Firefox 4 beta 10 this week, beta 11 next week

Firefox 4 beta 10 this week, beta 11 next week

Summary: Mozilla is planning to release two more betas of Firefox 4, so says Firefox release manager Christian Legnitto.

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Mozilla is planning to release two more betas of Firefox 4, so says Firefox release manager Christian Legnitto.

Here's the timeline:

  • We’ll take the most recent green changeset from mozilla-central this Friday, 2011-01-21 at 2:00 pm PST and call that beta 10
  • We will release beta 10 as soon as possible during the week of the 24th
  • We’ll take the most recent green changeset from mozilla-cental on Friday, 2011-01-28 at 2:00 pm PST (or sooner if the remaining betaN hardblockers are finished) and call that beta 11
  • We will release beta 11 as soon as possible during the week of the 31st

So what's holding up the release? Some 55 hardblocker bugs that need to be squashed before Firefox release, and an amazing 319 bugs that have been marked as fixed since beta 9 was launched need testing. Having two more betas mean that the newer fixes get more time in the hands of beta testers:

To control risk for the RC the plan is to do two betas (10 and 11) rather than hold beta 10 for all betaN hardblockers. This will give us a week of beta coverage for the 318 bug fixes while still allowing beta coverage for the remaining betaN hardblockers.

It also seems that Mozilla is pulling out all the stops to get Firefox 4 bug fixes into the hands of beta testers:

Code freeze for beta 10 and 11 will also be a bit different. Previous betas closed the tree to stabilize and reduce beta risk. At this point in development, every day counts–we cannot shut down mozilla-central over the weekend as we have done before. Instead we’ll freeze what’s in the tree and run with it, dealing with any beta issues on the relbranch. Instead of metering what goes in before a freeze we will be driving to get as many fixes as possible so they can get more beta coverage.

So beta testers, get ready for more beta testing!

Topic: Browser

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  • Good things come to those who wait.

    Take as long as you need Mozilla Firefox Team.
    Great Work!
    Dietrich T. Schmitz, ~ Your Linux Advocate
  • Screw Chrome

    Firefox still has my heart <3

    The one and only, Cylon Centurion
  • Caution Firefox Sync users!

    Beta 4.09 and higher doesn't support Mozilla's own Firefox Sync!
    • RE: Firefox 4 beta 10 this week, beta 11 next week

      @eric@... Not quite true. It's much more likely that it was an update to the Firefox Sync servers that stopped Sync from working with beta 9 (*only*). And Sync certainly does support "and higher" since it works fine in Firefox 4 beta 10pre (Firefox 4 nightly builds which are currently at beta 10 pre-release stage). Sync stopped working for me in beta 9 a few days ago while it remained working in Firefox 3.6.13 and the nightly builds as stated above, which I?ve been testing for some weeks now. And it's Firefox 4 beta 9, not beta 4.09.
    • RE: Firefox 4 beta 10 this week, beta 11 next week

      @eric@... Nothing supports Firefox sync it seems. I am on 3.6.13 and sync fails to connect.
  • Waiting for the official version 4

    I've used Firefox for years and I'm anxiously awaiting the official release of version 4. I'll probably wait a few weeks for the masses to help work out the final major bugs. I made the mistake of downloading beta 9 last week. It froze my system every time I tried to copy text while using it in Yahoo Mail. But it was easy to get back to FF 3.6 and I didn't lose anything except an hour or so of time. Norton Safeweb didn't work with it either but that wasn't a showstopper. The lack of copy and paste was too much to deal with.
  • Every time I upgrade, Add-ons disappear

    I've had to reinstall Add-ons over and over. I also have to switch back and forth to Firefox 3 constantly because so many add-ons are incompatible with 4 (e.g. FireFTP).
  • AdBlock rules

    The best surfing tool out there. [b]Essential[/b] for keeping the crap away.
  • RE: Firefox 4 beta 10 this week, beta 11 next week

    I installed last night and have had several problems. Yahoo!Mail would not load while it did with no problem with Chrome. Some pages had text that was in the wrong font and in the wrong place overwriting other text and making the whole mess unreadable. Some buttons wouldn't work.

    The UI changes were confusing. To access history, bookmarks manager, addons, and options, you have to click on a little drop down menu called "Firefox" in the upper left corner. Not very obvious. I imagine they talk about this in the introductions, but who reads intrductions? The same people who read manuals? ;-)

    IMO, if you have to read the manual, then the UI sucks.
    • RE: Confusing UI changes

      Many of your UI complaints will probably be addressed by 'Theme' Developers, very soon. But right now, the rate of change is too fast for most of those unpaid Theme people to bother with -- until an RC appears, or even later, you're stuck with the "current" Default Theme.

      The same is true of many extensions: Even if you attempt to "force compatibility" by changing the maximum version number, lots of extensions won't work -- because they truly AREN'T compatible anymore. (Depending on code and element names which aren't present anymore, or changed API signatures.)

      If you're frustrated by this sort of thing, then you might want to reconsider using Firefox before the "Release Candidate" is announced. I'm not a Firefox Developer, but there are going to be a LOT of changes made during the next couple weeks-- and some of them are likely to cause breakage.

      Did you verify that your Yahoo!Mail problem is already reported against Firefox in Bugzilla? It almost certainly is, but it would be great if you would check. Bug reports are the way that Firefox gets fixed :)
      Rick S._z
    • If you don't like the new UI, change it.

      @rwhaller42 - If you prefer the Menu Bar to the dropdown menu, it's still available - it's just turned off by default. Right-click on a tool bar and tick "Menu Bar, and there it is. If you just want it to open temporarily, press Alt and it will appear until you click on it or press Alt again.

      As for the difficulty of figuring out the new UI, I think most people who see that big orange button with a drop-down arrow on it will click on it to see what it does.
  • RE: Firefox 4 beta 10 this week, beta 11 next week

    I have been using Firefox 4 beta 10 RC. It works pretty well and is very fast.
    The new UI is really a nice improvement. More and more module are compatible.
    The indispensable Adblock Plus preventing from advertising works too.
    Very obvious to to access history, bookmarks manager, you have just to personnalize the tools bar by adding two new icons. In any case, far more convivial than Chrome