Firefox 8 available NOW!

Firefox 8 available NOW!

Summary: Grab Firefox 8 today ahead of the official launch.

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Download Firefox 8 today ahead of the official scheduled for November 8.

It's normal for the new version of Firefox to be available on Mozilla's FTP server ahead of the official release, and Firefox 8 is no exception.

The download is available here:

[UPDATE: Link removed at the request of Mozilla because linking 'hurts our FTP servers and affects our ability to release the final version of Firefox on time.']

Windows, Mac and Linux flavors are available.

New features include:

  • Search Twitter messages from the address bar
  • Load tabs on demand at startup
  • Add-ons installed by third party programs are now disabled by default

Downloads here.

BEWARE: This new version might break existing extensions, so download with care if you rely on your browser!

Topic: Browser

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  • RE: Firefox 8 available NOW!

    It is Beta
    • Mine says 8.0 in Help->About

      @jeremychappell ? Looks like production to me
      Dietrich T. Schmitz *Your
      • RE: Firefox 8 available NOW!

        @Dietrich T. Schmitz * Your Linux Advocate That's not what the blurb says...

        At best it's "release candidate". But I do have to wonder about the wisdom of running software BEFORE the official launch.
    • RE: Firefox 8 available NOW!

      @jeremychappell it's not a beta ... Mozilla won't change the first run screen until the official release. This IS the final release.
      Adrian Kingsley-Hughes
      • RE: Firefox 8 available NOW!

        @Adrian Kingsley-Hughes That isn't what the documents said... I don't like to take unnecessary risks with production systems, just for bragging rights.

  • RE: Firefox 8 available NOW!

    It seems they have blocked that URL for the time. I get only a screen telling me to wait a little more or use the BETA version.
    • RE: Firefox 8 available NOW!

      @pedro.fortes@... It's working for me but I'm happy to wait until tomorrow for the official launch. It's only a day difference.

      It looks like your browsing is auto-directing to:

      Instead of:
  • RE: Firefox 8 available NOW!

    "Load tabs on demand at startup"

    Not entirely sure what you mean here? Is it on demand, or is it on startup?

    "Add-ons installed by third party programs are now disabled by default"

    Great, I'm getting sick of Skype reinstalling its addons every time I upgrade X(.
    • RE: Firefox 8 available NOW!

      @CobraA1: Tabs load when clicked on, not when Firefox is first opened.

      It means Firefox can be used quicker but you'll only have to wait later when you first click on the tab. I'll be disabling this. I'd rather wait, knowing Firefox is properly ready.

      Just disable the Skype add-on or uninstall it? I use Skype and have no Firefox add-on.
  • Firefox vs Chrome - Chrome Wins

    I think now that Mozilla Firefox is on the move to release updates every 6 weeks it could gain market traction. What Firefox needs to do is change its designs a bit and make it more lighter
    Firefox 8 is good but its no chrome
    • RE: Firefox 8 available NOW!

      @samzbest@... I understand an updated UI is coming in Firefox 9 or 10.
      • RE: Firefox 8 available NOW!

        @bradavon I'm running Firefox 9 (in Aurora channel) and the UI is still the same as Firefox 8. I'm not too sure about Firefox 10; they apparently have features like "Improve display of location bar results" and "New Tab Page" complete, but I am not sure if the UI is actually overhauled. I'll find out in a few days when Firefox 10 moves to Aurora from Nightly.
  • RE: Firefox 8 available NOW!

    I'll be first to say it: Who cares!
    • Agreed. Looks like their marketing strategy is paying off.

      @jgoode: [i]Who cares![/i]

      What amounts to a minor update is being reported as news. That's what happens when you change the big number.
    • RE: Firefox 8 available NOW!

      You are right. Things that used to work, don't. Crashing much more often than 3.6.x. The list, I'm sure, could go on and on.
  • RE: Firefox 8 available NOW!

    We will wait for final release. FF is not perfect, but beats the crap out of IE, and while a bit slower than Chromium, runs as fast as I can think, and, in MHO, more comfortable/intuitive to use. We DO keep Chromium as back-up, & IE also on our few Win machines.
  • RE: Firefox 8 available NOW!

    I have 8 but I am on the Beta Channel. Seems that it has some Flash related crash issues.
  • Permission.... Denied!

    Can't download it via browser or by ftp client. File permission is denied.
  • Permission.... Denied!

    Ooops. DP (double post).
  • RE: Firefox 8 available NOW!

    8 Beta is better than 7 production
    Alan Smithie