From the "Did he really say that!?!" files - Acer CEO unhappy by Vista

From the "Did he really say that!?!" files - Acer CEO unhappy by Vista

Summary: Seems that Acer CEO Gianfranco Lanci is dissapointed by Windows Vista.


Seems that Acer CEO Gianfranco Lanci is disappointed by Windows Vista, maybe because it's not giving his company the sales boost he expected.  However, he goes on to say some things that might come back and haunt him.

Here are some quotes that should go into the "Did he really say that!?!" files (from Financial Times Deutschland):

"The whole industry is disappointed with Windows Vista."

"Stability is certainly a problem."

Now, let's put the two quotes into context.  Lanci is trying to be the voice of the industry when he says that "the whole industry is disappointed with Windows Vista" (maybe trying to play up Acer's #4 spot when it comes to PC vendors), but market data doesn't hold this out since PC sales are up 12% compared to the same quarter last year.  Yes, vendors are surprised that the demand for XP is as strong as it is but I've not seen or heard any other company speak of being disappointed with Vista.

When it comes to the stability quote, maybe this says more about Acer PCs than it does about the industry as a whole - I'm certainly not seeing CEOs from other PC vendors coming out with complaints relating to stability.  Maybe Lanci needs to take a closer look at the quality of Acer's software and drivers before making broad statements like that.  Sure, there are compatibility issues in integrating Vista into existing hardware and software ecosystems, but this shouldn't be an issue when looking at a new stand-alone PC with Vista installed on it.

I'm getting the feeling that the other vendors will make Lanci eat his own words over the coming weeks.

Maybe he's just smarting because he didn't see many glowing reviews of the Vista-powered Acer notebooks that Microsoft gave away to select bloggers.


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  • Acer and Vista

    Boy, you really get creamed when you make a negative comment about a Microsoft product. The "industry press" can be relied upon to cast aspersions on your own products, and maybe mention some other skeletons in your own closet, maybe some black sheep relatives...

    Mr Lanci made comments that are his and I presume he will stand by them.
    • Creamed? By the facts?

      OK, if that is what you call it. Sales are up, Vista is selling well and 'the industry', while not seeing the bump they would like, are seeing good times

      Seriously, if pointing out what is happening is 'creaming' someone, then you really need to stay in the kiddy end of the pool...
      • Just wondering where you get your "facts"

        Sales are up ? Up from where or what ? Vista is selling well ? Who besides Microsoft has or is willing to verify it ? They saw good times with Windows ME but everyone knows ME was just a cash grab as it offered little aside from additional issues. If you really want to make your points factual and I'm not implying that you can't, then post actual details as to the number of sales, which countries and any additional facts to support your claim. The last bit of your post was probably beneath you and you should try and leave your personal emotions out of your posts.
        • The facts came from Microsofts financial reports.

          The number is 40 million copies in the first 4 months.
      • This is something that you should consider

        This is something that you should consider. I have used Windows of almost every version since MS DOS. I have never seen a new or current version of Windows being sold as new and used by so many in newspapers, Buy & Sell, usedvictoria, usedvancouver and used almost anywhere else you want to look. This is a fact so sales may be up in more ways than you envisioned and in ways you may not have realized. There are a lot of people out there who are not happy with Vista and that is also a fact. These are facts that are hard to ignore and so are a lot of the issues that Vista
        has. I'm not bashing Vista as I believe it will be a good OS but I don't like the way MS marketing has rushed this product to market, I don't like the way they promoted Vista as they always do with their new products. It isn't WOW, it isn't wonderful, it has no "extras" unless you can tell me where they are. Time to really look at this seriously as it's costing a lot of people a lot of money and the only ones happy about it is Microsoft but I suppose you will have some answer for all of this as well but whatever answer you have, make them factual and don't bother with generalities with no facts to back it up.
        • How is it that you require facts and then make claims like;

          "but I don't like the way MS marketing has rushed this product to market" 5 years is rushed? Is that what you call a fact?

          "Time to really look at this seriously as it's costing a lot of people a lot of money and the only ones happy about it is Microsoft " Microsoft is the only one that is happy about it? Is that a fact?

          "it has no "extras" unless you can tell me where they are" How about Texas Holdem, Dreamscape and Bitlocker? Is this another fact?

          "There are a lot of people out there who are not happy with Vista and that is also a fact." No, that is a generalization! Do you have numbers or are you basing this on your personal observations.

          There are people on this vary thread that are happy with Vista. There are OEMs and Resellers making money off of Vista. According to web hit information Vista already has a 4.52% market share. Web data only counts the people actually using Vista. Now that's a fact! What you have aren't facts they are opinions and not accurate ones from the looks of things.
  • WOW, are you WRONG

    I've been avoiding registring for ZDnet for a while, but this article was SO wrong, that I had to register!

    Vista IS unstable. It IS a let down. The fact that PC sales are up 12% from last year means NOTHING as far as Vista is concerned, unless EVERY customer had the choice of buying an XP box or a Vista box. ALL they have the option of right now is Vista. That is HARDLY the same as saying people WANT it. Or are even happy with it. I'm kept very busy uninstalling Vista from my friends/familys/strangers computers, and reinstalling XP onto those self same (or Linux, for those brave few).

    I expect better from ZDNet then a commercial for Vista. Acer is correct.
    • I concur

      Vista is a debacle of biblical proportions. Well, maybe not quite that bad. I would still rather use Vista than be visted by a swarm of locusts.
      Michael Of Atlanta
      • Deja vu all over again

        [i]Vista is a debacle of biblical proportions.[/i]

        Which is exactly what people were saying when MSWinXP came out.
        Yagotta B. Kidding
        • and it was true then...

          ...and, eventually, Microsoft got the kinks out of XP. The essence of the problem with Microsoft is not that their software is substandard. The true problem is that their alpha testing is inferior. As a result, end users become unwitting beta testers. I'm sure that by this time next year, Vista will be fine, at least as far as stability and compatibility is concerned. I'm afraid the performance issues are the result of bloated code and will have to be overwhelmed with hardware.
          Michael Of Atlanta
          • Add to that:

            Add to that, the fact that it now costs more to get the same useablity experience, and you get a worse product.

            I have to agree with the testing aspect. Maybe it's my profetional bias, but one would expect a company that large to have a more substantial SQA department. Engineers look at the world differently, and they aren't trained to look at their products the way a good SQA staff would.
          • I like Vista

            I think the folder structure is much more intuitive than XP. I like the interface. And, after a few weeks, I'm cruising around on it pretty well.

            However, I find it intriguing that I gave my 12 year old daughter an old notebook with Ubuntu on it and she hasn't come back to me with a single question. A harbinger? There are a lot of people out there who don't give a damn about looks, but love simple. My ex-wife, for example. Ironic, really, that Ubuntu is easier to use than Vista.

            Your results may vary.
            Michael Of Atlanta
          • Ubuntu is a nice OS but it has issues too

            I've tried Ubuntu, I like it, it's a nice OS but it does have issues as well as all OS's. I found it less complete than commercial versions of Linux and I've tried a few, some I liked, some I didn't but Linux is more of a personal choice and one that one has to try in order to find the one that works for them in the way they want it to. I like Xandros Business Edition 3.0 and Xandros Professional 4.0 as it allows me to install it on as many personal PC's that I own as well as one business machine. It comes with updatable, downloadable, Antivirus, Adware and File Protection as well as a lot of software. It installs, runs and works well for most of what I do. It too has issues but none that I can't live with for now. I still keep XP as there are some things that I have to do with a couple of Windows applications.
            I have never owned, used nor bought a Mac but I'm going to buy one this October when Apples brings out it's new Leopard OSx as I'm convinced it will have the least amount of issues. Why ? Well it's rather easy for me to see as I've experienced other OS's.
            The one thing that convinces me is Apple has a quality control over what hardware, software, drivers are installed in their computers and it's all configured in a way that is quality controlled. Now, HP, Compaq, Dell and others build computers as well and have similar controls but they all have to deal with Windows which has issues when it comes to drivers. The drivers are developed by 3rd party software and hardware manufacturers.
            Some drivers are certified, most are not which causes issues with other drivers and with Windows OS. This is a fact that MS can relate to as it was drivers that used to cause crashing and blue screens of death. Not bashing windows as Microsoft tried to have developers get their drivers certified by MS but the cost has not
            done much to force them to. Result driver issues which is why driver updates by so many are made available, ongoing, neverending. This alone is enough to convince me to try a Mac as they say a Mac just works and I know why....more quality control.
      • ALLTS!

        Another Linux Luddite talking smack!
    • Vista is NOT making people happy

      I agree with allenellisdewitt.

      In an industry where there are few choices, just assuming that increased purchases of Vista mean people want it is either naive, or deliberately sucking on the Microsoft teat.

      I've heard nothing but moaning from friends and associates using Vista.

      Even if it actually worked well and gave an advantage or two over XP (which I haven't actually seen evidence of yet), its draconian license "activation" and DRM "features" would make my try like hell to avoid it.

      My friends whose computers are being turned into expensive paperweights have all asked me, their computer guy, for help.

      I suggest that they downgrade to XP, or install Ubuntu.
      • I guess if all your friends and associates that use Vista ....

        ... are moaning that is evidence enough for me. I mean with a sample that large it must be true. The sales numbers and people claiming to like Vista must be wrong! Thanks for cleaning that up.

        P.S. The activation in Vista works exactly the same as that in XP which you are recommending they downgrade to. Maybe since you missed that little factoid you aren't the computer guy your friends think you are!
        • While not walking ALL over your point

          I HAVE to ask 'What sales numbers?' !?!?

          I have yet to see any released as yet. I hope you aren't referring to that '40 million shipped' that MS claimed shortly after the January rollout, that included all the business licenses from the previous several months, as well as all shipped units for the entire world. Note that this is NOT a 'sales' number - as they weren't all sold yet. Not does it take into account returns, nor the systems where Vista was immediately stripped and replaced with XP (or even Win2000 in some companies!).

          I would be VERY interested in some kind of sales or usage numbers - as soon as MS decides to let us know. Activation numbers would probably be the most representative, but also the least likely to be given out.

          Actually - I haven't even seen an update on the 'shipped' numbers yet. Has anyone got a pointer to those? They might show how trends are going (or not going) Should be up to 60 million this many months later, right? So tell us.....

          However, none of this affects your assertion that many people like it - or course they do. MS might wish for a higher percentage though :)

          Keep in mind - those with a complaint will ALWAYS be more vocal, in more venues, than those who are satisfied. Also - for every compaint you hear, there are many more who don't comment at all - they just leave.

          Reality is fun, isn't it?
      • Short list of friends...

        I have about 10 friends that switched 1 had problems. But his machine was older and he bought a fairly high-end version. Other than everyone else is pretty happy.
        • Short list of satisfied Vista users

          I don't want to rain on your parade but I have seen more copies of Vista for sale on ebay, buy and sell, usedvictoria, usedvancouver, usedtoronto, usedseattle, craigslist, local newspapers and even pawn shops. These ads are placed by private individuals with various copies of Vista who are trying to sell them at below retail prices and with no sales tax. Fact, a lot of these are not being sold as they are the same ads week after week. I'm talking a lot more than 10 and that's a fact you can verify yourself by going online and take a look for yourself.
          The same you haven't done with regards to your 10 friends which leads me to believe they are having issues and not saying anything to you, why should they ? I tend to believe you don't really know if they are really happy or how happy they are as your post tends to contradict the experiences of many users making posts in this forum and other forums. Vista has to have issues or they wouldn't be there and there wouldn't be so many copies in different versions for sale at below market prices by so many. Are you getting any of this ?
      • My sentiments go with you on activation

        I agree with you about the draconian way of activation and I also agree with the other post who mentioned that XP has the same old way of activating, verifying and doing it via some guy in India who is hard to understand. This is all followed up with a 42 digit procedure that goes beyond ridiculous. Microsoft could develop a way to automate activation, verification and protection of their software from piracy. They should NOT be doing it via license terms and conditions. This places all of that on the consumer and it's WRONG ! Microsoft should not force consumers to spend their time convincing Microsoft it's their product. This really is more than I'm willing to do anymore and Microsoft supporters should say something to them as it's just wrong.