Friday Rant: Let XP die!

Friday Rant: Let XP die!

Summary: So, Microsoft has set the XP cut off date. June 30, 2008. That's fine with me. It's time for XP to die.


So, Microsoft has set the XP cut off dateJune 30, 2008. That's fine with me. It's time for XP to die.

Don't get me wrong, it's not that I didn't like XP, but that time has passed.  Long passed.  The last few XP installs that I've carried out have shown me how painful the process is compared to Vista.  First, the install process demands that you stand around the system for an extended period of time to answer a variety of questions.  With Vista the process has been cut down to a few choices at the beginning of the installations process and afterwards I can walk away and leave it to finish on its own.  Then there's finding all the necessary drivers.  A system that needs me to find half a dozen or so drivers with XP installed doesn't need any with Vista.  That's a hassle I'm happy not to have any more

Also, as I increasingly move over from 32-bit to 64-bit, with Vista I finally have a 64-bit platform that works reliably and allows me to break the 4GB barrier without having to suffer much in the way of downsides.  XP Pro 64-bit couldn't deliver me that no matter how often I tried.

It seems that XP has, over the years, collected a pretty big fan club.  I guess that's understandable given how long XP has been around, but all this "Save XP" stuff is starting to sound like little more than a few people howling at the moon.   It's not as if these people haven't had clear notice that Vista is on the way in and XP is on the way out.  How long do they realistically think Microsoft should offer XP?  Another six months?  A year?  Two years?  Indefinitely?  Folks, it's time to let it go and move on.

Maybe SP3 will rejuvenate XP a bit, maybe it won't.  Either way, I doubt that the service pack will change the fact that XP is long in the tooth on a number of fronts.  It's time for me to put my XP CDs into the drawer of doom.

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  • I don't see any need to upgrade or downgrade

    There's nothing wrong with XP, and there's nothing wrong with Vista. If XP is working for you on the hardware you have, then there's no real need to upgrade to Vista. If you need new hardware or simply want one of the things that Vista offers above and beyond what XP does, then there's no real reason not to.

    The only reason I haven't started a Vista upgrade at my job is because we have another large project we are working on, one that's much more important than the underlying OS, and we don't want to have to deal with a whole new set of training issues in the meantime. All of our computers are Vista Business capable, but since the underlying OS is the least of our concerns at the moment we do not have an upgrade timetable. So I'd rather XP not die just now, but if it did it wouldn't be the end of the world either.
    Michael Kelly
    • It's time for Microsoft to die

      Even the UK politicians are now talking up the benefits of Open Source.
      • yes,

        and UK politicians are {i]the[/i] most reliable source of IT knowledge and skill.

        If you want an uneducated and ignorant opinion about anything, ask a politician.
        • or Fr0thy2(nt)

        • That's a Universal Constant

          [b]If you want an uneducated and ignorant opinion about anything, ask a politician. [/b]

          Of course, this is true of ANY politician, anywhere - doesn't have to be from the UK. It could be one from East Keokuk, Iowa.
      • well thank God a politician agrees

        I ALWAYS wait for a politician to give some idea credibility! wow some obscure UK politician are talking about open source O BOY! I'm embarrassed for you, if you asked them to define open source I'd give you 50 to 1 they couldn't.
      • fr0thy2 don't you go play with your mac.

        fr0thy2 don't you go play with your mac.
        SO.CAL Guy
    • Nothing wrong with DOS or Windows 3 either (nt)

      nt = no text
    • That is true, but...

      The whole statement made is that Microsoft is going to close the doors on XP. It will still be supported, but it won't be sold anymore.
      It is time for that.
      People have complained long enough, and the idea that many think Microsoft should keep their outdated software on the market indefinately, to me is kinda of foolish.
      I am not going to tell anyone to upgrade their system if they don't want to, I mean, if they have XP and are comfortable with it, I say "more power to ya, use it till the computer dies"
      However, if someone is building a new system and is insisting that Microsoft keep selling them XP when Vista has been out for a year already, I would have to say "Sorry, yer out of luck. Check Ebay if you want XP, or deal, pick up a copy of Vista and move on"

      Just my opinion
  • XP's Murder, Vista's Suicide

    The question is, what does XP's "death" really mean for
    Vista? Many of those people switching platforms now are
    citing Vista as the reason. More to the point, they are citing
    the cumulative effect of years of Windows frustrations.

    There is a "preoccupation" with Vista vs XP and Microsoft's
    amazing ability to compete with itself. What we have here,
    are people who are up to their clavicles in the Windows
    economy. Ed Bott, Mary Joe Foley, Adrian as well. All of
    them have built careers out of Window's complexities. All
    of them working hard to deliver the message that Windows
    is inevitable and that the only competition is Microsoft's

    "Let XP die?" Sure why not. Just understand that without
    the juxtaposition and comparisons between peered
    systems that ACTUALLY compete and send money into
    different coffers, these blogs are nothing more than hand
    wringing sessions and a conspicuous form of self
    preservation. The message needn't be invalid for the
    source to be.

    Ask 8000 Dell employees if Apple owes them a living.
    You'll not like the answer.
    Harry Bardal
    • Yup, the age of protectionism ..

      .. and lots of people caught with a Windows only "IT" knowledge.
      • fr0thy2 from readin your post you have no "IT" knowledge

        fr0thy2 from readin your post you have no "IT" knowledge
        SO.CAL Guy
    • Eloquent troll alert. <nt>

      Hallowed are the Ori
    • switchers

      go both ways.

      See "
      5 reasons to ditch the mac and return to pcs.

      As well, some percentage of people buying apple hardware do so specifically to run windows on it, they like the hardware, hate the OS and it's religion.
      • RE: switchers

        That article was nothing more than an opinionated rant with no actual facts to back it up. The guy who made the switch dropped the ball in Mac/PC integration in a big way and blamed it all on the Mac when the blame squarely rests on his shoulders.
        • Which makes him different

          then the Apple supporters here how?
          Wishful thinking and made up numbers are the trade of the Linux/Apple crowd.
          As proof, look at MS's market share and profits.
          Come back next year, lather, rinse, repeat.
          Same as last year

          I've helped people switch in both directions. More Mac->PC then PC->Mac, but not by much
      • Re: Switchers.

        Yup, things go both ways:
        Arm A. Geddon
        • and I agree

          with many of the points, but the fact remains that whether his reasons were "good" or not, he switched back. Often, the reasons for switching to Mac aren't that "good" either.

          It does happen, Apple fans tend to forgot it.
      • What 5 reasons??

        You must be kidding or too dumb to see that the posted article is noting more than ignorant rants.

        Out of 5 reasons, 5 are nothing but catch phrase titles to a clueless rant about nothing. The guy rants mostly about stuff that may be true 5-10 years ago (and applied to the Wintel world too), and shows his ignorance about Mac.

        It only takes a few lines to see that the guy has NEVER use or possibly seen a Mac in his life.
        • ummm.

          read the article again, he's been running macs for years, and is getting rid of them.