HP TouchPad now cheaper than the iPad

HP TouchPad now cheaper than the iPad

Summary: The HP TouchPad just got $100 cheaper.


HP has slashed the price of the TouchPad so that the budget model is now cheaper that the budget iPad.

And it's a hefty price cut of $100.

The $100 price cut sees the 16GB Wi-Fi TouchPad go from $499 to $399, with the 32GB WiFi model now at $499. Compare this to the iPad, where the 16GB WiFi model is at the original price of $499.

According to HP senior vice president Stephen DiFranco the reason for the price cut is that HP was 'pleased with customer response' to a $100 instant-savings promotion that it had recently run.

My guess here is that HP is looking to boost sales rather than profit in order to make the platform more attractive to developers - more developers means more apps, which might lead to more interest from the buying public. Apps are what's missing on the TouchPad's webOS platform, and without buoyant sales, developers are likely to stay away, which is bad for the app ecosystem.

I still think that the iPad is the best tablet out there, but the TouchPad is now fast becoming a worthy rival. If you're not a fan of Apple, then you might want to take a look at it.

That said, a TouchPad price drop is unlikely to affect iPad sales that much ... boost in TouchPad sales is likely to come at the expense of Android sales.

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  • RE: HP TouchPad now cheaper than the iPad

    Take that, iPad! Still overpriced for a tablet though.
    • Take what, iPad?

      "That said, a TouchPad price drop is unlikely to affect iPad sales that much ? boost in TouchPad sales is likely to come at the expense of Android sales."

      I agree. This will not affect Apple at all. Not one bit. This will do 2 things:
      1. Knock HP out of the tablet market after sustaining 2 years of losses.
      2. Knock others out of the tablet market while they try to compete with HP on price.

      End result? Less competition. Not good for consumers. This is a sick market from a competition viewpoint. From profit share to marketshare, all indications are that this market is not effective. When one company dominates a market so thoroughly, consumers suffer. No other market is like this.
      • RE: HP TouchPad now cheaper than the iPad

        @toddybottom That's because there is not tablet market; there is only an iPad market. People want an iPad because it's the iPad rather than its fulfilling some need that existed all this time and can be filled by multiple possible products.
    • RE: HP TouchPad now cheaper than the iPad


      All pads are over priced for what they offer. You're buying a large media device that does far less than a laptop. You're buying the cool factor and thats about it...At some point these are going to get good but thats a few years aways. I see mostly praise for apple but i beleive a lot of that is ZDNET bias towards Apple everything. I'm on hold to see what Windows 8 can do. it think its going to usher in a superior OS for tablets, phones and pcs.
      • RE: HP TouchPad now cheaper than the iPad


        Windows 8 on a phone = crash in the pan...not one windows mobile phone has taken grip after the lousy experiences people had with them in 2008-2009.

        I can only imagine a tablet that needs to be rebooted after every app is used.
    • Not if people buy it:)

      @LoverockDavidson Just pointing out that an individuals personal opinion while valid for the individual does not necessarily translate to the greater consumer market but rather is limited to that individual. For instance I'm certain you find the iPad overpriced and yet so far millions of others have not and that number so far at least is growing.

      Pagan jim
      James Quinn
    • RE: HP TouchPad now cheaper than the iPad

      Java is the number one programming language.
      Can u programm in Java for WebOS ?
      • RE: HP TouchPad now cheaper than the iPad

        @auntaru Number one by what metric and across what demographic?
    • RE: HP TouchPad now cheaper than the iPad

      @LoverockDavidson Indeed - then again I went the "cheap" route for my tablet with my rooted Nook Color... but this does put HP in a good position to be a rival to the iPad. Given that HP's products are solid, WebOS is a decent mobile OS, and now with a lower price I expect sales of the TouchPad to pick up at the expense of both Apple's iPad and the Android offerings.
  • RE: HP TouchPad now cheaper than the iPad

    You could get it for another $100 less. sign up for sprint/verizon/at&t broadband plan with Best Buy and they take out $100 further on tablets (including iPads) and enjoy the the broadband for 30 days for free and don't forget to cancel that on 30th day. That way Touchpad would come for $299 for 16GB and $399 for 32GB. :D
    Ram U
    • RE: HP TouchPad now cheaper than the iPad

      @Rama.NET wow, great news
    • RE: HP TouchPad now cheaper than the iPad

      @Rama.NET hopefully that will be easier to cancel than AOL. Sometimes those companies still go on billing and billing.. bad juju.
  • Maybe this isn't a good idea after all

    It's been obvious for some time that a $100 price cut wouldn't hurt any of these non-Apple tablets. Yet except for the occasional one-day sale on Woot, we haven't seen it. That says there really isn't room for such a cut without turning the devices into money-losing propositions.

    HP is one of the Deep Pockets that can eat a loss on these things for a couple of years to see if they can make a business out of this. But not everyone can do that. In particular, Motorola probably can't: they are already fighting for their lives in the handset market and don't really need a money-losing distraction. Same for RIM. Samsung can afford to be patient, but Acer, Asus, and HTC might have more trouble.

    My guess? This move by HP causes at least two, and probably four, of the existing tablet wannabes to drop out.
    Robert Hahn
  • RE: HP TouchPad now cheaper than the iPad

    Oh I think it is a great idea. Look at Asus selling their less then $400 unit like hot cakes. The HP TouchPad with webOS was made for tablets and I'm stoked by this price drop and news of 7" TouchPad on the horizon! Wife and I are looking forward to drop-kicking my Nook Color that is barely usable as a tablet. Sorli...
    • RE: HP TouchPad now cheaper than the iPad

      @sorli Have you attempted to root your Nook Color? IMHE it runs full Gingerbread very well indeed and has full access to the Google App store and the Amazon App Market... I do find I run the Nook Color more with the stock OS but it is a decent lower end full Android tablet.
  • What is their profit margin now?

    I bet you that once you factor in R&D, marketing, startup costs and other overhead, HP is losing a ton of money on these. HP will be out of the market in 2 years if Apple doesn't sue them out of the market first.

    I also just read that Wal-Mart shut down their music store stating that they simply could not compete with iTunes. Another One Bites The Dust. The markets that Apple competes in are getting sicker and sicker by the day and much of it has to do with Apple's iTunes ecosystem. No one can compete with it and unfortunately, no one can compete *PROFITABLY* in any of the markets that iTunes touches like the MP3 player market, the smartphone market, and the tablet market. Yes, there are competitors in each of these markets. No, none of them make any profit. Sick sick markets and consumers lose.
    • RE: HP TouchPad now cheaper than the iPad

      We could all have a very long discussion on the subject of whether consumers "win" when cutthroat competition drives prices down to the point that progress slows to a crawl. Aside from some feeds and speeds, what real new functionality exists in a quad-core Windows 7 machine that wasn't in Windows 3.1 on a 386? Point and click. Same old Same Old.

      2001 came and went; where was Hal 9000? Where is any real, serious breakthrough? How do consumers benefit when a technology as promising as microelectronics gets driven into a rut that it doesn't escape for thirty years?

      Apple is shaking things up. They're causing people to have to think instead of turning the crank one more time on the Same Old Stuff. I say good for them.
      Robert Hahn
      • It would be a very short discussion

        @Robert Hahn
        "We could all have a very long discussion on the subject of whether consumers "win" when cutthroat competition drives prices down to the point that progress slows to a crawl."

        It would be a short discussion because I agree totally with you. In fact, I even tried to highlight the word *PROFITABLY* in my post, not sure how that could have been missed.

        My argument since the very beginning has been that competition for the sake of competition does not benefit consumers and if I'm reading your post correctly, we are both 100% in agreement on that. People like to point out that competitors do exist in the smartphone and tablet market and that is technically true. However, consumers do not benefit from competitors that are losing money on every unit they sell while 1 company rakes in 90%+ of all the profits. Consumers only benefit when there are several healthy, profitable competitors in a market. No one can objectively look at the smartphone and tablet markets and say that there are several healthy competitors in those markets. There aren't.

        At no point am I blaming Apple for any of this. Apple is doing what it must to maximize its profits and it has a duty to act as anti-competitively as it legally can. That involves suing others out of the market and not licensing access to its iTunes ecosystem. That's fine and I congratulate Apple on becoming the biggest company in the world and on doing everything it can to remain so.

        That being said, sick markets are not good for consumers. Consumers would benefit if there were several healthy, profitable competitors in the smartphone and tablet markets (and MP3 player market although that one is becoming irrelevant). I'm quite surprised that any of what I'm saying is the least bit controversial.
    • RE: HP TouchPad now cheaper than the iPad

      @toddybottom We know that the ipad pricing shocked the OEMs in the PC market place and the only way they've been able to match it is to by cutting corners on quality because Apple simply has too much of the supply chain locked down. The margins on this must be getting pretty low for HP - yes, this will drive volume but at what cost? Where's the quality of profit?
      Alfred Smithe
      • Yes, Apple is choking others out of the market

        @Alfred Smithe <br>And they are doing the right way. It is illegal to leverage your market dominant position to offer your product below cost for the sole intention of knocking out a competitor. There is nothing wrong with knocking out a competitor by using your market dominant position to negotiate favorable prices from suppliers that no other competitor could ever get. Everyone other than Apple has to pay more and charge less. They are then left with tiny profit margins that can't be used for R&D (and I'm being kind, truth is that they are left with negative profit margins). Who suffers? Not Apple. Consumers certainly do though.