How long until Microsoft pulls the plug on the SkipRearm hack?

How long until Microsoft pulls the plug on the SkipRearm hack?

Summary: It's unlikely that Microsoft is going to allow people to go for a year without activating Windows - so how until it pulls the plug on the SkipRearm hack?

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A hack has come to light (details here) that allows Vista to be run for about a year without activating using a documented Microsoft technique (although Microsoft claims that this trick is a "hack").

It's unlikely that Microsoft will allow this method to continue to be used in this way.  A change to the way that WGA works will easily pick up on this.  So how long until Microsoft does this?

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Topic: Microsoft

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  • Next Patch Tuesday, guaranteed

    I'll give it until the next Patch Tuesday in April, tops. Microsoft can tighten the screws in WGA as much as they want, that's their right. I could care less though, since I don't run Windows anyhow ;)

    P.S. - Adrian, just for a little chuckle on the WGA subject, check out Linux Genuine Advantage( And yes, it's already been "cracked".
    Tony Agudo
    • Dude!

      That was frakking hilarious! Thanks for the laugh! ]:)
      Linux User 147560
    • Great Post

      But will LGA work with FreeBSD?
      • Hmm... don't know

        Since it's really just a Perl script(and open source), you can adapt it to work on FreeBSD, but other than demonstrating it can be done on FreeBSD... why?!
        Tony Agudo
  • I think they will delay

    Vista market uptake is mediocre at best, terrible at worst. They may be willing to allow the piracy market to increase their overall market share and then disable it. MSs has used piracy in the past to grow market share (pirated Vista is better than any other OS). They had hoped to finally force the pirates to pay with XP WGA and Vista, but that won't happen. For now, at least it is causing marketshare growth.

    • Yes! It was well known...

      That Microsoft (even actively) allowed Windows 3.11 to be pirated to gain market share. They needed a critical mass of users, for developers to write for. Once you have that installed base, any competitors would be left out in the cold.

      And they were...
      I am Gorby
  • They want it to be easy to pirate Windows, They put this in on purpose.

    That is all there is to it.
  • As a drug dealer will tell you

    The first taste is free.
    Hrothgar - PCLinuxOS User