Gone in 31 seconds - 31 MacBook Pros, 14 iPhones and 9 iPods

Gone in 31 seconds - 31 MacBook Pros, 14 iPhones and 9 iPods

Summary: Thieves armed with a brick made off with armloads of high tech products from an Apple Store in Marlton, NJ.


Thieves armed with a brick made off with armloads of high tech products from an Apple Store in Marlton, NJ.

Here's the video footage of the raid:

Thieves made off with 31 MacBook Pros, 14 iPhones and 9 iPods.

The whole thing feels amateurish to me. After all, Apple is going to have the serial numbers of everything logged. Not only that, but the MAC addresses and IMEI numbers too. Someone walks into an Apple store Genius Bar with any of this kit and all manner of sirens will go off. Also notice how the thieves don't grab chargers ...

On top of that, the SIM trays on most iPhones I've seen in Apple stores are glued solid making them next to useless.

Oh, and I love the line from the news footage:

"Watch again, as the thieves show skilled practice at the art of bringing down that plate glass door ..."

Wow! Glass breaks when hit by a brick ... really? What will I be told next, that water is wet and fire is hot?

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  • Haha

    That's not counting apple's new feature: exploding ipods! I guess these boys are in for a surprise very soon.
  • Too bad for them that they stole iPhones. They may want to return them. :D

  • Who ever said criminals were a smart bunch?

    Who ever said criminals were a smart bunch?? Prisons are filled to capacity with the smart criminals.
    • LOL

      In truth, the smart criminals do not get caught. ;)
    • They would only be dumb

      if they used these devices themselves.

      Now if they sold them to unsuspecting people and turned around and bought their own devices legally, THAT would be smart. Of course the unsuspecting people who buy them would not be so smart.
      Michael Kelly
  • I wonder...

    If this stuff (apart from the iPods) have that lo-jack stuff that enables folk to trace their location.
    • $29 and an hour fixes that

      Buy Snow Leopard disc, erase the HDD and reinstall the OS.
      • Won't work

        CompuTrace and other tracking programs are embedded in the ROM. Wiping the HDD doesn't always remove them. You need to flash the logic board with a non-tracking ROM version to remove them entirely.
        • Excellent

          That's good to know, thanks!
      • Hmmm...

        I wonder if they'll be caught by the suspicious act of wanting a bunch of power adapters.
  • I wonder...

    If any of the iPhones or iPods explode, will the theives sue Apple?
    Ed Woychowsky
  • Should be on ebay in... 5.. 4.. 3.. 2..

  • Apple and Glass that doesn't break?

    I was going to say, maybe Apple needs to use their inventiveness to come up with some glass that wouldn't break with a brick.

    But then again, maybe this isn't Apple's strong point, maybe they first need to invent some glass that doesn't break on its own.
    • Or

      wait for Microsoft to invent it, wait three years, rename it and claim it as their own.
      I Hate Malware
    • Its already been done

      There is a polycarbonate film that can be attached to glass that makes it extremely difficult to break. It would take a lot more than a brick. It has been in use in terrorism-prone areas for many years.
  • "Spectacular"?

    What's really sad is that the news video and commentary are very sensationalized. It sounds more like a TV sports show than a breaking news story. The "spectacular" footage of these criminals breaking in will only inspire others to similar tactics I'm thinking.
  • Strategic thievery?

    Apparently, these crooks are smart enough to recognize which products have the best resale value!
    • Products with best resale value?

      Maybe, but only because mac users overly inflated egos hold prices much higher than its true value and what it should be in reality.If they wanted stuff that just worked out of the box then they would have broken into a pc store with MS installed on the computers. Flame on.
      I Hate Malware
  • RE: Gone in 31 seconds - 31 MacBook Pros, 14 iPhones and 9 iPods

    "Also notice how the thieves don?t grab chargers"

    -- That's exactly what makes them smart, 5 robbers stole more than $30,000 worth of hardware at a rate of over $1,000 a second, if they'd gone for the chargers that would have added at least 3 seconds for each bit of kit (aren't the chargers attached to the desks as well?), and they'd have been in the store for 3 minutes, instead of 31 seconds!

    I have to say they *did* execute their crime with perfect percision, what would Mr Kingsley-Hughes have prefered they broke the window with? I think a brick suited their purpose perfectly.