Gates and Seinfeld - Part Deux

Gates and Seinfeld - Part Deux

Summary: OK, so the second Microsoft ad featuring the team of Gates and Seinfeld is out.

TOPICS: Microsoft

OK, so the second Microsoft ad featuring the team of Gates and Seinfeld is out.

Check it out ... if you have four and a half minutes to spare:

Some random thoughts:

  • Yes, it's funnier than the first ad ...
  • ... but it feels too long. I found my mind wandering several times while watching it.
  • When I said it was funnier than the first ad, I need to make it clear that a) that doesn't set a high bar for this ad, and b) it still wasn't that funny.
  • Did I mention that I thought it was too long?
  • I'm not really sure where these ads are going.

Topic: Microsoft

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  • My wife

    Said that the ad seemed demeaning - some rich guys
    deigning to live with the riff-raff.
    • Sounds alot like

      the Apple ads, (PC/Mac Guy) where the Mac guy is quite condescending, where the commercials have that "only the poor little people own a PC" type feel to them.
      • pc/mac ads

        I didn't get that message from those ads at all- what I got from them was "old corporate fuddy-duddies own pc's and cool, young, hip people own macs..." The mac guy a little condescending? maybe, but all ads that are doing a comparison (our product vs. your product) are condescending...
  • You just don't get it...

    These ads are absolutely hysterical! I was literally ROTFLMAO from these ads. My rep sent me the talking points before the ad was aired, pointing out all of the funny parts in red highlighter. And low and behold, at each point in the script that was highlighted I spontaneously starting cackling uncontrollably. My wife did not get it, but I told her this was obvious that she would not get it. The humor is too fine, too witty for her. I then blasted her for not being enough of a "hockey mom" and told her she needed to use Governor Palin as an example of the right balance between brilliance and elegance.
    Mike Cox
    • Ahhh ...

      ... so your rep though it worthwhile highlighting the funny parts with highlighter? :) Maybe I could do with a copy of that script!
      Adrian Kingsley-Hughes
    • that's a 9

      wellcome back!
      Linux Geek
      • A 9 is too stingy!

        Were you once an East Bloc Commie Olympic judge? That was
        a 10 by any standard of the Free World.
        Marcos El Malo
  • RE: Gates and Seinfeld - Part Deux

    Feels like a trailer to a David Lynch film, but funnier.
  • RE: Gates and Seinfeld - Part Deux

    What is so hard to understand about these ads? Did
    ZDNet put a mind blocking transmitter on all of its
    bloggers? The ads are funny, the first was the second
    is. Jerry Seinfeld is a hot comedian and always
    cracks me up. The ads are to get Microsoft's human
    image out there and so far its been working great.
    These ads have caused quite a bit of publicity for
    them and things couldn't have gone better. As long as
    people are talking about it they are thinking
    Microsoft, when they think Microsoft they will be more
    inclined to go with Microsoft solutions. Everything
    thus far is going just as planned.

    Its the people that want to see Microsoft bashing its
    competition that just don't get it. Its not going to
    happen. Microsoft doesn't need to tell blatant lies
    in its commercials.
    Loverock Davidson
    • You can't be serious.

      There isn't one stitch of humor in the whole 4.5 minutes.
      • I am serious

        Whats not funny about it? Seinfeld is awesome.
        Loverock Davidson
        • Funny isn't Nearly Enough

          Where are we? High School?

          Do you think this is a popularity contest?

          The Mac/PC ads have a message and they employ a
          courier to deliver them. The courier is humor that orbits a
          friendly rivalry. The actual message however, is dead
          serious. Apple is saying their platform is better. Microsoft
          is doing less than nothing to refute it.

          This is not an exercise in approval seeking. This equates to
          millions and maybe billions in sales so the humanization of
          Microsoft just doesn't cut it. Gates is still as stiff as a
          board. Gates is not delivering any funny lines, and Gates
          continues to resist humanization in virtually every frame of
          a four and a half minute sitcom. His body language is at
          it's most receptive when he's doing the robot. What does
          that tell you.

          The enfants terribles that Microsoft has hired have taken
          300 million and burned it up. Microsoft brought a mix
          tape to a knife fight. They have had circles run by
          experience that understands how and when to pick that
          fight and win it.
          Harry Bardal
          • If it were a popularity contest...

            ..then it was won by MS quite some time ago.
            Sleeper Service
          • Winning

            I wasn't aware the race was declared over.

            This is not a popularity contest. It's a good thing for
            Microsoft that it isn't. You seem to be under the
            impression that Microsoft is liked. First, popularity does
            not equate in a linear way, to patronage. Second, the
            extent to which it does equate makes Microsoft very
            popular with OEMs, and IT departments. Third, for the
            57th time you've tied and "argument" to the circumstantial
            and fickle market. In so doing you make the 57th pledge
            to change your opinion right along with market changes.
            So thanks for the ongoing declarations of the obvious, but
            you're market share is in decline, Apple's is growing, and
            your "opinion" is being changed along with it. Forth and
            finally, it seems you were running a sprinters pace in a

            These new appeals are directed at the consumer/user.
            They presume to endear themselves to the user directly.
            For the first time, Microsoft has been forced to face
            forward and acknowledge the user is really their customer.
            So what is that message? How does this promote Vista?

            They say nothing about computing, except to tag a sitcom
            with a MS logo. They do nothing to refute Apple's
            message, that the Mac is a better experience than the PC.
            They are trying to out charm an attacker, and score points
            for being less mean spirited. The biggest problem, is that
            they can't refute the Apple message. They can't simply say
            Apple is wrong, and that Vista is better than OSX. Why?
            Because that would be lie. So what we get is a dance 4
            minute and 30 second dance around the subject.
            Harry Bardal
          • It's been over for more than a decade.

            In the two or so years since Apple switched to Intel, Vista's launch was appallingly mismanaged, Apple's profile was raised by the iPhone and Apple carried out an advertising campaign that will have cost in excess Micorsoft's. The end result of this is an increased market share of a maximum of 4% in the US and about 2% globally. You may also care to note that Apple's OS share on Hitlist (which I appreciate isn't the most accurate thing in the world) has flattened over the last four months.

            Game over.
            Sleeper Service
          • Self Declared Referee

            Again, wasn't aware you were the arbiter of the nation's
            tech economy.

            You've tied your opinion to the market however. Wouldn't
            we be better to look at the market itself over your
            interpretation of it, if we need to know what the weather is
            now. If we're at all interested in the next ten years, don't
            we look to the barometer over the Window (pun intended).

            The one constant in an open market is change and you've
            guaranteed us your opinion will change in line with the
            market. Your endorsement of Apple coincides with the
            marketplace's endorsement. That means your opinion of
            them has been raised and your opinion of Microsoft has
            been lowered in a economy that's very sensitive to growth,
            growth potential, and the network effect. You've called for
            the recognition of market stagnation? Really? You've
            begged off of any meaningful debate. You've relegated
            yourself to the role of perpetual and passive observer.

            Again, thanks for keen comments on the obvious, but
            some of us are interested in competition continuing
            beyond your declaration of a winner.
            Harry Bardal
          • OK Harry...

            You stick to speculation and dreams and I'll stick to hard facts and reality.
            Sleeper Service
          • Since when...

            Since when was everything a fight? Kudos to Microsoft
            for refusing to let bullies push them around.
            (Ironically enough Microsoft used to be that bully!) I
            think it's called maturity, or something like that.
            Look it up.
    • Rien mes amis ...

      "What is so hard to understand about these ads?"

      That M$ have paid $300M for them?
      Just a guess ;-)
      • And?

        Its a budget, they need to have one to produce these
        Loverock Davidson