Foxconn GeForce 8400GS DirectX 10 graphics cards for under $100

Foxconn GeForce 8400GS DirectX 10 graphics cards for under $100

Summary: Can you get a DirectX 10 compatible graphics card for under $100? You sure can!


Foxconn have launched a pair of DirectX 10 compatible graphics cards which will cost under $100.

The GeForce 8400GS cards come in two memory flavors - 256MB and 128MB or RAM.  The cards are based on the nVIDIA 8400GS GPU and both run at a 450-MHz core clock and an 850-MHz memory clock.  The only pricing I have at present is that both will cost under $100 (I'm guessing the prices will be somewhere in the region of $99 and $89).

They're at the low-end of the nVIDIA 8xxx series, but since they support DirectX 10, HDR (High Dynamic Range) and can support screen resolutions of 2560 x 1600, these cards are ideal for Windows Vista users.  These cards are ideal for users that want DirectX 10 support without needing to spend too much dough.

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  • 8500GT is cheaper than $100. 8400 should be around $50

    8500GT is cheaper. You can get an 8500GT that's even cheaper at $75. I've even seen passively cooled ones in the $80 range.

    The 8400 series should be even less expensive.
  • bad decision

    the poll shows that many people are interested in cheap dx10-cards. but dx10 wont be of use to them because such cheap cards dont have enough performance to play games which require dx10. additionally, i dondt know of a single major game requiring dx10 which has been released or will be released within a few month. conclusion: dx10 on 100$-cards is a waste of money, because there is no advantage, but the price will be higher compared to dx9-cards.