Duke Nukem Forever gets a release date

Duke Nukem Forever gets a release date

Summary: Duke Nukem Forever finally gets a release date - May 3rd.


Duke Nukem Forever finally gets a release date - May 3rd.

Game Informer has the details:

"Somehow the guys at Game Informer magazine discovered Duke Nukem Forever's launch date before I did," joked Randy Pitchford, president of Gearbox Software and executive producer of Duke Nukem Forever. "But I cannot imagine any better video game news source team than Game Informer to reveal the moment of truth for the most inconceivable, incorrigible and inspiring turn around story in the history of the video game industry - the coming of Duke Nukem Forever on May 3, 2011."

May 3rd date is US only, the rest of the the world has to wait until May 6th.


Here's a preview from October 2010:

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  • John St John?

    Is he doing the vocals? Or I'm not buying.
    The Star King
  • Sad times

    I guess the world really is coming to an end.
  • World biggest vaporware is actually getting released?

    This thing is being in the vaporware vault more more than 10 years. It better be a good product.
    • RE: Duke Nukem Forever gets a release date

      To quote a certain hero and his companion:

      "What about the game, Duke? Was it any good?"
      "Well, yeah. After 12 f**king years, it should be."
    • RE: Duke Nukem Forever gets a release date

      @wackoae Maybe you dont remember about starcraft 2, that came out last year after being vaporware since 1998.
  • RE: Duke Nukem Forever gets a release date

    Duke Nukem - the joke of pretty much all game publications, and I believe it won several "vaporware" awards.<br><br>Too bad the original publisher (3D Realms) went out of business? Or not? Dunno what happened, their website is still up? Looks like 2K Games took it over, though.<br><br>In any case - this game has definitely been the vaporware joke for quite some time, good to see it's finally coming out.<br><br>Guaranteed kid unfriendly, heh.<br><br>Doubtful I'll get it, though - not my type of game.
  • At the time the original was released ..

    .. I really didn't give Duke Nukem a second thought .. was too busy with [i]DOOM[/i] (..yes, still) and [i]Quake I & II[/i].

    The original had the look of a corny, knock-off then .. still does.

    Oh, well my pre-teen nephews seemed to like it. Kids don't truly seem to develop the critical eye for games until they hit the teen years or just before, imho.

    But seriously, Duke Nukem 2K11 is all the sudden news?? That was worth a laugh or two ...