Dwight Silverman really wants an 8-core Mac Pro desktop

Dwight Silverman really wants an 8-core Mac Pro desktop

Summary: Dwight Silverman really wants an 8-core Mac Pro desktop - and he has a plan to get one!


If you're not already a regular reader of Dwight Silverman's TechBlog (if you don't, I highly recommend you add it to your RSS reader), you really should check out his latest post.   Gadget lust has hit him hard and he really "needs" an 8-core Mac Pro desktop.  His plan for getting one - get his wife to buy him one!

He begins:

Dearest Lovely Wife:

Good start!

Apple today announced that it is now offering an 8-core version of its Mac Pro desktop. You're not a techie, Lovely Wife, so let me explain -- 8-core means it has eight processors in it. In this case, it's two Intel Xeon Quad-Core processors. 2 x 4 = 8, but since you do the finances in our happy home, I don't need to tell you that (I hope).

Flattery will get you everywhere!  It doesn't take long for Dwight to get down to the finances:

Total price, according to Apple's configurator: A mere $5,541!

He did soften the blow though by not adding the screen!

That doesn't include a monitor, such as the $899 23-inch Cinema HD Display . I figured I'd cut you a break. We can negotiate on this point later.

My recommendations Dwight - get two of those babies!

I think his payment plan needs work though:

Really, this would not require much financial sacrifice. Perhaps if we don't buy clothing for a few years, or not pay the electric bill for a couple of Houston summers, or maybe sell our first-born into slavery . . . we could easily afford it.

Ohhh, you should have added on the end there "after all, it does have 8 cores!"  You could have also mentioned that 8 cores means that you'll get 8 times as much work done in an eighth of the time! 

And if all that isn't enough, there's the classy close:

Anyway, I'll leave it up to you, of course. I know you'll do the right thing.

And if not, well, I'm sure my third wife will.

Thanks for sharing your moves with us Dwight!  Alternatively, you could have bought the rig and when your wife spotted it casually say "what, this old thing, had it for ages ..."  That also works a treat!

Let us know how you get on! ;-)

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  • A great machine no doubt ...

    Last Monday I went to the Apple site and it stood there in great evidence.
    The configurator does tell an expensive story ...

    Just the option for two Quad cores is something like 1498$00 over the base two Core 2 2.66GHz CPU'S ...
    them there is memory ...
    Clearly a top configuration with just a 750GB HDD, 8GB Mem, two quad cores and a "standard" Nvidia card can easilly go up to 6000$00 ...
    With no monitor ...

    Not cheap ...

  • I'm guessing that Dwight doesn't do video editing

    The price of these machines is a mere trifle in the overall
    cost of video production.
  • Pro Computers

    This is the kind of computer that pays for itself within a week of professional
    billing. There seems to be a good many people that don't get that. A $6000
    computer with this horsepower is not an expensive computer. It belongs to
    another class. Within that class, it's dead cheap. Within this class it empowers
    creative people and entrepreneurs to compete with enterprises many times their
    size. These computers make money. They literally cost nothing.

    This is not a Dell XPS? a flamboyant time waster, designed to secure bragging
    rights and a few extra fraggs. If this sounds snobby, too bad. Mac Pros are
    designed for productivity in a professional environment. The individuals and
    businesses that will use these machines have been waiting for them. They can't
    afford not to use them.

    The inevitable griping from the peanut gallery about price? I'm afraid that
    particular noise doesn't carry far enough.
    Harry Bardal
  • Price complaints

    Why complain about the cost of a tank when all you really need is a window that rolls
    down and a handgun.
    Len Rooney
  • i hate titles

    ,y siter bought her first mac, a iici, way back in the lates 80's, cost her over $3k for a base model. 20MB hard drive, 2MB RAM, floppy and an OS. I later upgraded it for her with another drive, about $1k for a 40MB drive and bumped memory to 5MB if i recall. she did a lot with it. she had a business after all and she bought MS Office and Pagemaker

    So comparing the prices of the 2 different machines, the old 68020 @ 33MHz and an 8 core system, with OSX, a bunch of apps that come with the unit, and if you are already a Mac user youjust use the same sw on the new and youre good to go.
    Id say that 8 core unit is a steal, even if you upgrade using ALL Apple components

    now my other question based on this comment at the end of the article;

    Adrian is a technology author who has devoted over a decade to helping users get the most from technology. He also also runs a popular blog called The PC Doctor.

    What would Adrian do with an 8 core unit? you do profess to help users get the most from technology after all.