Has your confidence in Skype been shaken?

Has your confidence in Skype been shaken?

Summary: A great deal of the Skype network has been down for more than a day now and it's still not fixed.


A great deal of the Skype network has been down for more than a day now and it's still not fixed. 

The official word from Skype is that "a deficiency in an algorithm within Skype networking software that controls the interaction between the user's own Skype client and the rest of the Skype network."  Either way, people have not been able to use Skype to communicate.

I don't use Skype (people have plenty of ways to get in touch with me and the last thing I want it to give them yet another way to pester me) but I know a lot of people who rely on it who are tearing out their hair and anxiously waiting for the network to come back.  Hopefully things will be back to normal tomorrow.

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Are you affected by the Skype network outage?  How is it affecting you?  What are you doing to lessen the impact of the outage?

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  • One Vote Option Missing

    "My confidence in Skype was never all that high to begin with."
    • Agreed. (NT)

      • Same here

        Nothing can go down from nothing and I never had confidence in Skype to begin with.
  • A geek and NO skype :D?

    What other FREE ways are you using Adrian to communicate with friends?

    no confidence shaken here, been using skype for years. But Skype is not the only means to communicate in (our) business, Who on earth would rely just on skype?
  • People think a problem would NEVER happen?

    We accept that an OS will have bugs, apps also. Why think Skype
    would never have a problem? At lest they got onto it and had it
    up faster than MS can fix a buy and get it distributed.

    My wife uses Skype video to talk to her brother in Australia. We
    set it up when she was diagnosed with leukemia and in her first
    28 day hospital stay to get into remission. It was a bit choppy in
    her room so I bought a better antenna for the floor to fix the
    problem and the hospital IT guys got the OK to do the same for
    all patient rooms within 24 hours.

    Skype has many uses. For people like us it is a God send,
    bringing families closer together, especially in difficult times. My
    wife talks with her brother almost daily now, keeping him
    updated on her blood results and how she is doing in the various
    chemo regimens (that go on for over a year) and updating him on
    the family.

    For others using it in business, it's a great way to cut costs, but
    it's critical to have a backup system, just as it's critical to back up

    The greatest feature is that it is free for most of us and a great
    community service from a great company - even if after all these
    years there was the first bug that caused a problem.
  • read this blog folks


    (i totally agree with that opinion!)
  • "Skype Outage Caused by Microsoft Update"


    What ZDNet WON'T print!