'Dumbphones' oust Android into #3 spot

'Dumbphones' oust Android into #3 spot

Summary: Android shoved into #3 slot by Java ME again


If I asked you for the top three mobile operating systems as measured by usage share chances are you'd say iOS, Android and Symbian - and you'd be wrong!

In fact, according to NetMarketShare, the #2 spot doesn't belong to Android but to a lesser-known and far less sexy platform - Oracle's Java ME (the ME stands for Micro Edition). A few months back Java ME was pushed into the #3 spot by Android, but it's now retaken the #2 spot and is the fastest-growing mobile platform when measured in terms of usage share.

So what does Java ME power? It's the platform of choice for low-cost 'dumbphones' and is installed on some 3 billion mobile phones and PDAs. According to Oracle 31 times more Java phones ship every year than Apple and Android combined ... that's a massive number of devices. Well, it seems that  owners of these handsets are going online with them in increasing numbers.

NetMarketShare uses data captured from the 160 million unique visitors browsing some 40,000 Web sites it monitors for clients.

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  • RE: 'Dumbphones' oust Android into #3 spot

    I get the feeling you really don't like Android. Android and Java ME really serve different types of users don't they? Why compare them unless you're trying to cast Android in a bad light?
    • RE: 'Dumbphones' oust Android into #3 spot

      @marbo100 <br>"I get the feeling you really don't like Android ..."<br><br>It can't be that obvious. Is it really that obvious? That's a rhetorical question.<br><br>[b]PS. He is only doing what he gets paid to do (propaganda).[/b]<br>Brought to you by wp7 ad budget.
      • RE: 'Dumbphones' oust Android into #3 spot

        I don't want to address the main topic, but can't help but comment.

        "lesser-known and far less sexy platform - Oracle???s??Java ME (the ME stands for Micro Edition)."
        " 'According to Oracle'??31 times more Java phones ship every year than Apple and Android combined ???"

        Personally, I don't trust ANYTHING a corporation or politician says.

        as they are closely linked.

        RE: Politicians spending MILLIONS of their own dollars to get a job that pays in the hundred thousands a year and is limited to FOUR years.
        They KNOW that they will get many MILLIONS from CORPORATE lobbyists.

        Corporations CAN NOT BE TRUSTED.
        They care NOT one bit about the health of any society.
        They are GLOBAL entities with all the rights of each human being, with NONE of the humanity, compassion, or any feelings at all.

        Corporations control the world with their money, deceptive brain washing advertising, and endless greed.

        MY opinion.
      • The headline generates hits

        @Return_of_the_jedi and the hits generate the ad revenue that allow ZDNet to keep bringing you free content.

        So it is an interesting topic that brought both you and I here to see what it was all about - and now we know and we're free to make our own conclusions. To me, it is interesting. It could predict lots of things - one of which could be a stabilizing smart-phone market and/or some users rejecting expensive smart-phones to return to less expensive feature-phones. Feature-phones are getting more Smart-phone LIKE in their interfaces, as well, and that may eventually erode sales of Smart-phones. If a feature phone can give you a GREAT web browsing experience, a great e-mail client, and you don't care about apps that much - a Feature (dumb) phone suddenly becomes - well, it becomes what Microsoft WANTED the KIN to be - and that could crack open a huge Tween and Teen market.

        Anyhow... READERS determine the topics the writers write about. Trust me - if he was writing about Microsoft or Intel products, there would be crickets in this forum. You want to know the reason the author is focusing on this topic, look in the mirror.
      • RE: 'Dumbphones' oust Android into #3 spot

        @Return_of_the_jedi Always glad to help drain the WP7 ad budget.
    • maybe he's just trying to show..

      @marbo100 ..the real current landscape...
      a) still A LOT of non-techy people that don't care at all about smartphones..
      b) installed base is different than marketshare.. iOS installed base is still much larger than Android..
      c) Android is non-existant outside of phones.. iOS still dominates tablets and PMP's.. making iOS the larger mobile platform..
      d) most studies show that iOS users go online WAY more than Android users... which accounts for some of the disparity when using web access to assess usage..
      • RE: 'Dumbphones' oust Android into #3 spot


        Kool-Aid anyone?
      • RE: 'Dumbphones' oust Android into #3 spot

        @theFunkDoctorSpoc no it doesn't! It shows that iOS users access larger files as they download more data to their iOS devices... Of course that fats was before pretty much every Android device got the likes of Netflix and Amazon Cloud Player.
      • RE: 'Dumbphones' oust Android into #3 spot

        @marbo100 While there are 25 or 30 kinds of Android-based PMPs out there, the iPhone 4 outsells all of them at least 3:1 if not more.

        Remember ZuneHD? Also a victim.
      • RE: 'Dumbphones' oust Android into #3 spot

        @theFunkDoctorSpoc [i]
        d) most studies show that iOS users go online WAY more than Android users... which accounts for some of the disparity when using web access to assess usage.. [/i]
        Funny how these studies always show this yet according to all the Apple haters out there iOS devices are useless online due to the lack of Flash ;-)
    • RE: 'Dumbphones' oust Android into #3 spot

      @marbo100 Maybe because everybody is going on about Android overtaking iOS, but they are both chicken feed numbers, compared to the overall global market for mobile phones.

      Although the graph and the figures don't match up...

      I know, that among my friends, less than 30% have smartphones, and that is up around 80% over a year ago.
      • It's charting web access ("usage"), not ownership numbers

      • RE: 'Dumbphones' oust Android into #3 spot

        @daboochmeister Thanks, missed that.
    • RE: 'Dumbphones' oust Android into #3 spot

      @marbo100 Adrian was going on a tour of Mountain View and Larry Page backed over his teacup chihuahua. It was an accident, but he just can't let it go. Such was his love for Mookie Wigglepants - it was like losing a child.
    • RE: 'Dumbphones' oust Android into #3 spot

      @marbo100 : I have a hard time believing anything that says that Symbian and BlackBerry have gained share over the last 2 months.
    • RE: 'Dumbphones' oust Android into #3 spot

      @marbo100 None of these tech sites ending in net with a c, zd or whatever before it does. They are on Apple's payroll it is obvious. As dated as iOS is 2008 and as juvenile as it looks. Considering your app drawer is your homescreen which is ridiculous, they should be running to embrace 21st century Android. Let these relics stay in the past where they belong. Every time they print one of these articles they lose more credibility.
      • RE: 'Dumbphones' oust Android into #3 spot

        @techenduser Biased much? You claim they are on Apple's payroll but were you claiming that in 2010 where 8 out of 10 Apple stories were from a negative twist? Sure they got a lot of good press here in 2011 but they earned it as well. If you can't handle it when they get good press you better complain as much when it's bad.
    • RE: 'Dumbphones' oust Android into #3 spot

      @marbo100 No they really are not comparable but does that stop you from using all Android phones lumped together when comparing number with the iPhone? Are all Android phones made to serve the same client??le as the iPhone or high end Android phones? Of course they aren't but you are more than happy to include them when it makes you look good aren't you?
  • RE: 'Dumbphones' oust Android into #3 spot

    Live and Let Live.... there is a place for all.... Just don't do evil like google
    • RE: 'Dumbphones' oust Android into #3 spot

      @owlnet Guess a fanboi didn't like what you had to say.

      Silly fanbois.