How many PlayBooks do you think RIM shipped during the past quarter?

How many PlayBooks do you think RIM shipped during the past quarter?

Summary: Analysts have offered up their estimates for PlayBook sales over the past quarter - what do you think?


This Thursday sees Research in Motion (RIM) unveil its financials for the second quarter of 2011. Buried in this data will be information on how many PlayBook tablets the company shipped during that period.

How many PlayBooks do YOU think the company shipped?

Note: Just a few words on that little word 'shipped'. Shipped DOES NOT equal sold. Shipped refers to how many devices have been shipped to retailers.

Analysts aren't short of a guess or two as to how many will have been shipped over the past quarter:

  • Morgan Stanley: 300K
  • Canaccord: 400K
  • JP Morgan: 700K
  • UBS: 700K

There are signs of trouble. Over the Labor Day weekend Best Buy was offering a discount on the PlayBook of between $50 and $150 depending on the model. Staples is also offering $100 cashback, and rumor has it that a two-day half-price sale in imminent.

So, that's what the analysts think, but what do YOU think?

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  • RE: How many PlayBooks do you think RIM shipped during the past quarter?

    RIM - It is about time you RIP... I want to get rid of the crap phone that is shoved down my throat
    • RE: How many PlayBooks do you think RIM shipped during the past quarter?


      What does your outdated Blackberry have to do with Playbook?

      If your Blackberry is company provided it is the companies refresh issue not RIM's I'm guessing your using a device with OS 5 or below. OS 6 and now 7 are much improved on the older OS / devices. RIM's biggest issue are users using old hardware OS's and complaining its not the same as a dual core, 1gb, super OLED device.
      • The category system in OS6

        is awful @MobileAdmin
  • Depends on international launch

    If you guess RIM put out 25k-50k per region I'd say shipped 200-350k overall. Not iPad #'s but iPad didn't have every tech blog come out and slam it for shortcomings and advice people not to buy it (yet).
  • RE: How many PlayBooks do you think RIM shipped during the past quarter?

    > 500,000, since they shipped 500,000 in North America only seems logical they shipped at least the same to the rest of the world, could be more.
  • RE: How many PlayBooks do you think RIM shipped during the past quarter?

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