Guess what I'm buying tonight?

Guess what I'm buying tonight?

Summary: Anyone want to take a stab at what I'm buying tonight?

TOPICS: Apple, Hardware

Anyone want to take a stab at what I'm buying tonight?

Yep, that's right, a Mac.  I've decided that I'm going to start with a Mac mini, and if I buy one tonight I'm promised one with Tiger pre-installed on it but I'll get the disc to upgrade it to Leopard, so I get to experience the upgrade process right out of the box (which should be interesting given that I've never upgraded a Mac before).

The main features that I'm really keen to see in action are Time Machine and the new Boot Camp.

Stay tuned for more ...

Topics: Apple, Hardware

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  • Watch the RAM

    You'll be better off with 2 gigs rather than 1.

    We have some macbooks (essentially a mini with a screen) with 2 gigs preinstalled and they're fine, but I would hesitate to recommend it with one, especially if you also want to put Windows on it.
  • I am considering...

    ...a trip to my local Apple Store as well (Manchester UK). I've been thinking about a MacBook Pro for some time - but I might go with a Mini instead - it's less of a financial burden to begin with as I enter the Mac ecosystem properly!

    I look forward to hearing about your upgrade experience.
  • Upgrade is a breeze

    The archive and install option makes it easy.I can't see how it could get any easier.
    • Why upgrade

      Upgrading means that something you need isn't available currently or you can't afford it. Both of these are absurd given the relatively low prices.
  • Rep and I planning Vista demo at Apple Store...

    My rep and I are going to walk the floors around the Apple store with Tablet PC's showing people the Vista WOW. When I told my wife our plans for tonight, she told me she was quite sure all of the people at the Apple Store will be left speechless. I told her that was a great idea and would print out Microsoft's Top 100 Reasons People are Speechless campaign and hand it out. I also plan to squirt people with my Vista song on my Zune.
    Mike Cox
    • Oh really,,,

      let us know what happens after your arrest at the APPLE store. You lying sack of Cow
      DUNG. Yes I know Mike is full of it, but I would like to see his response .
      • You won't get one...

        it's rare... very rare the the Mike Cox persona ever responds, and when he/she does it's pretty serious and no sarcasm or satire in it. I have only seen it a couple of times over the years. But don't hold your breath on it. ]:)
        Linux User 147560
    • 8.0 would've been 7.0

      had you not already caught one fish.
      • He hadn't yet, but now he has

        I thought that was a great idea. I think he deserves at least a 9.0 for this.

        I would have been happier if he decided to also go to a LUG and show off a Tablet PC. I actually did do this once. No BS. People were impressed and then the next thing they wanted to do was to create a wireless keyboard for it and load Linux on it.

        Oh those were the days.
    • Mikey!

      Make sure you are one of the first 500 there so you can get a free Leopard T-shirt. Bet your rep would love one, too.

      Re: squirting the Vista song-- you have to find someone else with a Zune for this-- I'm betting you won't!

      Why don' you also include the 300 new features of Leopard along with your 100 from MS.

      Make sure you are back home by 10:00 or you are grounded!
      Mike Cox, Sr.
  • Upgrade process advice: Archive and Install

    When you update, I'd recommend the Archive and Install option -- it completely replaces the OS but leaves other software alone, so you don't have to worry about reinstalling iLife or else doing a "dirty" upgrade to Leopard.

    At any rate, best of success -- and here's hoping you'll like your first Mac.
  • Good on you!

    Listen one piece of advice, which I am sure you are more than aware of, MAX the RAM out! Do it when you order it. Then once you get it, keep us posted on how the assimilation of a Mac into your eco system goes. ]:)
    Linux User 147560
    • Quick config question

      I know faster is always better but I'm probably just going to go with the 1.83 mini as opposed to the 2.0. The cost for the speed upgrade is the same as the cost for the extra gig of RAM in the UK store, and I'd much rather not have apps running out of memory! Are the HDD rpms all the same? Just trying to see where I can grab extra speed that's not CPU based.

      Leopard hasn't been released yet here (1 hour 20 mins to go) so I may wait until tomorrow.
      • Careful there!

        The 1.83GHz mini comes with a combo drive whereas the 2GHz mini comes with a SuperDrive. The 2GHz version also has 4MB of cache whereas the 1.83GHz model has 2MB. But I agree with your general premise: Better to have more RAM and a slower processor than a fast processor that's starved because you don't have enough RAM. If it weren't for the combo/SuperDrive issue I would say the 1.83GHz version is better for you.
        • Actually it is bettter to have more cache...

          I would not recommend the 1.83ghz if it has 1/2 the cache from the 2ghz one. Instruction/Data cache is the best performance booster of them all.
          • Thanks to both you and ye for the info

            I hadn't spotted the combo/superdrive issue or the cache issue.

            Nice one guys.
          • More cache

            is always better to a point. In this case it's the right way to go! But remember to bump RAM as well, especially if you are like some folks and like to have a lot open OR if you plan on using iDVD and such extensively.

            The type of applications you will run will also dictate cache and RAM specs for you. ]:)
            Linux User 147560
          • I would if the trade off were more RAM.

            Assuming he needs the extra RAM. RAM is just a cache for the HD. Having an extra
            2MB of processor cache buys him nothing if the system is paging because the system
            doesn't have sufficient RAM.
    • maybe aftermarket it

      i usually buy aftermarket ram and install it myself. it's much, much less expensive.
      • The original Mini was fairly easy...

        to add RAM and upgrade the CD to DVD yourself, but I think the intel version is a little
        more difficult.