some kind of 'new math'? ;)
    D T Schmitz
    • Must be ...

      ... doesn't say "Diebold" anywhere, does it?

      It's an issue with the plug-in - when there are a number of votes being cast it doesn't always log the vote in the display but will log the % contribution. But the votes are logges and it does catch up with itself in the end, it's just that it's more obvious when the poll is fresh.
      Adrian Kingsley-Hughes
  • No problem, but who expected any?

    What a non-event.
    • But...

      ...it made for great press. :)

      Carl Rapson
      • Just Like Y2K

        No fuss here.

        Maybe the problems all are with the non-competent, non prepared types, don't know.
  • Whats the big Deal

    Maybe I am missing something but I was able to patch my Windows Servers (actually they patched themselves. I manually patched my Novell and Linux servers. There was only 1 server we had to change manually and it was not really a big deal. All our desktops updated from Windows Updates and patched themselves. So all in all the 65 servers and 2800 desktops we have are all good to go.
  • Some OK - Some not

    I had a mixed bag this morning. My Win Server 2003 was OK but all of my Win 2000 Servers did not change. I followed the MS step-by-step directions with tzedit and have verified that they were before Sunday and still are today set to change the 2nd Sunday of March. For some reason they did not change. The Win XP Pro clients appear to be OK too. Go figure.
    • Workaround for W2K

      I've found that turning off "Automatically adjust clock for Daylight Saving changes" and turning it back on again causes W2K machines to finally apply the new DST rules.
      • RE WorkAround

        I had the same problem with Win2K machines not updating. However, despite instructions to everyone on HOW to update their systems and to be SURE to get it done by Friday afternoon before they left, most users didn't follow through. Applying the patch myself after the fact this morning, rebooting, then turning the "Apply" off and back on didn't change the clock. It must have been waiting for next year. Maybe I should have done the apply off/on before the reboot. Didn't try it. In any case, we had to manually change the clock on every Win2K machine in the department. I guess we'll see what happens come the end of October.
  • DST

    I hate DST its just one way the the goverment gets to take a hour away from you and they think they are getting all of the glory. I did my office it was really easy with Novell, and groupwise was a simple fix. Gee if Microsoft took a hint from Novell and thought of these things probally all of those people with server and exchange DST problems would not be on line. But I am not going to get cocky about it because I know what its like to be hanging on the phone with some moron from india who only has a so called repair book in front of them and no one to contact at Mircosoft because Bill gates loves counting his money and puts anything out and says it software.
    • You do get the hour back ...

      ... but they keep the interest.
      Adrian Kingsley-Hughes
  • Dark

    I wouldn't have liked the time change whenever they chose to have it happen. It hate driving to work when the sun isn't up. It reminds me of how much I should be back in bed.

  • It's always a pain

    Techwise it wasted my time, that was pain but no real problems so far.

    What really is a pain is that it's dark now for longer and on top of that I'm getting up an hour earlier. I'm really feeling it this morning. All groggy and slow, now that frustrating.

    All this so we could move an hour of darkness from the morning to an hour of darkness at night and some how that's supposed to save us energy. In 17 day this might make difference as the sun would have been up shortly after 6 AM. So that 4 days of savings we get here. Down south this would make difference though.

    Personally we should just do away with DST. Then if you want you're workers working during daylight, schedule work during daylight.
    • Actually...

      ...I think it's meant to move an hour of light from the morning to the evening, where presumably people could make better use of it. But I agree with you regardless. Why can't it be up to businesses to set their own hours?

      I've always wondered what business is it of the government's to foist something like this off on us in the first place. Where in the Consitution is the federal government given the power to regulate clocks and time?

      I wonder what would happen if everyone just decided to refuse to adjust their clocks. Would refusing to turn an hour over to the government be the same as refusing to pay taxes? Would the government come and arrest us all?

      Carl Rapson
  • Verzon FIOS was only problem

    Verizon FIOS TV settop box is set to eastern time zone (I am in pacific time zone).
  • JAVA Stinks

    All DST patching was fine except for 2 apps both written in JAVA. The DST updates for JAVA do not work for MST. We have read all white papers on TZupdater and the Olsen timezone and the recommended fixes don't work. Were now pouring through code! If you store dates in a database please use date/time fields not UNIX time!
  • Exchange

    Trying to patching Exchange was a pain in the a$$. Win2k3 servers were fine. Win XP clients were fine. Win2k needed a little kick but was fine.

    I wouldn't say that it was smooth, but anyone with a decent patch process should be okay.
  • No Microsoft problems, just Honeywell door locks!

    All my Windows and Linux machines were fine.

    But while the door lock system was running on a properly updated Windows system, the application was hopelessly confused, silently transmitting standard time to the hardware while telling me it was sending daylight. I guess the people who wrote the application either weren't alive or weren't paying attention in the 70's.
  • tzedit is hit and miss

    Some Windows 2000 and NT systems that were modified with tzedit changed and others didn't. Most of them changed to DST as expected.

    Like a poster above doubled checked that 2nd Sunday of March was set. It was on all machines that didn't change correctly.
    I ran the free intelliadmin DST fix for Windows NT, 2k, XP, and 2k3 on the systems that didn't spring forward. Rolled the system date and time back to March 11, 2007 @ 1:59 am. Let it roll over to 2:00 am and watched it magically change to 3:00 am. The intelliadmin tool seems to do the job.

    Choose downloads and look under the free section.

    It appears that all Windows XP, Server 2003, and Vista machines changed correctly. However, I haven't visited all the workstation (and I am not) so I can't confirm all Windows XP and Vista yet. I haven't received any calls from users. That is always a good sign.
    • Interesting ...

      ... I wonder what's up with tzedit?
      Adrian Kingsley-Hughes